First anal

Contributor: Peres2013 Peres2013
Question for the LADIES here that enjoy anal sex, what was that made you try the first time and how was it, did you get into it right away, or did it take some time? And, most importantly - what does your partner thinks about it, my old man thinks it is weird for woman to enjoy an anal.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of Anal Sex:

Oral or anal?
Would you rather get oral or anal sex?

Help with choosing a lube please
My gf and I are wanting to begin experiencing with anal sex. I have purchaes a beginner kit and while shopping for a lube I didn't realize there were.

What type lube do you use for LONG anal sessions? Water based or Silicone?
We always use water based lube. I just had an 11 hour continual anal sex-athon with hubby, but we went through a tube and a half of lube. I was...

Anal sex for both female and male
Married, or just dating, or even just fooling around with someone, When you get to anal sex has your hubby/Wife let you go to the back door ? or do...

I want to rim my girlfriend but I am not exactly sure how to go about this. First because she has no interest in anal sex, she shuts down whenever I...
Contributor: BadxBunnie BadxBunnie
Unfortunately I have not yet had the luxury of anal sex, (my partner doesn't enjoy it) but I began anal play at a pretty young age- 12 or 13 with phallic household objects, haha. Been addicted to anal toys ever since.