When will the Hitachi Magic Wand be back in stock?

When will the Hitachi Magic Wand be back in stock?

CS2012 CS2012
The Hitachi magic wand has been out of stock for over a week. When will it be back in stock?
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Helpful topic info on Wand massagers:

Does the Fairy wand massager need voltage converter for Australia?
Does this: link have the same problems internationally that the Hitachi does? Also, is the Hitachi save to use in Australia with a voltage...

Olivanders Wand Shop
(spare me my nerd moment here)
What wand would choose you?

Mine Oak, 11 inches, dragon heart string.
Now that sounds like a sex toy!

Large kegel wand. But how?
Do you stick this entire thing inside of you?

Pure Wand
Is it just me or are other people confused as to why the Pure Wand is classified as an anal toy? Everything I hear about it being good for g-spot and.

Zap-zap neon wand?
Are you interested in seeing some on EF?
Inquisitor Inquisitor
I have no idea as I am not affiliated with the company in a working capacity. I would like to share my knowledge of the product you are looking for though. If you get the chance to choose between 2 Hitachi Magic Wand models, one being the HV250 and the other being the 260 model. Go with the 260. This one is newer. It should be a little bit quieter and it can be used for a longer period of time before it starts to heat up.
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