Magical Sex Toy Powers!

Contributor: Mwar Mwar
If you had the ability to create and design a sex toy:

What features MUST it have?
How would it look?
Is there anything on the market that is close to your sex toy ideal?
What would make it YOUR creation?

And anything else of interest!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Captivating topic discussions on Hitachi magic Wand:

Is it really all its cracked up to be? I really want one... but I've heard just as much good as bad...

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which is better The hitachi or the wahli.....i'm going to get one or the other and I'm just not sure which and I've read the reviews.....I need some..

Magic Mike, who all is going to see it?
This movie looks so fun, not to mention the hot cast! I for one am going to see it! Who is with me?!

Finally! Hitachi, you are a god!
For those of you who have read my Wahl review you may recall that I said I had beyond a clit o'steel and perhaps mine was actually made of diamond.

Rechargeable Hitachi style wand no longer charging
I bought this recently link It worked fine for a while and then one day it stopped charging. I'm unsure if it's the cord or the charging port. Has...
Contributor: Mwar Mwar
I would create a good, multi part wireless toy. It would be turquoise. And the feature that would make it uniquely my creation would be some type of funny or whimsy statement on the base of the toy. Just because
Contributor: RavenWings RavenWings
I would LOOOOOVE a really artsy glass play set. One that could be displayed as art AND used for play time!