#BuildaBetterEden - Community Planning: April 2012 - Everybody welcome!

#BuildaBetterEden - Community Planning: April 2012 - Everybody welcome!

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Originally posted by Kindred
In response to a recent issue that a mentor had with a student, I'd like to suggest the following changes to the Mentor Program:

1. A student enrolled in a class should not have the option to go up for vote. The system should ...
I agree 100% with all of these. I've had several students who just stop responding at all. And the first one would be extremely helpful! I had no idea when I first became a mentor that they would even be able to become advanced, but now I've been having to ask people ahead of time to please not ask to be voted in until they graduate/fail/leave the class.

These are all really fantastic suggestions, and I second all of them.

I also agree with Beck. Especially about the second part. I had no idea what the mentor program was when I joined, and would have loved the extra help. I also think that a lot of people may just go to the community page and vote people in who might not be quite ready. If the people got the option to be in the mentor program, then maybe that would help. Especially if people saw they had the chance to get a free item if they joined it.
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Originally posted by Loriandhubby
I would love it if small brochers or something came every once in while with our orders. I give some of my free gifts away to friends as a way to kind of turn the on to EF. Something that directed them to the site and maybe displayed a few products ...

They do the catalogs already at Christmas and Valentines Day.
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Originally posted by jmex83
I posted this in another thread, and was told to post it here. Guess I was in the wrong section lol. Good thing I found this one though! Going to be bookmarking it

I agree with this idea. I'm sure I have missed answers to some of my questions forgetting where I posted and such. I would like to get notifications to let me know someone has answered or posted back to me. thank you.
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