#AskEden - Promotions on home page: Exp dates?

#AskEden - Promotions on home page: Exp dates?

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Can anyone tell me if they know when these promotions are going to end? I know that someone had said something about an "I" or something on the page that if you hover over it, it would tell you info on the promotion, but I don't see it

Everytime that they have these types of promotions I can never tell when they end, so its hard for me to decide when to place my order. Im waiting until something comes back in stock, that I realllllly want, but I would love to have the $70+ promotional toy too! *Sigh* I hate making up my mind under so much stress haha.

But seriously, anyone know when the promotions will change?
  • Buy 1 Toy, Get 2 FREE
  • Sexy Treats For Her! Gorgeous Gift Set For $60
  • The Complete Lovers Kit! Expert Couples Gift Set For $60
  • Spoil Him! Luxury Gift Set for Men For $60
  • Save 85% on Selected Items. Limited Quantity
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AskEden AskEden

Promotions rotate out with different end dates, depending on each promotion.

If you have a question on about a specific promotion, you can always send a Customer Service ticket.

Usually there's a listed expiration date on promos listed with it.

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