Question about squirting

Contributor: jjis123 jjis123
If you squirt when you have a clitoral orgasm do you always squirt? If I have clitoral orgasms and have never squirted could it happen ever? J/w if it depends on how strong the orgasm is or not or if it depends if it is something that always or never happens. Like I read on a forum that this one girl can only squirt with her Hitachi. So, I was wondering on what triggers it.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Squirting vs not squirting
Sometimes I squirt, sometimes i dont. it depends on what i'm using to get off or what position i'm in. is this weird?

Does "squirting" really enhance the strength of the orgasm? Or do women want to squirt for other reasons?
I see a lot of posts about squirting. I know some women can do it regularly, some once in a while, some rarely or never. I am not a squirter,...

Squirting-Peeing or not?
I am not saying that women can't ejaculate. I know first hand that isn't true, but sometimes the sensation and getting caught up in the moment that I.

Can any woman learn to squirt?
Can any woman learn to squirt? Just wondering cause I have reasearched and have yet to experience the pleasure of squirting.

Do you squirt?
any girls ever have orgasms from this? i hear that some can't have them without. is this true?
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
My wife only squirts from G-spot stimulation, not every time though.
Contributor: sjclayton2912 sjclayton2912
I've only ever made a girl squirt with g-spot stimulation along with clitoral stimulation, never just with clit stimulation though.
Contributor: jjis123 jjis123
cool thanks guys
Contributor: roskat roskat
I squirt but never from just clitoral stimulation. I need to be stimulated inside. Thrusting works great for me.
Contributor: Tangerine Tangerine
I didnt know clitoral could get to squirting. HUH?!!?
Contributor: reinkaos reinkaos
I only get the wife to squirt with g-spot stimulation
Contributor: Snozzberries Snozzberries
When I'm good and worked up (and juicy enough) I can squirt just with my own clitoral masturbation. It's more like spitting than the jet I get with g-spot stimulation, so it's not quite as fantastic. But it's definitely liquid being shot out.
Contributor: jennifur77 jennifur77
Originally posted by Tangerine
I didnt know clitoral could get to squirting. HUH?!!?
I didn't know that either!