Can you squirt? Yes, you can!

Can you squirt? Yes, you can!

Lena Eden Lena Eden
Do you remember how we argued some time ago if squirting is real or not?

EdenFantasys conducted a thorough research and found that YES, squirting exists and there are some specific things you can do to increase your chances of experiencing this bliss!

Our experts selected toys that are most commonly used for gushing adventures. And I’m super curious if you guys agree with that list.

I know we have some squirters and even gushers here, so what toys would you suggest as the must-haves for super explosions?
Mar 4, 3:31 am
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Using her fingers to stroke her g-spot is an absolutely fool proof path to gushing.

When it comes to toys, nothing even comes close to the PureWand.

Although we successfully used other toys - like the Eleven, the PureWand is the only guarantee.
Mar 5, 7:27 pm
Stellar Stellar
I'm not yet a squirter myself, but it's definitely up on our to-do list. From what I know, squirting is not only a matter of G-spot stimulation, although it does play a major role.
It also requires A LOT of clitoral stimulation, and that's what I'm really excited about - we just recently got our brand new Magic Force , and it's so revved up with power that I feel my juices flowin' while just writing about it.
Anyway, I hope that a combination of a few tactics and our powerful wand will get us to our gushing O station
Mar 6, 6:47 am
DrewA DrewA
We discovered this ability in my wife many years ago, New Year's Eve Night 1999/2000 in what was then our ritual of ringing in the new year with a couple hours of amazing sex. We had no idea she could do this as she had never experienced it before with me or any previous partner. We had purchased an anal toy that she had wanted to try called the Anal Probe from Doc Johnson. It is a very simple toy that is just a handle, with a thin shaft that has a ball at the end.

To get it wet to start anal play I inserted it I to her vagina. When I did she moaned very loudly and asked me to keep it in there and thrust. Well never one to deprive her of pleauser I did as I was instructed. After about 5 minutes of that she suddenly orgasmed and a flood of liquid poured out of her. At first she was so embarrassed because she thought she had peed. But I told her there was no way that was pee given the color (white and creamy) and the fact that it smell like her juices not like pee. A taste test confirmed my statement.

Ever since that night that toy has never been used for anything other than making her squirt. She can experience it through PIV as well, but not as consistently and we have a couple vibrator toys that can also get her there once in a while, but nothing works like the Doc Johnson Anal Probe!
Mar 8, 12:34 am
Orgasms & Pearls Orgasms & Pearls
My husband & I discovered that I could squirt/gush a few years ago. I had never expireenced it before, so similar to what DrewA said, I thought I had peed as well. I was super embarrassed & my husband had to reassure me that it wasn’t pee.

Since then, that is his favorite thing to make me do, I hate it because of the obvious mess but he loves it. I can not do it on my own, I have tried multiple times, but I just can’t get there. The best way that my husband can do it, is with his fingers. I really call them his magic sticks because I’ve been with a few partners & no one been able to make me squirt before him.

I can add to the expiernece using the We-Vibe Touch or he can get it done with a Dildo from Bad Dragon as well, but his fingers do the job also.
Mar 13, 1:41 pm
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