How long are your finger nails?

Contributor: buzz buzz
Just wondering about nail care when it comes to people who touch down below a lot.
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I'm a man
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I'm a woman
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I'm a transgender
I'm not saying what I am
Red Vinyl Kitty , WhoopieDoo , GONE!
and I bite my nails
DeliciousSurprise , moonch1ld , LikeSunshineDust , Taylor , Yoda , Envy , Mistress M. , Red Vinyl Kitty , x cherri , Emma (Girl With Fire) , null , *Huxley* , *HisMrs* , kittychilla , zeebot , ZenaidaMacroura , Annemarie , buzz , Purpleladybug , El-Jaro , lezergirl , Adam02viper , Stephanie Marie , neon , sexy19364 , pollux , padmeamidala , Beck , Do-Re-Mi , emiliaa , Booktease , emilia , Britt&Daniel , T&A1987 , HannahPanda , KittenPrincess , Anne , MzGreenEyedLady , GONE! , neil i. , Undecided
I clip my nails often
Woman China , Taylor , ToyTimeTim , Envy , Gunsmoke , PussyGalore , Red Vinyl Kitty , x cherri , Coralbell , Sensual husband , C4ss , vegan.guy , leatherlover , SexyTabby , Annemarie , Penguin , clp , lamira , girl next door , Tuesday , Lithaewyn , Bunnycups , Adam02viper , dv8 , Kindred , Lolla Munz , slynch , ID42 , joja , SamsDelight , married with children , pollux , LennaKieran , ms.anon , Rossie , emiliaa , jr2012 , VioletMoonstone , GONE! , Allstars316 , sexxxkitten
I try to clip my nails when they get too long
Crystal1 , Darling Jen , Redboxbaby , newlady , TheSinDoll , Jul!a , freshbananas , REDRUM , Miss T , liilii080 , Emma (Girl With Fire) , Rarity , KnK , BadassFatass , Crash , Sammi , Waterfall , Profane , potstickers , Cream in the Cupcake , BadgersRose , tim1724 , wetone123 , idunshire , *Ashley* , PiratePrincess , Lady Venus , MaryExy , hornypoet69 , Lady Marmelade , Lummox , EJ , tickle me pink , The Curious Couple , ss143 , DreamWolf , Curiouscat , HannahPanda , GONE! , hem
I have long pretty nails
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My nails are long, but uncared for
KikiChrome , Gallowraven , T&A1987
They are okay I guess?
DeliciousSurprise , zeebot , Anne Ardeur , El-Jaro , Stephanie Marie , Anne , kitty1949 , GONE! , SadoMas
They are ALWAYS clean
VanillaFreeSex , LikeSunshineDust , Woman China , Darling Jen , Redboxbaby , newlady , TheSinDoll , pinkcupcakes , Jobthingy , Envy , Gunsmoke , Red Vinyl Kitty , x cherri , Coralbell , liilii080 , Sensual husband , ~LaUr3n~ , *HisMrs* , leatherlover , ZenaidaMacroura , Penguin , Waterfall , lamira , Profane , potstickers , Airekah , Anne Ardeur , wetone123 , toxie m , Lithaewyn , *Ashley* , dv8 , Joie de Cherresse , Kindred , indiglo , Lolla Munz , slynch , PiratePrincess , Lady Venus , joja , married with children , Lady Marmelade , (Re)tired Stripper , Shellz31 , leatherjacket , Starkiller87 , tickle me pink , emiliaa , Booktease , Nothere , ss143 , MrWishyWashy , WhoopieDoo , DreamWolf , travelnurse , VioletMoonstone , kitty1949 , GONE! , sexxxkitten , Undecided
I try to keep them clean
DeliciousSurprise , KikiChrome , moonch1ld , ToyTimeTim , Jul!a , REDRUM , Envy , PussyGalore , Emma (Girl With Fire) , Rarity , C4ss , null , KnK , BadassFatass , Rockin' , SexyTabby , Annemarie , Sammi , buzz , Cream in the Cupcake , Tuesday , Eden C. , tim1724 , idunshire , Bunnycups , Adam02viper , ID42 , MaryExy , SamsDelight , neon , sexy19364 , Lummox , EJ , LennaKieran , ms.anon , The Curious Couple , Beaners , LAndJ , HannahPanda , KittenPrincess , Anne , jr2012 , MzGreenEyedLady , neil i. , hem
I don't care if they are dirty
clp , Stephanie Marie
Emma (Girl With Fire) , Rarity , null , El-Jaro , Stephanie Marie , Curiouscat , GONE!
DeliciousSurprise , P'Gell , Jobthingy , Bunnycups , Stephanie Marie , ss143 , WhoopieDoo
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: VanillaFreeSex VanillaFreeSex
i am lucky to have nails that grow long and attractive. They are one of my features I like. However...not practical. Even when I try to trim the pertinent nails (on the fingers to be used), it seems like i just can't get them short enough, and then it looks strange.

there is always the glove with the cotton ball method, but I like to FEEL , gloves get in the way of my pleasure in giving
Contributor: KikiChrome KikiChrome
I've kept my nails long my entire life. They're generally very clean too (I think I wash my hands about 40 times a day!) but being long they sometimes catch stuff under them. I always make sure I wash them before I touch myself or anybody else though. It's rude not to.

