HELP! Kitty got into my candle and her paw is hurt :'(

HELP! Kitty got into my candle and her paw is hurt :'(

Blinker Blinker
I lit my Afterglow candle and it was lit all of 45 seconds before I walked out of the room. I went to my fridge to grab a Diet Coke, came back, and my cat was sitting by the candle on my headboard. The flame was out, I smelled burned fur, and she was walking funny. I wet a cloth with cool water and wiped all of her paws and got the oils off. Her right front paw is...well, it's burned. Her little paw pads are kind of scorched. I mean...they feel burned, kind of scratchy and rough. She's walking around just fine now and doesn't cry out in pain when I touch her paws, but it looks and feels burned.

I tried calling my vet at home but she didn't answer. I'm just so worried and I feel HORRIBLE. I shouldn't have left her alone with a lit candle. A few years ago she tried to get her nose into a candle and her whiskers burned. She was ok. All that happened was a fizzly pop sound and then she drew her head back. Then she sat down funny and her tail caught on fire for about .8 seconds. I smelled burned fur and saw a flame in her tail. She's a long-haired cat and luckily she wasn't hurt at all. She had no idea why the hell mommy was freaking out.

I'm looking at her right now and she isn't acting out of the ordinary in any way. I fed her some lettuce and she is purring. I still feel so fucking bad. My poor baby.

Any suggestions? I really don't know what to do, or if I should do anything. I'm sorry...I just don't know where else to turn and I'm freaking out. I just want my baby to be okay
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Kindred Kindred
If she is acting okay, don't worry, it's probably fine. If it really just happened, you could try applying ice or a cold pack. But this will only work if it literally just happened. The cold will reduce the bodies response to the flame and limit the swelling and pain. DO NOT give her anything for pain such as tylenol or aspirin. They are very toxic to cats. Keep the paw clean, and if tomorrow it looks like it is weeping fluid, you probably should take her to a vet to clean/bandage. Again, I think it will be okay, just keep an eye on it today and tomorrow.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
If she's walking around ok I would think she'll be fine. Probably wasn't a bad burn. If it was an open wound then she'd need the vet but since it's not she'll heal without intervention. Just watch her for awhile to make sure she doesn't bite at it.

If she's that attracted to candles and doesn't appear to have learned any lessons yeah don't leave her alone with them.

Adds - definitely what Kindred said don't give the cat any aspirin or Tylenol.
Jessica Elizabeth Jessica Elizabeth
My cat did the same thing a few years ago when she was really young. It took 2-3 days but she was fine. Though she's set her tail on fire a few times since then she hasn't messed with candles much since then.

your kitty will be fine *Hug* If nothing else it's a learning experience for her.
Blinker Blinker
Thanks, everyone. She is just fine I think. She's been sleeping and when I pet her and kiss her on the head, she purrs. There's no swelling or fluid loss, and she hasn't limped or isn't biting her paw at all, so I tihnk she'll be fine.

Thanks again, guys.
Kim! Kim!
Aw, poor kitty. She should be fine if she's walking on it and not licking it constantly though.
My parents had one light her tail on fire once. She was fine.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Sounds like she's fine. If you happen to have some handy, you could put a mild salve like bag balm on it, but if she's not licking it, it doesn't hurt.
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