SexIs Round-Up 13

SexIs Round-Up 13

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Not ready to start your week off quite yet? Looking for a little distraction from working on your Monday morning to-do list? I’ve got the perfect thing to keep you entertained—The Sexis Round-Up!

It’s a collection of everything that happened last week on SexIs Magazine so you can catch anything you might have missed!

Travel with Midori to Ottawa, Canada inside the Breathless club, an alternative event space that not only celebrates kink and alternative sexualities, but reaches out to the vanilla community to foster better relations.

Also on Monday, Monica Shores debuted Rebel Love, a new column focusing on unconventional relationships that work in spite of social ignorance and public judgment. Each month, a nontraditional couple—or not couple—will share insights into how they’ve managed to stay happily together while not fitting the mold.

Does this sound like you? If you and your partner(s) would like to be considered for an interview, please email us with “Rebel Love” in the subject line.)

One is the loneliest number and sometimes we forget that everybody deserves respect and compassion, perhaps especially those who cannot connect with other human beings for intimacy. Nina Hartley speaks to us this week about those who are destined to live the solitary life.

Mollena “Mo” Williams doesn’t know how to slow down. Just this year, she was crowned first Ms. San Francisco Leather and then International Ms. Leather 2010; wrote her first book, The Toybag Guide to Playing With Taboo (Greenery Press); staged a revival of 69 Stories, her one-woman show about her erotic self-discovery; participated in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade; quit her old job and started a new one—Recently, she took a rare afternoon off the day after San Francisco Pride to talk about her remarkable journey over tea with Lori Selke in The Perverted Negress, Without Shame: An Interview with Mollena Williams, International Ms. Leather 2010

This week Sinclair Sexsmith is brunching with friends, enjoying garden veggie omelets, French toast, blueberry pancakes, mimosas and Bloody Marys (you totally want brunch now, don’t you ) in Mr. Sexmith’s Other Girlfriend: When Butches Brunch.

Mona Fox and a friend brave the exciting, forbidden world of an underground BDSM club and found their view forever altered in College Night Kink.

The Bloggess has been slacking off, depending on Twitter to provide her comedic genius, but we don’t care, she’s still frickken hilarious as she rounds up the best of the Twitter trending topic #NextTimeWeHaveSex.

Whether it’s the first flicker of sexual attraction, or deep in the throws of passion, it’s a good bet that when you’re in the moment, you’re not worrying about the chemistry of desire. But afterward, don’t you wonder what made that session particularly hot or what makes you so attracted to that guy, who you this is only average looking? Are Pheromones the key or just another marketing ploy?

We’re keeping it light on Friday with Bill Allen’s humorous thoughts on his latest sex toy acquisition.
This little (vibrator) ought to be able to vote. And have a part-time job as school counselor, or census taker. Reading the description of all it can do, I’m shocked it runs on batteries. If they’d had one in the ’50s, it would need its own Eniac. And powerplant.

This week, in the sex news:
Men and Women Both From Earth, Cool Mill Offered for Naked Obama Prank
Civil Rights “On Hold” in California, Gay Man of the Decade Expecting Twins
Celebrities in the Nudes—er, News—Again! Messy True Blood, Full Frontal Phoenix, and Kelly Brook’s Naked Month
Dr. Ruth Explores Israel; Bollywood Backs Gay Cinema; Lingerie Football on MTV2
Ann Coulter Appears at HomoCon; Two Bettys Go Superhero

Lot’s of great stuff to read and we’ve got more on the way…

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A Sneak Peek For This Week!

• Today we launch the exciting Appetites Project. Focused on the basic human appetites, lust, hunger and thirst and their intersection in our culture and our personal lives. More than just basic human needs designed to perpetuate the species, these complex motivations can lead us to the edge of obsession or euphoria, fulfillment or torment, despair or ecstasy. Without satisfaction, these desires can consume our lives.

• Tuesday we’ve got another Naked Reader Book Club Meeting—join us on the Eden Fantasys Community Forum for a fun and lively discussion moderated by acclaimed erotica author/editress, Kristina Wright, where we will discuss, among other things our featured selections, Do Not Disturb—Hotel Sex Stories and The Mile High Club—Plane Sex Stories, both edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The Club meets from 7 p.m. EST to 11 p.m. EST. If you join us late, jump right in, if you can’t stay the whole time that’s ok too, just don’t miss it, it’s a seriously fun time!
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