Anal Plug Decor. How many of us care about it?

Anal Plug Decor. How many of us care about it?

Bignuf Bignuf
I have anal plugs that are just plain Jane material at the "outer" end (the flange). I have others with inset jewels, and a couple with "horsey tails" and "bunny tails". I actually enjoy having some decoration to show off to my hubby when I bend over or just walking around the house. I cannot see it, but I know HE can, and like any is NOT the wearer that see's or appreciates it,for the most part.

Thus, my question. Do you care about the appearance of the outside part of your anal plugs? Do you wish MORE of them...even the plain silicone or others were a bit "fancier" or "prettier" on the bottom of the flange?

I do.

How about YOU?
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Incendiaire Incendiaire
I care more about how they feel than how they look, but I've been holding off on buying a Tantus A-Bomb for ages because I want the red version and not the black, but it's always out of stock.

I've seen some of these crystal ones, they look pretty but don't especially appeal to me. I'd try a bunny tail, but I'd worry about keeping the fur clean.
Rossie Rossie
The material and design of what goes inside me is the only thing I pay attention to; I don't need any fancy fake rhinestone on the base of the handle, or an animal tail that will get in the way and needs extra effort to clean.
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