#Roundup - October 26th Edition!

#Roundup - October 26th Edition!

Ansley Ansley

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup - a handy little guide to what's been happening at Edenfantasys lately.
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There were 661 reviews this week!! Great job, everyone!

Kissy is our winner for this week, for their review: Handing Out Peanuts and Gingerales This Halloween

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SexIs Topic Contest Leave suggestions for topics you’re interested in reading on SexIs! The community will vote on their favorites. Prizes are 1000, 2000, and 3000 points.

Eden's Little Sex Shop of Horrors Toy Costume Contest! Click the link to vote for your favorite submissions! The poll closes at midnight on Halloween!

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Happy Birthday October babies!! Stop in and wish everyone a happy birthday!!!

Community Planning Thread
Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and suggestions for the general ideas this month!

Contributor of the Month - September - Ryuson Congratulations again! Keep up the good work!

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SexIs Social Writing Contest Winner Announcement - October

Cast Your Spell for Sexy What’s your guaranteed-to-work-eve rytime spell for sexy time? Participation is a bonus entry to the Eden Café giveaway!

Name That Toy

The following contributors answered correctly:
- dv8
- Kittybit
- Xarien
- Kayletta Jade
- BrokenChelle
- PassionCpl
- DiscretionAdvised
- MidnightStorm
- GinnyLuvsPotter
- PropertyOfPotter
- Skeeterlynn

Congratulations everyone!

Mood Blissful, Icicles No. 37, Rocky butt plug, Honey Wand, Spread Eagle Sally, and Nexus G-play (both medium and large were acceptable answers).

This week's image is:

There are 6 toys in this week’s image.

Answers should be submitted via email and sent to stormy@edenfantasys.co m with “Got It!” as the subject of the email. You must include your Edenfantasys screen name when guessing!

All correct guesses win 500 points. Before or after you’ve submitted your email, leave a comment with “I got it” in the thread (and don’t forget to showcase reviews you’re interested in as well).
Remember, products can be found by both the regular search and by using the product search in the dashboard.

Good luck!!!
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Kindred Kindred
Great week all!
Sammi Sammi
Congratulations, everyone!
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
What a wonderful week. I was barely able to make it online and I missed EF so much!! xoxo
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
Congrats to everyone that got it last week! Have a great weekend and next week as well.

As for this week... I got it!
moongirl moongirl
I got it!
Kittybit Kittybit
I believe I got it!
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
Great week all, wow tough picture this week.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Great week all!
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Got it!
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I got it!
Freyja9 Freyja9
Got It!
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
I got it!
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
I got it!
Jesyra Jesyra
I got it!
LuvSTEELdog13 LuvSTEELdog13
everyone have such a nice day plz
Naruto Naruto
I got it
BrokenChell BrokenChell
I got it
dv8 dv8
I got it
potstickers potstickers
I got it! I think. Heehee.
DiscretionAdvised DiscretionAdvised
Aw man, I've had 4 out of 6 for all week. Images of dongs are burning into my brain looking for those last two!

Got it!
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