Have you used a masturbator for oral?

Have you used a masturbator for oral?

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Just wondered if anyone else has tried this-thought I'd put it out there for those you that want to try something new

My husband has one of those hand held pocket pussies. Its kind of small, and his penis sticks out the top of it by about two or three inches. Which is great for oral sex/blow job. Why not have the best of both worlds right? "Sex" with penetration AND a blow job? Hehe.

So here is what you do: I take the masturbator, place it over his penis, and take my hand and push downwards on it. As I am stroking him with it, When his penis pops out the top, I will swirl my tongue around on his tip or I will make sure that I keep the masturbator squished down far enough to where I can suck on the top portion of his penis. This gives the feeling of penetration along with the blow job which can really get some engines revving!

Wondered if anyone has tried this already, did it work for you? Or would you try this?

NOTE: I would use flavored lubricants if you choose to use any, this way when the lube gets squished out the top, you're not gagging on non edible or unflavored stuff lol. For me, its horrible-so I make sure to use flavored that I like! Also, make sure to use very little lube, otherwise you're going to get a mouthful of it once it builds up out the top of the masturbator lol.
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reinkaos reinkaos
we've never tried that, sounds interesting tho
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