New lover enjoys anal sex

Contributor: MacTheRipper MacTheRipper
My wife and I have decided to seperate after 13 years for various reasons, last month, and I started seeing a friend i know from work who is going through a divorce. She's 36, half Japanese half white, she carries a little weight in He lower body but is very pretty and has a very nice round butt. We both are devoted to our children so we understand not to expect much time with eachother but it seems to work in our favor.

We decided to go out last Friday for some drinks at a cozy bar and just enjoy our company. We both felt very comfortable with eachother and were very open expressing ourselves. Our conversations quickly turned to sex, I boldly asked her if she enjoys anal sex and she flat out said no. Her husband tried it with her and it felt uncomfortable, got a little messy and he made her feel shame because of it. She asked if I ever have, so I told her about my wife refusal to do it after 8 years of what I thought she enjoyed, but I haven't tried it the last 4-5 years.

After a few martinis we started getting real touchy feely and started on light kissing. We were at a hotel lounge so whe suggested we get a room to avoid drunk driving, which I happily agreed. On our way to rent our room I stopped in the gift shop to get some condoms and lube just incase she lets me in her butt. I found condoms but no lube but they did have baby oil.

We didn't waste no time when we got to our room, we were on eachother like two caged animals. We quickly undressed each other then made our way to the bed where she laid on her back while I licked and sucked her juicy pussy for what seemed 15-20 minutes. She came a few times and then turned me on the bed to give me a killer blowjob. I couldn't hardly take it and told her I'm about to explode, she took that quen to start sucking harder until I came in her mouth. I felt so good that it drained me a bit of my energy. She then laid next to me for a 10 minute rest. I started imagining fucking her beautiful ass and that got me rock hard again. She straddle me for some cowgirl action, when she came again and I could feel her body quiver. I then laid her on her stomach where I spread her cheaks the. Started on some good ass eating. I used my tongue to lick her rose bud and could hear her deep moans. I then reached doe the baby oil and started to lick then slowly started working my index finger in her ass. She was really enjoying it so I asked her if we could try anal. She looked back at me in my eyes and said yes but to please go slow and if she doesn't like it pull out.

I got up and placed two pillows under her tummy but she got on all fours and stuck her beautiful butt in the air. I lubed my penis then lined it up to her anus then instructed her to push out while I. Pushing him. I started to push and she pushed back up against me damn near swallowing my 7 inch cock. She instructed me to sit still, so I did but my penis was throbbing hard. After about 10 minutes she started moving back and forth in creasing speed with every thrust. She started moaning hard and demanded that I fuck her ass. I started thrusting and it felt so damn good, looking down and seeing my dick go in and out her butt. She started rubbing her clit and didn't take look before she's yelling "oh god I'm about to cum" that turned me on so I started in real good and deep in her ass. She let out a hard growl and started cumming then I busted deep I. Her butt. I didn't get to put a condom on so cum was gushing out as I pumped. She layed forward, pulling me with her so I could stay inside her ass. I laid on top of her, and it felt like heaven. He started with pillow talk, and said that she never thought it could feel this way. I told her that I was thankfull for her willingness to try it and hoped she would be willing to try it again. She said as long as I don't hurt her and took my time that she would love to enjoy anal sex with me.

We went to sleep and woman up with her in my arms. We showered and fucked again in the shower but with no anal. After my shower I laid I. Bed watching ESPN when she came out the bathroom fully naked the. Started giving me a blow job. I was rubbing her butt and she told me that it felt a little sore, so I used my tongue to sooth her anus. After about 15 ,minutes I stopped and just held her in my arms. I didn't want to chance hurting her.

We dressed and I dropped off at her home. She wanted to make plans to go out again, so I'm coming over this Thursday night because her kids are gone for a week. I can not wait because I really enjoyed her company and the sex was great. She texted me two days ago and said she can't wait to try anal again. Oh how I can't fucking wait.
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Contributor: Inquisitor Inquisitor
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Contributor: BusyMe BusyMe
Originally posted by MacTheRipper
My wife and I have decided to seperate after 13 years for various reasons, last month, and I started seeing a friend i know from work who is going through a divorce. She's 36, half Japanese half white, she carries a little weight in He lower body ... more
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