What type lube do you use for LONG anal sessions? Water based or Silicone?

What type lube do you use for LONG anal sessions? Water based or Silicone?

Bignuf Bignuf
We always use water based lube. I just had an 11 hour continual anal sex-athon with hubby, but we went through a tube and a half of lube. I was thinking that, since no toys were involved, silicone might have "lasted longer". However, I always worry that silicone is not a natural body substance and could screw up my gut. Anyone care to share input on this. I would love to hear from folks who do use silicone lube. Is it really better for long anal play?
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melliegirl melliegirl
i'd probably just use alot of water based lube versus the silicone
MrWill MrWill
Mine all depends on the toy. I've got a HUGE bottle of id glide so I'll often start with maximus and then use ID glide to keep things slick.
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