Climaxing with oral sex

Contributor: LanaBean LanaBean
Ok... so when my boyfriend started giving me oral, I would cum every single time... but when we do it now, it takes a REALLY LONG TIME to even get me close. Mind you, this is 6 years down the road now and we do it less often (don't live near one another anymore so we don't get "privacy" often) which you would think would help?!

Half the time, he either moves along to something else or I just steer him away from it altogether because I feel bad that I can't. I do enjoy it, and so does he... but it's kind of stressful!

Any tips for me? Him? Anybody out there have similar problems or any solutions? MUCH appreciated!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Bme Bme
Relax. If he enjoys it then don't put pressure on yourself. When my wife feels pressured she is not as responsive. It helps for us to have more foreplay before beginning oral sex. I have found that reminding my wife how much I love to do it, how hot and sexy she is and that there is no hurry seems to help.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
relax & focus on any pleasant sensations. plus have no expectations. and let him do it & do it for as long as he wants to. take the pressure off both of you.
Contributor: Gdom Gdom
Feeling bad and thinking that you're taking "too long" can really get in the way of a good orgasm. Same thing goes for starting oral sex without a bit of warm up. I know it doesn't do much good to just tell someone to "relax" or "don't feel that way," so maybe it would help if you talked with your partner about it. Also, if you tend to not get enough sleep or be overly stressed over other things, that's always another possible cause of something like this.