Contributor: justabitcurious justabitcurious
Its well said that most women cannot have an orgasm from penetration...with that said, how important is penetration to you?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Many women experience blended orgasms that involve both clitoral stimulation and penetration. If a woman is able to gush/squirt - that is almost always triggered by penetration involving strong g-spot and/or a-spot - or even anal stimulation resulting from penetration.

I know my wife would vote Have to have!
Contributor: La Bachatera La Bachatera
So, admittedly, it is extremely difficult for me to orgasm in general. Even with toys during masturbation, it takes FOREVER. And I have never had an orgasm from penetration alone.

HOWEVER, the overall sensation I get from penetration with a man is much more intense for me than anything else. I don't know if it might be more psychological for me, but that is just how I am. In a sexual relationship, I wouldn't be satisfied without any penetration.

That being said, simultaneous penetration (vaginal or anal, I like both) and clitoral stimulation is by far the best for me. A vibrator, or even just fingers, while a man is inside me is absolutely incredible.