Sorry...this is a male/female partners question. Who applies the lube, and where, if anal is planned?

Sorry...this is a male/female partners question. Who applies the lube, and where, if anal is planned?

Bignuf Bignuf
We had this discussion with our Friday night dinner group and it was funny, in that every couple (there were ten) had their own "routine". One couple, he always lubes his wives anus with his finger, then lubes his penis, and then...well, there you go.

Another couple, the wife always uses a "lube shooter" and fills he anus with a thick gel, then uses a "more watery" lube on her anus and butt cheeks. Once she is "wet" (her hubby always just lay's there and watches...getting hard at the sight), then steps up, and she sucks him for a while, then rubs the watery lube on his tool and then "turns around and guides him in".

In our case, my hubby tends to do the lubing while playing with me anally and vaginally with his fingers. It is rare indeed for me to touch the lube, now that we think about it.

One other couple both lube themselves and then go at it, and finally, one other couple said they always hug while he reaches around and lubes her butt and she reaches down to lube him up. Anal, for them, always then goes to her sitting in a rocker and him kneeling in front of her and penetrating her from the front like that, with her legs over her shoulders. The actually use the rocker for creating an "in and out" motion!!! (we are now considering buying a rocking chair).

One final couple "never" puts lube on or in "her". (Interesting). The husband just slathers on a glob (their words) of lube on his penis and uses a "tube" of lube to keep adding more where they "meet", once he has penetrated" her. She swears it is both comfortable and she enjoys it "far more" then having her butt "prelubed" and not feeling enough intensity as he pushes in. To each their own. about in YOUR anal love relationship. Who put's on the lube and WHERE?
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C&K0143 C&K0143
My husband is the one who usually does the lube work. We are really very similar to the first couple you referred to. He’ll lube me up with some fingering depending on position and lube himself up next. If I’m going to beg him he’ll still lube himself and I’ll lube the toy of choice for the night. I would love the to find an enema style dispenser for lube that could put a fair amount of lube in him and/or me first. That would save a lot of reapplications. - K
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
In our relationship the penetrator does the lube work - although the penetratee may ask for more when necessary.
sexcandy12 sexcandy12
i always lube up my eife before penetration, ass first than cock
Andykh Andykh
My wife normally does the lubing up for me. She will get me lubed up and then either a vibrator or dildo to use on me
MrClark MrClark
I will lube up my girlfriend with my fingers to start, more lube playing with toys to warm my girlfriend up before penetration, and then before I penetrate I use a lube shooter + apply lube to myself. Some of this is due to my girlfriend being very petite and myself a bit above averagely endowed... with my ex I would do it with some lube with fingers and then just applying lube to myself before I penetrated.

I will say I could see myself getting extremely aroused watching my girlfriend lube herself before anal sex.
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