#Roundup - August 31st Edition

#Roundup - August 31st Edition

Ansley Ansley

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Roundup #159!

On the Calendar:

- Birthday Club Happy Birthday August babies!! Stop in and wish everyone a happy birthday!!!

- Community Planning Thread. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and suggestions for the general ideas this month!

- Reviewer's Spotlight This month we're highlighting Beck and TheSinDoll! Come pick their brains!!

- Topic Contest - Winners Announcement for SexIs Social.

- Contributor of the Month - August - js250 Stop by and congratulate her, if you haven't done so already!

The Weekly Buzz Check out the latest additions to the Eden catalog!

Eden Cafe
Over at Eden Cafe we're giving away a Coquette Darque wear. Vote here for a bonus entry to the giveaway!]]]

Featured Threads

Last Chance for Summer Romance – How do you transition into fall? Is there anything in particular you look forward to about summer ending?

AAP ignores appeals from “Intactavists.” Declare with circumcision “benefits outweigh risks.” Is this recent decision a matter of money, or do they truly believe it's for the good of the child?

Eden Should Carry. Got a suggestion for products? Tell us here!

Need advice? Ask Lulu! A brand new column on SexIs Social!

Name That Toy

Winner will receive 2500 points for the correct answer.
eeep is this week's Name that Toy Winner. It was the Insignia Noa! Congratulations!

This week's image is:

There were 703 reviews this week. Great week, everyone!

And now on to this week's review picks!

Beck is our host for this week!

In AmethystSmoke's first review, she does and excellent job! She provides all the details about Vixskin Buck. There are images included that really show the toy well...even a comparison image with other toys. This is a hell of a review you must read!

-Kira- is Making Waves with her new Tantus Splash. She does a quick comparison of the Splash and the Splish in this detailed review. Check it out to see if you want to make your own waves.

Airen Wolf reviews Fashionable Bunny Tail. She provides great details about this large plug along with images to showcase the toy. Read to see what her experience was with this unique plug.

PropertyOfPotter has a Dream Cum True! She provides a detailed review about the Dream massager G. Check it out to see what she has to say about it.

Misskat says Double the pleasure with her body and soul transcend review. Providing information and this vibrator to let the readers know if this is a toy for them. Check out the review if you are interested to see what she had to say.
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
And the review count just keeps growing! Great week folks.

Congrats to eeep and this weeks picks!
sexyfun sexyfun
I know that picture! I think it's Bedroom Kandi rise and shine!!
Beck Beck
Originally posted by sexyfun
I know that picture! I think it's Bedroom Kandi rise and shine!!
I think you are right! I will go with the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine!

Great week all.
Kindred Kindred
Great week all!
Sammi Sammi
Congratulations, everyone!
Kissy Kissy
Congrats guys!
Breas Breas
I'd like to guess the BK Rise and Shine Cock ring as well!
Lioncub Lioncub
Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine
MissMandii MissMandii
Good job this week guys!~
Bedroom Kandi rise and shine – cock ring
unfulfilled unfulfilled
It is the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine Cock Ring

Great week all!
freshbananas freshbananas
I will have to agree that is the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine Cock Ring !
Ryuson Ryuson
Totally the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine! Great week everyone!
travelnurse travelnurse
Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine. Have a good week!
SMichelle SMichelle
That's the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine!
ReadmyLips ReadmyLips
Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine Cock Ring...good luck to everyone
Ryanne Ryanne
Great reviews listed!
nolongerhere nolongerhere
Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine!
Kissy Kissy
Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine Cock Ring
puppylove puppylove
Bedroom kandi rise and shine

Great job everyone!
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Congrats to everyone!!

It's the Bedroom Kandi rise and shine cock ring, for sure!
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Congrats everyone!
meitman meitman
Great week everyone! I'll also guess the Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine.
edeneve edeneve
the toy is Bedroom Kandi Rise and Shine
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