Couples Toys for a Sex Toy Newbie?

Contributor: lexical lexical
I am so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I went back and forth on whether to put this in the "sex toys" section or here or there or elsewhere! I settled on here, as you can see...Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I recently started dating a guy who is slightly less developed and self-aware than I am in regards to his sexual tastes. Either that, or he's yet to confess his dirty little secrets to me Long story short, I have an extensive toy collection myself and would like to begin to introduce the idea of toys and "sexual aids" as our relationship becomes more intimate and physical. We have been dating for a month or so and he's a little on the shy side, though very passionate physically.

Can you suggest any non-intimidating couples toys that we could look into? I don't really know anything about toys for men or couples, so any help would be much appreciated!
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Contributor: Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
A vibrating cock ring may be a good place to start. They're pretty un-intimidating and he won't have to worry about if he's using it right on you or have to lay there embarrassed while you use something on him.
Contributor: Kayla Kayla
It really depends. Like Alan and Michele said, a vibrating cock ring is a nice place to start, but if he's afraid of things on his penis, probably not such a good place. If you guys aren't using lubricant regularly during sex, that's probably the first place to start. It seems unrelated to sex toys, but you'd be surprised how little the "average" couple considers lube to be normal.

Honestly, if it were me, I'd recommend the We-Vibe since it isn't something that he has to wear but will still pleasure you. Plus there's plenty of advertisement out on it that makes it mainstream. But that really depends on him too. Another way to go is a small bullet/pocket rocket. Or most guys' favorite: Remote controlled panties. He won't even feel embarrassed about using a "sex toy" if it's attached to you and he gets the remote.
Contributor: buzzvibe buzzvibe
All great ideas! Our Liberator Wedge was one of the first "sex life accessories" we acquired, and we still use it regularly. More often than not, actually.
Contributor: Alicia Alicia
I absolutely agree with all the ideas so far! Our first one was a bullet vibe, it was the least intimidating and was easy to use to tease both partners and we could put it between us during sex. A stretchy cock ring that vibrates could be fun, I wouldn't get anything too tight at first.

And also lube, yes, yes, yes! I absolutely recommend that! We have actually been married for 7 years, together for 9 and are just now getting into using lube during sex because we thought we didn't need it. And it's just so much fun and there's different kinds and we're really liking it
Contributor: Jessica Elizabeth Jessica Elizabeth
Lube is a great idea, especially considering the variety out there! Or, you could try a couple different kinds of condoms, textured and what not.

otherwise a toy like the wi-vibe is a good idea, as it's pretty non threatening to him, or a cock ring

Good luck and have fun!
Contributor: lexical lexical
Wow, thanks, everybody I have a tasty bottle of pina colada flavored lube that we can definitely make use of! I'm definitely hoping to invest in some kind of remote control toy soon...I have a long-standing fantasy about being toyed with in public place

I was also considering this little guy! The Tenga Egg! It's pretty cheap, unintimidating, and disposable, if we don't like it. I absolutely adore giving handjobs, so I think this would be a nice little twist on the usual
Contributor: Alicia Alicia
Originally posted by lexical
Wow, thanks, everybody I have a tasty bottle of pina colada flavored lube that we can definitely make use of! I'm definitely hoping to invest in some kind of remote control toy soon...I have a long-standing fantasy about being toyed with in ...
I want to try one of those out too!

I've also been looking for a remote control toy for a long time, it's a big fantasy of my husband's to be able to use something like that on me in public..but we can't find one that we think would be quiet enough for it.
Contributor: Liz Liz
When you're ready to make that investment, I definitely recommend theRemote Control Tiger Panty. The toying in public was a fantasy for my partner and me as well-- we went through several remote-controlled vibes, and this one is our favorite.

I second the recommendation for beginning with a bullet vibe. Cock rings are definitely fun, but they do make a lot of guys nervous, so proceed with caution. A bullet is non-threatening but very versatile-- you can use it solo to learn what you like, you can use it on yourself and let him watch, you can let him use it on you, or one or both of you can use it to enhance intercourse.

Have fun!
Contributor: Sensual husband Sensual husband
Lube is great but I also like the idea of a bullet vibe
Contributor: SexyStuff SexyStuff
I loooove the Bnaughty Deluxe. So much that we haven't tried many others, so I'm glad for some more suggestions to keep things spicy.
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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