I just never get time for manicures and such. To be honest, they don't seem to have suffered.
Contributor: Crystal1 Crystal1
I play guitar, so I have to keep the nails on my left hand super short. I usually leave the ones on my right hand alone for the most part, just clip if they get too long, so I have sort of unbalanced hands.
Contributor: Woman China Woman China
I live in the desert, and it is very dusty here... so your nails get dirty. The only way I can keep them clean is to keep them as short as possible.
Contributor: Gallowraven Gallowraven
I have very hard nails, and clipping them is sort of a pain, so most of the time I let them grow until they break. I never notice when they break either, I don't feel it. Only when they start getting jagged or broken is when they get trimmed and filed. (filing my nails seems to cause them to break twice as fast) without my nails I couldn't so much as pick up a coin off of a flat surface, or do a lot of other things. they are like tools for me.
Contributor: TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
It really depends on the look I'm going for. Darker polish gets shorter nails. I tend to them about once a week at least, sometimes twice, always before an event.

The majority of the time, I prefer them longer.
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
When I was younger I would bite my nails really bad, they were always really short. In the last 5 years or so, I've been able to grow them out, and now a few of them are actually really long. I'm gonna cut them soon, lol
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I usually have acrylic or nylon nails. My nails simply break and I look like a child, as I have fairly tiny hands. I don't like them too long, because then they break and bend and hurt, but I do like my hands to look feminine.
Contributor: freshbananas freshbananas
I used to bite, nasty habit
Contributor: Jobthingy Jobthingy
Mine are not long but not short either. I just let them grow, I have a nail file EVERYWHERE (in my purse, coat, apron at work, at my desk, by my bed.. EVERYWHERE.)and when they get little jagged edges I just file. They are never all the same length. They are always clean though. Dirty nails gross me out.
Contributor: Envy Envy
I always bite my nails, but I do my best to keep them clean too, toenails as well.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've always kept my nails very short. Using fingers for g-spot stimulation is just one of many reasons I keep them short - they are just so much easier to keep clean when trimmed short.
Contributor: Mistress M. Mistress M.
I bite my nails. I try to keep them very clean, but I can't manage to get them to grow longer because as soon as they get to a certain length, I subconsciously bite them off again.
Contributor: Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I bite my nails, but I've been trying really hard to stop. I've gotten to the point where I will use the clippers all the time instead - but if for some reason I lose track of where the nail clippers went, then I go back to biting.
Contributor: Coralbell Coralbell
I used to bite my nails so I got gel nails for the last few months and just took them off. My nails were damaged underneath so I just clipped them down short.

When I had the nails on it surprised and digusted me how much stuff got underneath. I had to constantly clean them. That's one benefit to having super short, bitten down nails - there's no room for dirt. It also prevented me from fingering myself. Luckily I have toys, but I did miss my fingers a bit.

It's only been a few days since I got the gels off but I seem to have gotten over the biting habit. I'll be happy when the damaged part grows out and I can have pretty, natural nails. I want them to be just past the end of my fingers so they look nice but don't get in the way too much.
Contributor: liilii080 liilii080
I try to keep my nails neat and trim. The hardest thing is when one or 2 break. I usually cut that one until I get around to getting them all but I know that looks messy.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
My Man and I saw this woman on television who had been growing her nails for 20 years and they were.....ick. They curled around and were nasty yellow. She said he wanted to get on Oprah and become a star.

I looked at My Man and said, "Ug, how does she eat? How does she make telephone calls? How does she....." and I stopped and he laughed and said, "Masturbate? That was my first question. I knew you were thinking it."

He was right. I mean, you can do yourself even with normal, nicely tipped normal long nails. But with these.....talons, I have no idea how this woman pleasures herself or a partner.
Contributor: Rarity Rarity
I wish my nails would stay short all the time!
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I used to bite my nails a lot. It was an adolescent habit. Now I only bite them if a nail is broken so they don't rip. Normally, I have gel false nails a lot of the time. I take breaks to let the nail beds breath. For the last few months, I have just given my self routine manicures so that I can continue to play my viola which I recently picked up again. My nails come well past the end of my fingers though. Freakishly long fingernails freak me out (especially if they are real). Anything more than about a 1/2" past the end of my fingers is too long.
Contributor: *HisMrs* *HisMrs*
I wish I could have long pretty nails but being in nursing school, I cant! My instructors would freak! I have a bad habit of biting them though! They are always clean as I wash my hands no less than 50 times a day!
Contributor: Rockin' Rockin'
My nails are pretty resistant to chipping and tearing, so they get pretty long (the longer ones are between 1/4" and 1/2"). I guess they are kind of thick, but they curve nicely. I let them grow. I file them pretty regularly, and I can't stand when they snag on stuff, so I always have a file handy. I clip them if they get a chip or if they look like they're about to break. Otherwise I just keep them clean.

I don't really like using my fingers inside myself when the nails are long, but I can touch my clit pretty easily without a problem even with the long-nailed fingers.
Contributor: kittychilla kittychilla
recently chewed my nails down, so there's not much there. but i usually let them get REALLY long.
Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I've had a pretty bad nail-biting habit my whole life. I stop for a while, they grow and look nice, and then one of them breaks (I've always had fairly brittle nails). Then I get all OCD and want them all the same length, and if I don't have clippers handy, I can't stand it and bite them all off. Then I grow them again, bite them again, etc. It's pretty annoying, but I can't seem to help it.
Contributor: Penguin Penguin
Mine grow fast. I keep them short and clean always.
Contributor: clp clp
I love nail polish but I kinda don't care about the length. I cut them often because I scratch myself when I get sleepy and deeper digs have been known to happen (yes: exactly why they put mittens on infants. JUST like that). They also get dirt under them all the time; I'm not sure how. I don't play in dirt anymore? My ex had a huge hangup on dirty fingernails so mine would be inspected often; I notice more now but I stil l don't care too much to change it.
Contributor: lamira lamira
I hate long nails, so I cut them all the time as short as possible.
Contributor: girl next door girl next door
Mine are always short cause I am horrible at keeping them nice looking when they are longer. So I like them short and clean!
Contributor: Airekah Airekah
I keep my nails and toes, for that matter, kept up with on a regular basis. I go to the nail salon. haha.