Need help! Is this normal!?

Contributor: Cap'n Cock Cap'n Cock
Im terribly embarassed 2 share this but i dont no of anywhere else i can say this without being judged 4 my sexual acts. i figure on this site i should be pretty safe lol.

so ive been trying 2 learn 2 orgasm through my prostate recently and i think ive gotten really close but i usually lose it at the last second or something. today i got up on my sink counter and squatted down in front of the mirror so i wouldnt cum all over the bed or something and then i lubed up both hands and started 2 really agressively massage my prostate. whenever 1 hand tired i put the other finger in and went 2 town agian. it felt GREAT and i was startin 2 have trouble breathin and stuff because of how powerful it was.

but when i finally felt myself cross that line i kid you not i peed! it wasnt precum or cum. i straight up pissed in the sink. i could smell it and it was a fairly long pee 2. i was so disappointed and i felt like id fucked up badly. its a good thing my girlfrend didnt do this with me. id never have felt like a man again.

worse, even though i made sure to poop long before i started playing there was a lot more shit than i thogyht there would be. it was all over my fingers and i could feel my ass pulsing during the massage almost like my body wanted to take another shit. i was clean and empty when i put my fingers in. i dont know why a few minutes later i was so messy.

this is horribly fuckin embarrasin but i need sum help or advice r somethin PLEASE. i feel like i shoud never touch my prostate again no matter how good it felt before i screwed everything up somehow. damnit.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
ToyTimeTim or Kindred might be able to help you a little better than I could because they both have a lot more experience with prostate play than I do. All I can really say for certain is that you shouldn't give up. You can try an enema before anal play to try and get rid of any extra poo that might be lingering in there.
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
I wouldn't stress too much about it. Unless you're stabbing it with an ice pick or filling your bum up with quick-dry cement, you aren't going to ruin your butt.

Advice: Empty everything out. Drain the snake, drop the kids off at the pool. Clean inside as you feel comfortable. I'd avoid standing on anything. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone found my body with my hands up my arse after slipping and falling from the sink into the toilet or shower door!
Contributor: Snozzberries Snozzberries
I don't know about the pee part but don't worry about the other end; that happens sometimes because, well, it's your butt. Nothing to be embarrassed about (although I have been myself so I get where you're coming from).

Enemas are great to help you feel more confident.

I think it might have been the squatting position you were in. Your body might have been compressed enough to cause that kind of reaction.