Do you let your partner rule your "style"?

Do you let your partner rule your "style"?

MamaDivine MamaDivine
I don't let my husband "rule" it per se, but I know that he likes my hair long and dark, so I make sure to not get too much taken off when its cut or dye it too light if I dye. Theres other things too, but because its not a HUGE deal to me, I like to ask his opinion and stay with what he likes, if I can manage it. Otherwise, if its something that I am hellbent on, then to heck with his opinion lol. What do you do?
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I am a chick
I am a guy
I like to have my partners input, but don't let it rule my decision making
I like to please my partner, so they get a say in what I do and how I do it
Depends on the situation
Other* Please Comment
I do what I want, when I want, however I want, regardless of anyones opinion
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- Kira - - Kira -
I know my husband likes my hair long. I keep it medium length to long-ish. I'd never cut it short because he probably wouldn't have sex with me. lol

If there's something I really, really wanted I would argue until he agreed to it. There's some clothes I have he hates and I wear them anyhow. I wouldn't make any permanent changes without his okay (like a face tattoo or something). For small things (clothes, makeup, etc.), I usually don't ask his opinion.
dbm6907 dbm6907
My boyfriend likes my hair long, dark, and straight. He prefers when I wear sapphire eyeliner to accent my eyes, and he likes to pick out my outfits when we are going on dates.

I enjoy doing things that make him happy so i do what he asks/suggests (most of the time).

However, there are plenty of days when I feel like being lazy and don't do any of these things. It isn't a huge deal and he rarely says anything about it.
icyqueen icyqueen
Do you let your partner rule your "style"?

Absolutely no! I am as I am. I don't change myself just to please my partner. He should love and accept me the way I am or he can go.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I ask what he thinks if I am considering changing my hair style or color, but I consider my thoughts over his. I do like his input when I'm trying to decide on clothing to buy. Sometimes he will point out things I wouldn't have normally considered and I will end up loving it.
PolyLove PolyLove
I clicked most of the options. I dress, keep my hair/nails/etc, and do as I please. But I do keep my husbands interest in mind. I want to appear attractive to him even tho we are already married. He doesn't like chicks with short hair, so I keep mine long. I recently got a perm, but we discussed if first. I knew that no matter what he said, unless he said he absolutely hated curly hair, I was still going to get it, but I thought it nice to talk to him and find out if he liked it or not. I think it's a respect thing to keep your partners interest in mind. Especially if you're married, cause, ya know, they're kinda stuck with ya. Lol.
Mwar Mwar
My boyfriend is good at telling me if I'm asking for a potential wardrobe malfunction, so that is useful. But if a want true "style" advice you take out the big guns!

A Sassy Gay Friend!
ECU Pirate ECU Pirate
I trust my GF to not let me look stupid.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I dress for me and don't really have a style.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'll always listen to his opinion, but I pretty much always go with whatever I want to do.
js250 js250
I ask for his input on minor things that I am open to compromise on. For things that are not negotiable, I do my own thing. It depends on the situation. He has to look at me more than I do, so yes, appearance wise I give him options, personality wise-no.
Badass Badass
he tells me when he really likes a top on me or my butt in these jeans, and when we go on dates I will wear the things he has mentioned liking... but they are the clothes I've picked out to buy, so I like em too.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
I don't have a strong sense of personal style / I didn't care much for what I look like other than being presentable or not offensive, so I basically wear whatever my GF thinks looks good on me.
Beck Beck
I will listen to his opinion, however, I will do whatever I damn will please.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
No and I would not do that with my partner if I had one. I am my own person I like what I want. If you don't like it you know where the door is.
Woman China Woman China
I only dress girlie girl when I have too. Otherwise? I dress casually.

Many of my partners have demanded I wear heels frequently which gets them a tongue in cheek response of you wear them for a day, and if you survive, I will wear them. They do stop making the big style comments as they know I will insist on them wearing it first and the main reason I don't wear girlir girl clothing or fashionable vlothing more often is because they are uncomfortable and not warm or cool enough depending on the season.

The little things I will alter like getting a manicure, which earrings to wear, does this top go with these pants. I'll take into consideration his opinion, but it is not something that I live and breathe on.
corsetsaurus rex corsetsaurus rex
I pick a partner that likes the same things as me, so there's common ground there and not a struggle over how I want to look vs. how they prefer me. The last time someone took to meddling in my appearance to make me "more sexy" to them ended very badly.

There is some discussion and compromise over what I appreciate vs. what he likes slightly more with my current partner, but they are all outfits and looks that I do on my own. If it's a special occasion I will try and pick something in my natural range he has expressed particular fondness of before, otherwise I just don't worry about it.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I do what I want when I want, but with that said I will still listen to someone elses opinions.
Nazaress Nazaress
I'm a female and I might do something that I know he likes BECAUSE I know he likes it but I would never let him tell me what I can and can't do with MY body. I'm growing my hair out right now. I like it short but I've had it long and I don't mind it. I figured it's been a while since I've had it long so I decided to let it grow, since I know he likes long hair. He's not making me and he didn't even suggest it or anything.
Zombirella Zombirella
Originally posted by MamaDivine
I don't let my husband "rule" it per se, but I know that he likes my hair long and dark, so I make sure to not get too much taken off when its cut or dye it too light if I dye. Theres other things too, but because its not a HUGE deal to ...
With some things....but luckily we have very similar tastes. He loves my long hair and I've always had long hair and have no desire to cut it any shorter than touching my shoulders. He has told me he doesn't want me to have short hair but I'm cool with that so no big deal. We both have a laid back style, mostly t-shirt and jeans. He has always complimented me but if he were ever to tell me something looks bad on me then I wouldn't buy it/wear it an extent. I have some red eye shadow I bought at Hot Topic and he told me he didn't really care for it...but so did my mom and some other family members but dammit I think it looks cute with some of the shirts I wear it with so I still wear it!
He did make fun of a fake pink clip-in hair extension I have but I LOVE pink so he can deal with that when I put it in lol.
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by MamaDivine
I don't let my husband "rule" it per se, but I know that he likes my hair long and dark, so I make sure to not get too much taken off when its cut or dye it too light if I dye. Theres other things too, but because its not a HUGE deal to ...
I mostly want to please my guy, so if he likes a look, I'll keep it. However, everything else but the looks is up to me.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
My wife likes a goatee, but I don't. I've worn it a few times before, but I hate it.
Sinfully Sinfully
I aim to please and typically would ask my bf before I do something to alter my appearance. While I always get the final say. I don't want to do something that my partner finds unattractive either. I would like to remain appealing to him.
underHim underHim
I want to please my husband and always get his opinion on such things and abide by his wishes.
Azule Azule
Usually I don't do anything too different to my appearance anyway, but I think he likes it more when I do change it up once in a while just because it surprises him. For somethings though I will ask just because I'm curious how he feels about it.
dragonn dragonn
I don't think my partner really rules my style but there's definitely some kind of influence. I think my boyfriend goes for positive reinforcement. Whenever I'm wearing something he likes, he'll compliment me. It makes me feel good, he shows his appreciation, I'm encouraged to do more. It works out for us.
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