How to write a review about a product you hated?

How to write a review about a product you hated?

Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
I have a dvd that I want to write a review on. The problem is, I hated it!!
how do I do that?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For products that I don't like I still give all the relevant info that I normally do without bashing it and tell about my dislikes in the Personal/Experience sections.

Remember that while you do not like it others may have different tastes.
newfoundlust newfoundlust
I agree with Dwtim. For an example, feel free to look at my review of the Doc Jock Jack off device I did about a week ago.
Muddog7998 Muddog7998
Just say what you thought was bad about it. Like Dwtim said, don't bash it, but give a reason for why you didn't like. Was it bad acting, was there not enough acting? Things like that.
Jul!a Jul!a
This is great advice so far. The biggest key to remember is to explain as much as you can about it, but explain why you didn't like it without bashing the entire product. There might be something else that you hated that somebody else will love
P'Gell P'Gell
I try to be honest, but also find if (if there is an if) things that other people might like. For instance, I didn't care for the Tantus O2 Mark or the Triple Orgasm French Kiss Rabbit Style Vibe but I found things that other people might like about both of them. There are things about both of these toys (especially the Mark) that I simply know other people would like, and the Triple Kiss had some unique features that I also know some women could get behind and really love. So, I made sure to focus on those good things, while still giving my opinion about why it didn't work for me and why. But, I didn't focus exclusively on the bad things. One person's least favorite toy is an other's fav.

If the toy or product seems a real bust to me, I'll try to use humor without bashing either the item or the company. I wrote a review for a lingerie set Erotique Butterfly Babydoll that I though was really poorly made and might not fit too many people, so I made the review humorous, to still write a good review from it.

I find its still easy to describe the item in detail and then go on to tell why it simply didn't work for me.

Good luck.
Jenyana Jenyana
Great advice, everyone! I wanted to give some of my own, but I cvouldn't find anything to say that hadn't already been said.
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