Do you feel awkward when your partner goes down?

Do you feel awkward when your partner goes down?

rainingapricots rainingapricots
Feel kind of awkward about their boyfriend or whoever going down on them?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
You have to learn to relax and enjoy the experience. It may get easier when you have a long term partner. With familiarity you fret less and enjoy more.
K101 K101
Originally posted by rainingapricots
Feel kind of awkward about their boyfriend or whoever going down on them?
Not even a little bit.

But I have been there! Believe me. I am truly probably the most shy kind of girl out there. I'm talking I was too shy to EAT or PEE when my partner was anywhere near the same house as me... for the entire first year. Misery! I think I was very abnormal. And I'd always had qualms about ever letting a guy go down on me. I mean I nearly broke a dude's neck for trying once. I did not want it to happen. I was so uncomfortable with the idea of recieving oral sex as a female thanks to growing up with the idea that our own vaginas are soooo gross that we should never subject a poor fella to have to put his face there...

And then I met my partner almost 7 whole years ago and guess what? He goes down on me that night. Where did all this anxiety I'd built up for years, swearing I'd NEVER let a guy go there go? Well, my friend, it went right into the garbage... with an empty bottle of Canadian Mist. LOL.

Seriously though. I don't know how it happened -- me going from being so against letting a guy go down on me to letting it happen in one night. But I'll tell ya, 7 years later & this is like our tradition. I would always say no that I didn't want him to have to give me oral every time we had sex & he absolutely insisted, and STILL does. Says he loves it more than I do, which is crazy because if only he knew!

So I'm telling you, you can get over the awkwardness. I think when the guy is letting you know he REALLY wants to do it, you're a lot more comfortable. Especially when he's making a lot of effort too, so if you come across that guy, you really should let yourself have that. I am a firm believer that ALL women deserve that. Lol. I have my partner to thank for this belief.

I actually never thought I'd get comfortable enough to let him do it, but I did quickly. I used to be so terrified of anyone even looking at my body and it changed for me, so surely it's like that for most people -- surely most people do get over the awkward feeling. Eventually, you'll be able to relax, but not the first couple of times. I doubt I'd have EVER relaxed if I weren't drinking the first many times he did it for me, but hey, it was all good because I'd have been a nervous wreck otherwise.

Hope you're able to knock this out & enjoy yourself.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Nope. I think it helps that whenever someone has gone down on me, he or she was so enthusiastic, I couldn't doubt they were happy to be doing it & not thinking critical thoughts about the way I looked/tasted/smelled.
shorejen9 shorejen9
I've never had that fear but I know others have. Just relax and enjoy.
783883877299373783 783883877299373783
No, he did at first but we both love it now.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I've been thinking about this since I answered earlier. I think another reason I don't worry about it is because I've gone down on girls & I know from experience that what's going through my mind at the time is all about their responses, I'm consumed by that & have no room for other thoughts. The giver is just so happy to be there, doing that to you, it's a thrill when you can relax & enjoy it. So try to keep that in mind if you start to feel awkward.
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