If They Asked?

Contributor: Kaltir Kaltir
If your partnered asked you to get rid of yours toys, would you? Feel free to elaborate.
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I'd do anything they asked.
Red Vinyl Kitty , lezergirl , SiNn , beautiful , Linga , extrafun , Carolinagirl08 , mama2007 , Princess-Kayla ♥ , sexystuffeve , gehuwd , lainebug , Septimus , Rokmai
14  (5%)
I'd consider it.
Happy Camper , MaryExy , K101 , goawaybunnies90 , Badass , Akikaze , Bodhi , Miss Cinnamon , Isola
9  (3%)
I'd try to make a compromise.
Taylor , PiratePrincess , Yesenia , Lucidity , Illusional , That Guy , El-Jaro , indiglo , Joie de Cherresse , darthkitt3n , pinkcupcakes , zracer , ❦Angel Of Music❦ , TheSinDoll , xoflxokcxo , ellejay , potstickers , ~LaUr3n~ , sixfootsex , Fanny , Pleasure Piratess , *HisMrs* , C4ss , Alyxx , zeebot , Lummox , Kindred , Anjulie , shelly8791 , the other jo , RedGoddess , al16 , Naughty Student , cobiffle , Lilbee , Mz.GreenEyez , IrishLassie , honeybee7484 , PussyGalore , Tart , girl next door , Mr.RightNow , Xiel , Lithaewyn , Miss Zombie , VictoriaRose , Hallmar82 , froggiemoma , Michelle Menace , oopsy , mandiegk , Purpleducklings , BlueDog , SexyStuff , TumorCrunch , link82 , THUMPER , Conrad , sexygoddess , GoogleQueen , angel142stx , rockym690 , I'mNotYourToy , Sex'и'Violence , Illumin8 , T&A1987 , wrecklesswords , Selective Sensualist , InNeedOfABuzzzz , bdvnt , Graniteal , Ansley , unfulfilled , Do-Re-Mi , bekabu , Stinkytofu10 , dbm6907 , Checkmate , calliope , Ice1 , Trepier , DiamondKoala , mpfm , Brenard , Martiniman , Lildrummrgurl7 , JennSenn , woodsdragon , Stagger13 , TheirPet , Sunny Meadows , Dixiemomma , Adriana Ravenlust , Feisty , RabidPizza , LovesAPoet , daniel420 , SecretKinksters , CaseyDeuce , Marie Hanna , null , vulvalicious , mamaseatspoop , MsDrProfKitty , Geography , HisLittleFiend , mjtheprincess , falalena , Trysexual , phoenixfire , padmeamidala , brevado , ImportPerv , purpledesert , kat17 , Natasha Love , Gdom , .kaycat , friendswithfangs , kdlt , MissyKitty
121  (45%)
I'd never do it.
DeliciousSurprise , Darling Jen , PassionQT , Miss Madeline , Waterfall , Tidwtrguy , Tuesday , idunshire , Shellz31 , MrRainybowbow , Stephanie Marie , bunny love , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , jfree , Coralbell , Cream in the Cupcake , guy4guyz420 , Ajax , tickle me pink , sbon , BBW Talks Toys , sexyk515 , Choolz , teeny <3 , joja , Curves , Rossie , Fuck it. , ms.anon , Starkiller87 , Ms. Spice , blacklodge , <3BF , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , Incendiaire , Ms. N , GONE! , lilly555 , slynch , Do emu , shielaray , BrittaniMaree , *Camoprincess* , Falsepast , butts , llellsee , Lovesickalien , Supervixen , sweet&lush , Trixxxy , Katelyn , Beck , fizzygato , oneeyedoctopus , Llewey , sunflower , Hummingbird
57  (21%)
Some toys yes, some no.
LikeSunshineDust , leatherlover , toxie m , namelesschaos , ToyTimeTim , liilii080 , Adam02viper , ZenaidaMacroura , NaturalWoman , BadassFatass , beautifulpierced , Xavier7 , Valentinka , aBeastlyLittleThing , skunked , Collodion , jaimijacklin , REDRUM , M121212 , firekitten , nicole07 , cburger , Sally Forth , plaidvulva , WhoopieDoo , scaredlittleboy , ann1964 , Howells , Big Dog , Undecided , ashleylove920 , ihavenipples , novanilla , ginnyluvspotter , spiced , DixieDoo
36  (13%)
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33  (12%)
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Contributor: LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
There are some that I'd be willing to part with (Hell, I'm trying to get rid of them!), but there are some that I love too much and have spent too much money on to just get rid of them.
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
Well I would want to talk with them to understand why they want me to get rid of them in the first place. If it's an insecurity issue I'd want to figure out what was behind it so we could figure out how to work through it.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I put other, because My Man wouldn't ask. He gets as much pleasure watching and using them on me as I do using them.

If anything were to happen to him (God forbid) I would never seriously date a man who had hang ups like being offended or threatened by sex toys.

