Spotlight on B Swish Products (and a contest!)

Contributor: Kayla Kayla

Have you seen the amazing contest we're having at EdenCafe? If beautiful and sensual sex toys are your weakness, this contest is for you! B Swish makes a variety of sexy vibrators and sensual products.

So what are we giving away on EdenCafe? Well, to celebrate the recently released Bsoft, you can win a bunch of B Swish prizes! At the EdenCafe Bswish giveaway, first place will win either a BSoft or BCurious PLUS a BNaughty Deluxe and a BWarm candle. Second place gets their choice of BSoft or BCurious. Third place will win a $25 giftcard which will put you closer towards buying one of these amazing products! All three of the vibrators featured in this contest are beautiful and loved by our community!

The Bsoft is the newly redesigned version of their old Bsoft. It now follows the same color scheme as the Bcurious, and it is waterproof and rechargeable. It includes seven different speeds, and it's meant to contour to your body's shape. The reviews have been coming in for this new vibrator as well, and people seem to like it.

Sammi says “I liked the Bsoft as a warm-up toy. The shape made it easy to hold, and I liked the hardness of the material so I could get the pressure I wanted.” Sam (aka Ju!ia says “Overall, I do like this one for solo play. It's not my favorite, but I do enjoy it. It doesn't work that well during partner sex if you're facing each other, but during doggy style you can easily hold it in place without it getting in the way. It's a pretty great foreplay tool as well.”

The Bcurious is a well-loved clitoral vibrator that comes in both black/fushsia and fushsia/white. It's a rechargeable vibrator with seven different speed settings and is waterproof for water fun as well. Made from a body-safe material, this vibrator also has been given 4 Vrooms and comes in beautiful packaging with a pouch. Our reviewers have been giving this vibrator positive reviews too!

Want this to be your first rechargeable vibrator? TarotLadyLissa says “This was my first-ever rechargeable toy. Besides the fact that it's waterproof, has 7 wonderful settings, and has a dedicated on/off button, it's also rechargeable! Knowing I will never have to scramble in the dark for batteries ever again makes this toy worth every single penny and then some! I also like that I won't have to waste my money on and throw out batteries again from my toy; it's good for your clit and the environment!” If you want the Bcurious for couple's fun, take Rascally Ryan's advice who says “I can best sum up the Bcurious from a couple's perspective, and that perspective is that this is a very fun toy for couple's play. It's a great way to prolong the anticipation during foreplay, and the fact that it is almost purely an external toy it makes it that much more pleasurable to finally get to the penetration.”

The BNaughty Deluxe is a pretty awesome looking bullet vibrator! This plastic, futuristic vibrator comes in ruby, purple, and black and comes with its own storage bag! The vibrations have been rated 4 Vrooms here on EdenFantasys, so you definitely get some power from it! The reviews have been positive for this battery-operated vibrator as well!

tammyandy69 says “If this were to wear out, I would definitely buy another one to replace it. I love the way it is versatile for me and small enough to take with me in the car if I want to get adventuresome on the road way. I use it often for release because I need a little more help to release than some.” while Lady Venus says “I find the lower settings are great for teasing during foreplay and the stronger settings perfect for a quick solo jack-off session. I am overall pleased with this bullet and I enjoy using it whenever I get a chance. I often find myself sneaking off with my Bnaughty Deluxe in hand! She definitely packs a punch and quickly delivers tremendous toe-curling orgasms.”

Make sure to enter the Bswish giveaway and then come tell me which one of these vibrators most interests you!
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
bluekaren , Kitty Grub , Kayla , buzzvibe , Misfit Momma , ichigostrawberry , iLashe
7  (44%)
sarki , Hadespark , Ajax , G.L. Morrison , Mr. & Mrs. Peg
5  (31%)
BNaughty Deluxe
namelesschaos , Coralbell , Shellz31 , Ms. Paprika
4  (25%)
Total votes: 16
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We were very disappointed with the Bcurious - underpowered for our tastes - but many other reviewers like it. If you don't need much power, it's a nicely made quality product.
Contributor: sarki sarki
I want the Bcurious
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Originally posted by sarki
I want the Bcurious
Want to buy mine? Used once and sterilized for you!
Contributor: Kitty Grub Kitty Grub
Ohhh the BSoft looks FAB!!
Contributor: buzzvibe buzzvibe
I wouldn't mind one of each, but I really like the look of the Bsoft.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I wouldn't mind adding the BNaughty Deluxe to my collection. I have the Bsoft and I have heard too often that the BCurious is dead in power.
Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg Mr. & Mrs. Peg
BCurious looks very nice.
Contributor: Kush Kush
bcurious lookssss realllyy nice
Contributor: Brandonn Brandonn
Love B swish
Contributor: SparkleRox SparkleRox
I had a bcute curve, and the quality was definitely not there. I've been hesitant to try another of their products since, though these three look higher quality!