Contributor: maimoromo2004 maimoromo2004
is there anyone tried vaginal sex with an anal toy??
i wanna know how it feels
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Oral sex enhancers:

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my bf is not very good at oral at all! I know poor me Well my question is how can I bring this up to him without sounding harsh??? I tried but...

Any tips from guys and girls alike...please
Ok, so I am not new to oral sex. I have been giving my husband oral for the past 7 years. The issue is...he is the only one I have done it to....

When getting/giving oral sex do you ever fantasize about someone else other than those you are having sex with?
Do you have fantasies about other people when you are giving/receiving oral sex?

If you do 69'ing, do you limit it to the genitals?
When doing 69 with your partner, do you stick to the traditional genitals (pussy, clit/cock, balls) or do you also do perineum and/or anal? Where does

Does anyone else get pain?
Whenever I get deepthroated it feels like my penis is bending the wrong way and it hurts, i was just wondering if anyone else cant get it all the way.