Funny excuses to have sex

Contributor: moonch1ld moonch1ld
Post funny excuses you've used to have sex or events that have resulted in sex.

One time while watching movies or a show on megavideo with my gf we hit the "can't watch any more video for 30 or so minutes" issue and it lead to filling that time with a little fun. Now, pretty much every time we hit the time limit it leads to sex.
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Funny question came up at our "dinner with friends".
Do you tend to make love under the sheets or over them..if you are in bed at the time? We are way too active and our positions don't allow for being..

This is SERIOUSLY funny shit!
Ok so by now most of you have heard about something called the Screen Writers Club. You might know that we have a meeting a month but you don't have..

TOO FUNNY. I just posted a question about disturbed sleep and on the TV they are talking about RECORD number of folks in USA using SLEEP AIDS. Do YOU?
Do you take any medication, or use ear plugs, white noise machines or other aids to HELP YOU SLEEP???

A funny story
I have a friend of mine who found out how to masturbate when he was 9. He was the first of his friends to find out about it. Anyways he was like wow..

Looks funny/possibly harmful?
Doesn't this product look like it could possibly hurt someone's penis..?