Anal Sex Tips

Anal Sex Tips

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Today's article on the trials and successes of Rabbit White's anal sex adventures made me think that I am sure there are many people out there with similar experiences or who are afraid to try it because it will hurt.

We have an extensive list of products for anal play and reviewers who have tried them...

What's your favorite anal toy?

What's your favorite product that makes anal sex easier for beginners?

What tips, if any, do you have for people reluctant to try anal or who are eager, but terrified?
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ScottA ScottA
Most important (and I suppose favorite) product: LUBE!. Get some good lube and use it - spit doesn't cut it. Second is good information, either from the web or a book.

Other favorite toys for the beginner, in the order I'd recommend: finger, small tapered buttplug, smooth dildo or wand. Bodysafe is very good here, since the anus and rectum can be very sensitive to chemicals (silicone is best, TPR is OK. I'd recommend waiting on glass because there's no give or flex).

#1 tip: start exploring on your own. Get comfortable and familiar with the sensations and how your body reacts before playing with someone else. If you aren't comfortable with anal play then wait until you are before trying it with someone else.
Lucky Luna Lucky Luna
I really love strapping on a harness for my bf's enjoyment. Just the other day I got to have fun tying him to the bed so I could do whatever I wanted. He was appreciative I also enjoy anal myself, but only in special circumstances - I still get sore very easily. For the most part, I've been sticking with a very small plug for myself, though we'd like to work our way up to more capabilities.

Interesting question - I know they make vibrating anal toys, but I've never had any. Instead, I got the Flirty Plush Magic Ball and pressed it against a butt plug so the vibrations would channel through. Has anyone else tried this strategy?
Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray
Don't start with jelly. And if you do, use a condom.

Start small. Slow and steady wins the race. And use lube.

Course, I didn't. M wasn't into lube much until I got a bottle when I started reviewing. I survived, obviously, but insertion is so much easier and more comfortable with lube.

My favorite plug, so far, is Pfun by Njoy, but I wouldn't suggest it for a beginner because it's steel. Something squishy is better to start out with.

Pleasure #1 appears to be a good plug for beginners. It's thin and made of silicone. And orange!
Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray
Okay it says it's red but it looks orange to me. And it comes in purple too! Lol
Sammi Sammi
My favorites right now are probably the pure plug medium and the smooth operator.

I think my favorite that makes anal sex easier for beginners is a good lube, like Maximus or Climax bursts anal.

For tips, the biggest one is lots of lube! Also, start small, go slow, and stop if it hurts.
chelseahotel1224 chelseahotel1224
I agree wholeheartedly with Sammi. Go slow! And you have to make sure that you're comfortable with your partner and can tell them to slow it down if need be. Or even tell them to stop. They won't have fun either if you're in pain. And definitely use Maximus. I haven't found anything that I like to use more.
Stripers Stripers
Maximus lubrication is awesome for this, good point chelsea...don't be shy with it either. On top of that communication is also a good thing. It's also important for the female to be relaxed making insertion easier. Outside of that, taking it move a mm at a time every couple of seconds is good measure, obviously start off with a finger and if that becomes comfortable try incorporating a toy. Be sure to check out the review we just recently posted on a beginner's anal kit, might be of some value.

Also it might be a good idea to start off with a full body massage to ensure relaxation. Lastly ENJOY
Liz2 Liz2
My first anal experience was so lube, and shear force that I was reluctant to go there again. Solo practice with plenty of lube brought me around to the joys of anal. I love NJoy plugs, they slide in so easily and I find myself running errands, doing work and even going to clubs with an NJoy in place. Works great during intercourse as b/f also loves the sensation of sex with a "stay put" plug in place.
My butt now regularly craves attention during masturbation sessions and with my b/f after an initial clit induced orgasm, my butt can be so ready for his cock.
Lube (Maximus), relaxation, practice, communication and patience are all key.
Sassybunny85 Sassybunny85
Going slow and lots of lube have been the key for successful anal play with me. Also I've found that I have to be in the right mood, otherwise it just won't work. And having IBS means a relatively clear system 95% of the time, so that works to my advantage.
Violet Vamp Violet Vamp
Practice on your own in the shower, with a finger, or the handle of a razor cleaned well.

I like the inflatable anal toys because they allow you to insert and then increase the size, this helps to slowly get you there.

Most important: RELAX, if you don't it won't work, and it won't be any fun.
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