Anal and hemorrhoids

Anal and hemorrhoids

tigerkate tigerkate
Hi! So I am really new to anal penetration, I've only done it a handful of times then stopped for a month or two because we both lost gusto for it (and I had a tummy ache and constipation which sorta called for a halt to activity)...
But the first few times were good, we eased into it, used lube, it wasn't all that painful and I was totally relaxed and ready for it.

Flash forward to last weekend, after a month hiatus of anal play, while using lube and feeling relaxed and horny.. I experienced some pain at the beginning of penetration. Like, enough to make me say, hey let's stop for a minute. And then I couldn't enjoy it as much.

I believe I've had hemorrhoids in the past, but never went to a doctor for them. During the first foray into anal sex, I remember we had it a bit "too often" for my body and I had pain with the first bowel movement after sex one time, and light bleeding. I thought nothing of it really. Then in the hiatus period, I started to have a little bleeding with my bowel movements, but I've been drinking fluids and eating fiber... and these bowel movements weren't constipated by any means..

So NOW, after the anal sex I had this past weekend, I had a bowel movement and then noticed definite blood.

I'm wondering if maybe my booty does not want to handle anal sex? I mean, I was sick last week, so I have been WELL hydrated- absolutely certain I'm not constipated and irritating myself too badly.
Does anybody have any suggestions? Would a thicker lube help (we've been using KY Yours but not the mine lol)?

I am really bummed out by this because I do remember really enjoying myself with the anal sex we've had before.. And I'm having an LEEP in a week, so vaginal sex is going to go away for 3-4 weeks after that... which would make anal sex stand out in my mind...
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nolongerhere nolongerhere
You should talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner, any amount of bleeding from the rectum could be a sign that something else might be going on in your GI tract. There are all sorts of conditions that can precipitate rectal bleeding, some of which can be serious. If after you verify that nothing else is going on internally, maybe you just have sensitive tissues and need more and a thicker lube? Good luck!
Tuesday Tuesday
After a couple of sessions of anal sex with a large guy, I tore. That took forever to heal and I had hemorrhoid problems for years afterward. My doctor told me that its less stretchy back there and in his opinion there were too many possible bad consequences of anal sex. Some people can tolerate it better than others, but I'm following doctors orders and will never do it again.
tigerkate tigerkate
RexyRN, I've been to GI doctors in the past, and haven't found any covered by my insurance helpful at all... Since I have a history of bulimia, for some reason, they take me less seriously (ironically). If this persists, though, I will definitely go to a doctor.

And Tuesday, I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. :/
I hope I can tolerate it again, after a break.
ScottA ScottA
You need to make sure you have very good control of your anal muscles before launching into anal sex and are able to relax them enough to not have any pain or stretching. If you're tight and still do anal you're asking for trouble.

You can try feeling around a bit to see if you notice any haemorrhoids (both external and internal), or it could be a fissure. If it's a fissure then give yourself a rest for several weeks.
tigerkate tigerkate
Originally posted by ScottA
You need to make sure you have very good control of your anal muscles before launching into anal sex and are able to relax them enough to not have any pain or stretching. If you're tight and still do anal you're asking for trouble.

You ...
Thank you for the response, ScottA...

I actually ended up going to my Human Sexuality class last night and talking a little about it in a small group (not specifics, but.. just general info and whatnot).
I think I could have just not been totally ready that last time, and I didn't notice. I kinda forgot that I had a drink or two before, so that might have made me less aware of my body.
ScottA ScottA
Being sober for anal is good. Not always the best for your partner if your partner is trying to talk you into it and you aren't interested, but definitely the best for the penetratee's side of the bargain, and that's what really counts.
MnWolf MnWolf
I have delt with hemroids since I was a teen, and as things go. The saying that if you have never had a girl stick a finger up your ass, you just haven't met the right girl yet. Now, whether it is planed or not, there is going to be that one girl that does push your commfort level. In my own experiences, at times playing with the anus during a time that they are more inflamed can help the situation and then other times make it worse. I think it all comes down to the simple saying of " If It Hurts... Stop ".
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