Sexis Round-Up 02

Sexis Round-Up 02

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
It's Friday again already and we've got loads of good stuff for the Sexis Round-Up!

Midor got us started bright and early Monday morning with her Postcards from a Sex Nerd column on how talking about anal sex is still so taboo. She's also got an amusing list of anal myths that people she's met really believe!

Then Jeff Schule laughs with us at really, really bad erotica in “That is So NOT Sexy!"


Tuesday always starts with Nina and her great advice on keeping us happy in the bedroom. This week she's got great tips on how to get past your nerves to bring up mutual masturbation with your partner.

Then we get open and honest and raw with Buck Angel who admits “I Love My Vagina, But Need to Work on My Body Issues”


Take a trip to Seattle with Mr Sexsmith as he leaves his Other Girlfriend to get reacquainted with his first love.

And then, get your finger cymbals out, we are Belly Dancing Our Way to Better Sex with Liz Langley.


It's all about the shoes! Get your Manolos ready for Sex and the City 2... or is it Sex IN the City? Only The Bloggess knows for sure!

And speaking of Manolos … what about shoes and feminism? Mandy Van Deven talks to Leora Tanebaum, author of Bad Shoes and the Women Who Love Them

And finally, we've got Sex and Motorcycles or is it Motorcyles and Sex?... either way, it's hot.

SexFeed has been quite the hot bed of notorious news this week, with North Korean sex trafficking, the possible repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”, robots and sex dolls, Indonesian tight pants bans, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill looking like it's come to an end.

What's going on next week?

We've got juicy stuff from TBK, Em and Lo, Kal Cobalt along with an interview with the stunning April Flores (have you seen the cover of the new SexIs? Holy Hotties Batman!)

And speaking of the new summer issue of SexIs in print... pick it up at your local book store with Bust Magazine or request a free copy here.

Hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable and memorable holiday weekend!
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