Baby Shower Games?

Baby Shower Games?

MzGreenEyedLady MzGreenEyedLady
I have TWO baby showers to plan in the next two months, and I am really not sure exactly what would be suitable for baby games. My sister is doing a game, that is killing some people. She is holding off telling people the name of the baby, and they have to guess the baby name, only give the initials. Both baby showers will be 3 hours long, and I need some more ideas! Anything would be appreciated!
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peleusMD peleusMD
That looks like a hectic schedule for you and have you done planning this already in the past? EdenFantasys Logo
MzGreenEyedLady MzGreenEyedLady
No. This is my first time ever planning a baby shower. I've attended a few, but not many.
funluvinmama funluvinmama
We did a few for mine.
One was- each person was given 5 clothes pins at the beginning of the shower and there are several words that cannot be said, baby, shower, pregnant, just to name some examples. If someone catches you saying one of the forbidden words, you have to give them one of your clothes pins. The person at the end of the shower with the most pins, wins a prize.

second- using yarn, guess and cut your yarn as to how big around you think the expectant mother is. the person who it the closest is the winner.

third- safety pins in rice. blind fold and feel in the rice, the person with the most wins.

another (but we didn't get to play)- take baby food. each person is blind folded and given a taste of several different ones and you have guess the kind.

Also if the mom is okay and comfortable telling people, you could have people guess her weight or how much weight she gained during pregnancy
Chilipepper Chilipepper
One shower I went to had a bottle filled with blue and pink jelly beans and the game was guessing how many were in the bottle.

A friend of mine in another state had a decorating shower in which everyone helped paint the nursery and furniture.

Most of the showers I attended were mostly gab fests, pregnancy and baby stories, and opening the shower gifts.
MzGreenEyedLady MzGreenEyedLady
I really like the clothes pins, and don't say these words game! That's awesome. I saw something on pintrest with a "Tip" jar for anybody that said baby. Lol. I like your idea better! Jelly beans in a baby bottle will probably be one.. These are all great! Thank you!
Wonderstruck Wonderstruck
Don't say baby was always a favorite of mine.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I think if I remember right my cousin had a cute little game at the shower for her second baby.
She took miniature candy bars, melted them just a bit so they'd squish easily and mushed one of each into separate disposable diapers....then she had us all pass the diapers around to see if we could guess what kind of candy bar it had on it. xD
It was adorable and sort of gross at the same time but everyone loved it.
woodsdragon woodsdragon
I loved the candy bars in diapers game we played at my best friends shower...melt candy bars into diapers and then people have to guess what kind it is.

Take a ribbon and have people sign it (depending on the # of people, it may need to go around twice.) Then wrap it around the mom's belly and what ever name is where the string comes together around her belly wins.

Price guessing of baby items (like price is right).

We also addressed envelopes for thank you notes (one was at each place setting...saves the mom to be a lot of time)

As mom-to-be is opening presents, set a timer for random times, when the times goes off, who ever gave the present that the mom-to-be is currently opening gets a prize.

Fill in the blank nursery rhymes.

On a notecard each guest writes a question that new moms would ask or would want to know. Then flip it over and pass it on the person to their right. The person then writes the answer to their question on the back of the card they now have. Go around the room and have people read the front then the back - they will obviously not go together but that is the picks her favorite/funniest/weir dest whatever she wants and the person holding that card wins.
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