Anal Planning

Contributor: LovinThisLife LovinThisLife
I'm curious about those who engage in anal sex on a regular basis and how much planning and prep goes into those experiences. My wife and I are just starting to journey into the world of anal after several years of marriage and our planning for the anal nights is much different than the normal "vanilla" nights. On anal nights we give massages, take showers/baths, and everything is planned from the beginning. I'm wondering what others do. What is your prep (if you have any)? Do you ever have spontaneous anal sex? And If so, what are the circumstances (if willing to share).
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
After more than 25 years of trying to interest my wife in anal sex - I finally succeeded about 2 years ago. Of course in the beginning there was a lot of fear and concern about the potential unpleasant side effects.

The first and in my mind most important hurdle is making sure there is no pain. To this end a lot of very gradual preparation - and more than few adult beverages entered into the equation. Finding the combination of lubrication, patience and various toys took a lot of trial and error. Did

I mention lubrication - lubrication - lubrication - you can't have too much lubrication!

Did I mention patience? There is a ton of pleasure in store for the patient and loving partner. My wife never believed that she could orgasm anally - but I will tell you that it's the exception when she does not orgasm more than once from anal sex. The patience comes in finding the right formula for the two of you. Undoubtedly the male will orgasm almost every time - but I would not rest until I found the way to make it just as enjoyable for her. Her willingness to share with me what felt good - and what didn't was invaluable.

Interestingly - pegging played an important part in this 'dance'. Knowing what anal penetration feels like - how important it is to work up gradually to the size of the penetration cannot easily be explained. But when she puts a bid dildo in your ass - you'll get the message right away!

Anal penetration ahs it's challenges - an important feature of successful anal sex is to pause after passing the second anal sphincter - yes there are two - learn the anatomy. Allowing your partner to adjust to something going in - where it is normal for things to go out - is vital.

Thrusting - like you would vaginally - is way down the road. Initially short slow motions will have intense felling - and don't forget to reapply lubrication frequently. Re-penetration can be difficult at first - once in stay in - even when reapplying lubrication if you can.

The payoff for all of this preparation and patience comes - far less preparation is necessary once her body knows what to expect - and she is begging for it - instead of dreading it.

Oh - did I forget the hygiene? Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep a towel and some wet-wipes close by - and don't forget your sense of humor! Unexpected or unwelcome events will happen - laugh it off, wipe it off and toast to your new found source of mutual pleasure.

Sorry for the rant - hope this helps.