But, the same goes for anything from my books (I own thousands of books) to my clothes to my musical instruments. I would never ask a man to get rid of something that meant a lot to him and I wouldn't accept a relationship with a man who would want me to get rid of things which mean a lot to me.

But, as he loves the toys and they were his idea and he bought me many of them, I can't imagine he'd ask. I know he wouldn't.
Contributor: Lucidity Lucidity
Yeah, I'd try to figure out why, considering they only enhance our sex life. I'd also probably try to figure out a compromise. Like, fine... I'll get rid of my toys as soon as I'm getting off every time we have sex.
Contributor: leatherlover leatherlover
I wouldn't get rid of all of them, but if she was dead set, I would compromise and get rid of some.
Contributor: toxie m toxie m
I could pare down the collection, but there's no way I'd get rid of them altogether. He'd never ask, though. He likes them
Contributor: namelesschaos namelesschaos
i term of actually getting rid of toys there are some I would be willing to part with and some I wouldn't. However it really depends on why they what me to get rid of the toys; if it is because they find sex and sex toys icky and disgusting then the relationship is unlike to work out. If it is because we are running out of shape to store them a comprise could be reached. If it is because they are insecure about me having toys that is something that needs to be discussed. etc
Contributor: Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
I probably wouldn't be with someone who was against toys for any reason. :/
Contributor: That Guy That Guy
Probably. I never take a stand on things like that.
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
We'd have to remember whose toys are whose
Contributor: indiglo indiglo
My man would never ask me to do that either. We have WAY too much fun using them together and hell, he's bought me half of the toys I have! But, if he ever did, we'd handle it like every other issue - try to get to the bottom of the issue and make a compromise.
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
If the wife asked I would have no problem getting rid of my strokers and most of my C-rings. I would not get rid of my P-spot toys though, my prostate health is to big of a deal. She would not ask that anyways, she knows how important it is.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Most of the toys are hers - although I bought them. I don't see her wanting to virtually give up having the explosive orgasms they give her. We would make it - but why - makes no sense.
Contributor: liilii080 liilii080
I'd get rid of some but there are others I'd have to put my foot down for. (*cough* Form 2 *ahem*) They make me feel good and he travels and works a lot. As I tell him, I have needs and these satisfy me while keeping me from tapping him on the shoulder every night
Contributor: darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
We are moving in to our apartment soon, so we won't have a whole ton of space for stuff. If he asked me to get rid of some things, I would probably agree to, as long as he got rid of some of his own things. I don't think he'd ask me to get rid of anything for any other reason.
Contributor: Miss Madeline Miss Madeline
I would never get involved (again) with someone who was anti-toy. Toys are a part of my sexuality and I've got no time for people who want to fight against my sexuality. If you have an issue with toys, you'll probably have an issue with a whole lot of other things I'm into.
Contributor: TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
I will always try to compromise with The Husband, but getting rid of my toys wouldn't be a request he'd make... thankfully!
Contributor: Tidwtrguy Tidwtrguy
She knows better than that. Plus, she has more toys and therefore, more to lose, lol.
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
No one should ask their partner to part with something they care about if its unhealthy. I would object if my husband asked for this. I would take it as a sign that he doesn't care about me or my happiness.
Contributor: idunshire idunshire
I feel like I wouldn't be able to be with someone who was extremely put-out by my toys.
Contributor: xoflxokcxo xoflxokcxo
Originally posted by idunshire
I feel like I wouldn't be able to be with someone who was extremely put-out by my toys.
I agree. If I bought them, and enjoy them, then my partner would have to respect it. The only fair thing I would do is try to make up some compromise. And if we can't reach an agreement, then that's a relationship I wouldn't want to be a part of.
Contributor: ichwillwaffels ichwillwaffels
Originally posted by Kaltir
If your partnered asked you to get rid of yours toys, would you? Feel free to elaborate.
Give me a good reason and we'll talk.
Contributor: Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I would do anything my husband asked of me. However, seeing me play with my toys and playing with me and my toys are both big turn ons for him, so I know he never would.
Contributor: tigerkate tigerkate
I picked other. I would want to talk about it with him. I would want to know why he wanted me to, if he thought I was being excessive with them, if he felt intimidated or left out, etc.

I probably wouldn't though. Unless it was like, "these are broken. come on." then I'd get rid of them.
Contributor: potstickers potstickers
Originally posted by tigerkate
I picked other. I would want to talk about it with him. I would want to know why he wanted me to, if he thought I was being excessive with them, if he felt intimidated or left out, etc.

I probably wouldn't though. Unless it was like, ... more
I agree with this.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I'd get rid of the partner first.
But then, I won't get involved with someone who didn't like my toys from the beginning.
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
It really would depend on their reason.
Contributor: MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
My partner doesn't care and is very open minded =] but if he did tell me to throw away my babies i'd tell him he could get over it and deal =p
Contributor: BadassFatass BadassFatass
For me, it would depend on why they wanted me to get rid of my toys. Some of them didn't come cheap.