You know your way around some, you've heard of others, and you'll want to tease them all. Here's your naughty map of all the O-spots on a woman's body and simple guidelines on how to hit the target on each of them.

Foreplay Zones

Lips & Ears

Lips & Ears

The most exposed erogenous zones, lips and earlobes are super sensitive to light strokes, biting, nibbling, and sensual breathing.

TIP: Use arousal balms to awaken the desire and put on a blindfold to make all the senses much brighter.

Nape of the neck & Lower back

Nape of the neck & Lower back

The areas that carry a lot of tension, neck and lower back, respond splendidly to a sensuous massage.

TIP: Try massage oils and ergonomic massagers to ease the sore muscles and make the orgasm more effortless.

Nipples & Inner Thighs

Nipples & Inner Thighs

These are hot spots that require more pressure to get aroused. Start with light teasing or licking and move on to heavier stimulation.

TIP: Get nipple clamps to draw more blood to the areola and make it super erect and sensitive. Apply Elektra e-stim pads on the inner thighs so that the blood rushes right up to the genitals.



Buttocks are an erogenous zone that needs more than just stroking. They become super sensitive after a light spanking session.

TIP: Use a paddle or a flogger and vary the intensity. The skin will react by changing color through the whole palette of reds. The brighter it gets, the more sensitive it becomes.

Orgasm Zones


The U-spot lays around the urethra, right above the vaginal opening. Tease it gently to draw more blood to the clitoris, making it erect and easy to stimulate.

TIP: Arm up with large clitoral massagers, for they give the fullest coverage. Try avoiding direct contact with the clitoris to create that “on-the-edge” thrill.


A short bridge of sensitive skin between the vaginal and the anal openings, the perineal sponge (aka the PS-spot) is a perfect starting point when aiming for anal play.

TIP: Get a finger vibrator to massage the area from the outside, experiment with pressure and direction of touches.


The clitoris is the only body part designed solemnly for pleasure. It is receptive to many different kinds of stimulation - sucking, licking and other oral-like and finger-like motions.

TIP: Use a pinpointed C-spot stimulator to build up the pleasure. Pair the clitoral play with teasing another orgasmic spot for a blended climax.


The anus is a treasury of nerve-endings, which makes it a perfect spot for a bursting orgasm. Many women find the feeling of fullness anal sex provides incredibly arousing.

TIP: Try out a vibrating butt plug to experience the fulfillment of stretching, or a set of vibrating anal beads to intensify the orgasm with “beading off.”


G-spot is a knot of nerve endings, laying 2-3 inches up the front vaginal wall. It responds amazingly to firm pressure and “come-hither” motion.

TIP: Use curved toys with bulbous heads to reach the spot. Pair the G-spot hunt with anal play for that sensational feeling of fullness.


A-spot is a nerve-rich spot deep inside the vagina, next to the cervix. It can produce instant lubrication when aroused and is the go-to spot when aiming for squirting.

TIP: Opt for thrusting rabbit vibes with insertable length of 5" or more and choose a position comfortable for deep thrusts.

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