Spotlight on NJoy Toys (and a giveaway)!

Spotlight on NJoy Toys (and a giveaway)!

Kayla Kayla

Have you heard anything about the Njoy toys? With their full line of stainless steel toys, you can experience your sex toy in a whole new way. Njoy makes dildos as well as anal toys, and a lot of women swear on the Pure Wand as being the bringer of g-spot orgasms. You want to try one, right? Well, this week, you can! On EdenCafe, we're having a Giveaway of Njoy products!

First place is going to get you an amazing Njoy Pure Wand (again, the bringer of g-spot or p-spot orgasms!) as well as a toy pouch to store it in. If you win second place, you'll win a Pure Plug Medium as well as a toy pouch. If you win third place, you'll receive a $25 giftcard that you can put towards your purchase of anything on the site – including some of the other amazing Njoy toys that we carry! The EdenCafe giveaway this week is amazing, and you should go check it out!

Need more convincing? This is what some of you had to say on the forums about the Njoy toys:

“The Pure Wand is terrific the small end is a great starter and curve makes p-spotting as easy as g-spotting. Once your relaxed give it a quick wipe and the small end becomes a nice handle for the business end of the Pure Wand.” from Gunsmoke

“...the Pure Wand is fantastic. My husband loves it! His orgasms are incredibly intense with it. I use it on him coupled with a blowjob or during sex and he even uses it solo.” from RedBoxBaby

“I definitely feel they were worth what I paid for them -- long after my lesser material toys are dead and gone, these will still be with me. And even silicone, being less expensive but a great material, can't give that firm feeling.” from Carrie Ann about her Njoy toys

“The Pfun plug was totally worth the money. It's really comfortable and a wonderful plug that both my boy and I enjoy (separately, of course, hehe).” from ~Kris

“I have a Pure Wand and I really like it. I like the fact it is much heavier than any other g-spot toy I have but still manages to be comfortable during use. I LOVE the fact I can use it several different ways to stimulate my g with what is working from moment to moment without having to switch toys. I received mine as a birthday gift, but if I had to, I would definitely buy it again.” from Angel deSanguine

“Njoy is one of the few brands that I will stand behind to say that yes, they are worth every penny. ...And what I found out is that the Pure Wand is so awesome because of the way its made. The feel of the steel and how it glides more easily, the heft of it has gravity helping to pull it down in me, etc. They really put a lot of work into making their toys perfect. The dimensions/weight/desi gn of all their items are well thought out like a perfectly engineered machine.” from Dangerous Lilly

“They are well made, and I find the shapes very effective. It is great to feel the heat of your body heating up the steel of the toy. I also like the weight. Can you find all of this in a cheaper steel toy? Maybe, but I have no regrets about shelling out the cash for the ones I have.” from NY Toyfan

“I love my Pure Plug medium. It's easy to insert, extremely comfortable and most importantly - STAYS in place. The NJoy plugs are pricier than other brands but you get what you paid for.” from Rossie

