Best Reviews

Best Reviews

Ms. N Ms. N
Two questions...

1) What would you say is the best review you have ever written? I don't mean which one got the best votes, or which one you enjoyed writing the most, but the one that you personally think did the best job of expressing what the product is and how you felt about it.

2) What reviews by other contributors have you read that stick out as being the best of the best? Again, this means they expressed most clearly what the product is and how the writer felt about it.

Please explain why you chose the two (or more) reviews that you listed.
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Rossie Rossie
Hey, you should list yours first!

I've only written four reviews, I guess I'm happy with the ones I've wrote about the Njoy Pure Plug and Pure Wand, I personally think they're not too shabby. I've pointed out the best results created by those toys, and I hope others will get those same benefits by reading the reviews.

I like Kira (stainedclear)'s review on the Jopen Vanity Vr5, it's extremely detailed and informative, she compared it with many of the other toys in the same line which makes it very useful. She also included a lot of her personal opinion on the toy, makes me want one even more!
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