Suggestions for beginners?

Contributor: lilgrump lilgrump
My husband enjoys some anal play - licking, massaging around the outside along with some penetration. We have only ever used a finger or small vibe (about finger sized) but he has expressed interest in something a littler larger and perhaps a strap-on. I don't want to overwhelm him so nothing too big or girthy - suggestions?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: AbbyLover AbbyLover
buy him a strap on
Contributor: robertk2380 robertk2380
There are plenty of possibilities. Several of the strapon "kits" contain a slim dildo for starters. When we started out we got the Acute dildo, which is nice because it's not too big and has a nice bend to it. Perfect for hitting the prostate. You might also consider a small butt plug. Good way to introduce some size and girth without too much length. The Njoy still plugs are good. They make a great small one. Good luck.
Contributor: Ouroborean Ouroborean
You could also start out with a set of plugs and work him up to one of the larger ones before you try a strap-on. It depends on how... for lack of a better word, "stretchy" you think he is. Some people can take large insertions right from the get-go, others need more extended warm-up.
Contributor: lilgrump lilgrump
Thanks for the suggestions, he has been checking out some plugs already!
Contributor: Trysexual Trysexual
Check out the gold lace glass dildo. Its only about 1" girth or the Get a grip and/or bendable you too by Evolved. They are also small girth and give excellent P spot stimulation, but can also be used for couples play in general (g spot, clit etc). There is also an anal T vibe that is nice and cheap for a first timer with wired remote.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Get a plug or a silicone dildo with a flared base. With the dildo you can start off hand-held and then buy a harness if you decide you want to try strap-on use.

For anal play a smooth surfaced, curved dildo is best. For pegging, one of 1-1/4" or bigger diameter and 5.5" or longer insertable is best.
Contributor: Chou Wang Chou Wang
I believe that if looking from the material point of view as well as the girth and length the Cyber Cock does the job very well on a beginner/intermediate level. It requires a little warm up, is not too hard and hits the spot quite well...
Contributor: Intrigued Intrigued
I agree with everyone above. Whatever you decide to choose, go with silicone and a smooth surface. My husband says that the dildos with hard edges are uncomfortable. Start small and work your way up. If you are looking at harnesses I suggest Aslan products such as the Cherry Jaguar. They are more expensive but they are well worth it. Not only are they comfortable but they make you feel sexy and last forever with proper care. Good luck.
Contributor: Zandrock Zandrock
A p-spot toy. Maybe something like the aneros. Or a small butt plug
Contributor: PassionCpl PassionCpl
When we were ready to progress to a strap-on from fingers, tongues and toys we went for the Bend Over Intermediate Kit on here. We've since added new toys to the mix, but the kit and included Silk Medium dildo were a fantastic starter point for us. The only downside with that particular kit is that the larger dildo is just too big, so it might be worth looking at the Bend Over Beginner one in your position.
Contributor: lilgrump lilgrump
Thanks for all the input. I will be checking out those suggestions!