Spring Break fun?

Spring Break fun?

Sammi Sammi
Spring break is coming up in just a few weeks. Anyone have any fun plans this year? I don't as of yet, but I'm always hopin'.
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That Weird Guy That Weird Guy
Nope no plans. Spring break is like any other week for me.. I might do something with my mom though, well see. Maybe go out to eat..

But I'd love to hear everyones stories when they get back from their partying like how messed up they got or if they did something cool. Maybe how they saw some party nuts do some stupid things. Yeah

Hmm some theme park down here is doing mardi gras thing I should go BC I've never seen a pair of boobs in person that would be interesting...

Anyway do the girls really take off their shirt if you get them a strand of beads? Sounds to good to be true... Though they are all probably really drunk.. OOOOH I HOPE ONE PASSES OUT WITH HER SHIRT OFF. AHAHA Then I could study them.

I'd feel like a pervert if I went.. so I probably wont go even if I could find a ride.. Oh well I had a blast making this post hehe
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
It's my spring break right now. Not much going on, just chillin' at home and visiting the boyfriend as often as possible.
*Country Girl Can Survive* *Country Girl Can Survive*
Spring break officially starts tomorrow morning for me. & Ive got nothing to go. Hubby's out of town working during the week. So its just me myself and I around the house.
orange_cutie orange_cutie
Spring Break is next week for me. I'm going to Salt Lake City and snowboard with the boyfriend who I haven't seen since January!
LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
Spring break's next week for me (after a hell week of exams and assignments due this week.) I'm kicking it off by having a party with some friends before we all leave. Then I'm going to my boyfriend's house on my way home, working at home for 5 days, driving back to my boyfriend's (YAY! Two weekends in a row!!), then coming back to school. Pretty uneventful for the most part, but it'll be a great break from school.
Dragon Dragon
You're all so fricking young! Damn. My spring break is the week after the spring break for my kids. So I work one week. They have off the other. It's normal life, and nobody will do much partying. We may actually drive up to Reno on the weekend in between - but that's Easter. The most that will happen is a night out with my husband.
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