Nails and Fingerfucking

Nails and Fingerfucking

myco myco
I know finger sex is poplular a lot of people, not just queerfolk, but how do you guys deal with the nail problem?
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Short nails
underHim , Ghost , Arosa Amore , Bzz , coconut1 , vegweg , Sinfully , JennSenn
8  (100%)
Gloves with cotton in the fingertips
Don't have finger sex
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Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I think finger sex is popular with anyone who has fingers.
underHim underHim
He keeps his fingernails very well trimmed thankfully.
Ghost Ghost
Trim nails, definitely!
Sinfully Sinfully
Short nails!
Sam the Man Sam the Man
Just say no to long nails with fingersex.
Rossie Rossie
I didn't get to vote, the voting section isn't working.

His nails need to be trimmed and filed.
JennSenn JennSenn
Has to be short nails.
nope nope
my partner is a nail polish fanatic and loves to have long nails but is really into making sure sex is safe and healthy

so they always make sure their nails are nice and trimmed before we see each-other
Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
The voting section is locked, but short nails for sure.
Mielikki Mielikki
well filed and buffed nails are equally important as short nails.

i've had partners complain even when they were cut down to the quick.

smooth is the key word here...

I never found a good compromise though, to have long enough nails for back scratching but short enough nails for safe sex. esp because i'm ambidextrous! anyone have the same problem?
Ly-Ra Ly-Ra
Short please. x.x I don't really mind if they're a little rough on the edges, just as long as I'm not getting too scratched.
carenautilus carenautilus
Gloves with cotton in the ends is a very workable solution if you've got long nails. Otherwise, just keep them smooth and short.
iabicpl09 iabicpl09
Originally posted by myco
I know finger sex is poplular a lot of people, not just queerfolk, but how do you guys deal with the nail problem?
Pull the fingernails out with pliers
lia ayala lia ayala
they have to be trimmed
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I just keep my nails short. One of my partners has guitarist nails - long on the right hand and short on the left - so she just uses her left hand. My other partner has long nails, we're pretty new and she hasn't fingerfucked me yet, but I think we'll either try cotton in a glove or I'll ask her to cut them.
marshmallow marshmallow
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