Isn't that enough proof? Check out the EdenCafe Giveaway of Njoy toys to have a chance to win these beautiful, stainless steel pieces of art. And we're mixing it up this week. Which Njoy toys do you OWN?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Pure Wand
P'Gell , Darling Jen , ToyTimeTim , Redboxbaby , Breas , indiglo , Kindred , Diabolical Kitty , Kake aka PoeticErotica , Starkiller87 , Illusional , Owl Identified , Sammi , Kayla , Beck , babyrock , married with children , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , null , Shellz31 , lexical , caligaliber , geliebt , hiroshiro , ToyBoy , PlumBlossom , DeliciousSurprise , firingmissiles , pitona , bayosgirl , MidnightB , Thomas90 , potstickers , LostinLife , SoloJoe , sodapin , karenm
Fun Wand
P'Gell , Darling Jen , Jul!a , Liz2 , indiglo , gone77 , Kayla , brandygirl614
Pure Plug Small
P'Gell , seaofneptune , Jul!a , indiglo , Owl Identified , Sammi , Kayla
Pure Plug Medium
Rossie , Owl Identified , Sammi , Kayla , babyrock , null , bayosgirl
Pure Plug Large
Redboxbaby , Kayla , dawnkye , JackRaiden
Pure Plug 2.0
ToyTimeTim , Kindred , Kayla , Rare Randy Rascal
Pfun Plug
ToyTimeTim , Redboxbaby , Owl Identified , Kayla
P'Gell , ToyTimeTim , pinkcupcakes , Kim! , Gunsmoke , Sammi , Kayla , Rare Randy Rascal
Total votes: 79 (49 voters)
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P'Gell P'Gell
I so want an NJoy. Off to the contest!
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Want want want. Steel is so sexy.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Four down and two more to go. I would love to try the Fun Wand and get a Pure Plug Large.
P'Gell P'Gell
WOW! That was the most intense entry ever! A lot of work. I think it will probably weed out those who aren't serious, spammers and bots.
Jul!a Jul!a
I bought the small plug a while back, and recently picked up the Fun Wand. I love them both and want the medium plug!
Breas Breas
I entered the contest, thanks for letting us know!
indiglo indiglo
Wow, awesome contest - a change to win an Njoy product is pretty amazing!
catgirl9 catgirl9
I don't have any NJoy toys yet, but the pure wand is still something I want to try!
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
mmm awesome
Coralbell Coralbell
I don't own any NJoy toys yet, but the pure wand and pure plug are on my wishlist.
Paladin Fantasys Paladin Fantasys
I am NJoy-less. I want both wand and plug!
Rossie Rossie
I want the wand!!!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My question is when is Njoy going to come out with something new?

I've owned all but the Pure Plug large and Pure Plug 2.0 - so I'd be first in line to try a new solid steel creation from Njoy.
gone77 gone77
The Fun Wand is actually on its way to me!!
Illusional Illusional
Originally posted by gone77
The Fun Wand is actually on its way to me!!

I have entered the contest too, it looks awesome!
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Originally posted by gone77
The Fun Wand is actually on its way to me!!
That's the only one that remains that I still want to try (the large plug, the 2.0 plug and the Eleven are sadly too big for my partner's and my tastes) - I hope you review it I'm torn currently because some love it, others find it strange and pokey.
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Also, this is by far my FAVORITE contest that EdenCafe has had in a while. Thank you, you all! I really don't enter the contests often anymore because I try not to leave any kind of paper trail connecting my social networking ID to Edenfantasys. I have no shame about my involvement with the community here, but unfortunately not all of the world, some employers especially, is accepting of unapologetic sexuality. For that reason I am often left out of contests. I know that some folks have separate accounts but to me that seems like a lot more time on social networking sites than I would like to spend.

Not that I stay up at nights crying because I can't enter contests as much I do understand that social networking sites are a great way for Edenfantasys to generate business and reach out to new customers. EF has been very generous to me and contests are just another bonus that I don't need to have access to. Still, I love this contest because it gives other ways to enter in addition to social networking. Actually, come to think of that, I should have entered "More option for entering contests, please!" as my suggestion for what could be improved at

Anyways, thanks again for an awesome contest! Good luck to everyone that enters
Sammi Sammi
I'd love to pick up the Fun Wand and the Pure Plug Large. My favorite of the ones I have, though, is definitely the Eleven
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
I have the small plug on my wish list.
Beck Beck
Entered, I really want the wand. Any would do though.
babyrock babyrock
I love njoy's toys!
dawnkye dawnkye
I only recently bought my first Njoy toy (pure plug large!) and it's made my life exponentially better.
null null
I own the two being given away, but I'd love to win another Pure Plug, my SO keeps stealing mine!
Shellz31 Shellz31
I only have the Pure Wand and absolutely love it. I'm still considering whether to get the Fun Wand or not.
lexical lexical
I want the Pure Wand so bad!
MidnightB MidnightB
The wand is gorgeous, I have a huge thing for cold metal on my skin but warmed up in hot water inside, wow what a turn on. These have amazing curves and they really have looked into body shapes.
Thomas90 Thomas90
I want the pure wand!!!
SoloJoe SoloJoe
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