#Roundup - August 07th edition

#Roundup - August 07th edition

Gary Gary
Hello everybody

Welcome to the Weekly Review Round-Up #6! I was just thinking about the numbers I give to the weekly round-up, for example this week is #6. However, Victoria did 15 round-ups (I think) before me, so why is this one number #6? Well, since it is the 6th one that I have ‘hosted’, it seems weird for me to call it #21, but maybe I should. Who knows? Maybe I will switch back and forth periodically to just confuse everyone.

Now on a serious note… In case there are any of you who still are not aware, please go to the product search in your contributor account, and check out all of the new sponsored items we have available for you! Yes, we did hit a few bumps in the road getting this new feature / procedure off the ground, and I really do appreciate how understanding and patient you all have been! But now, we’ve got a whole bunch of new toys just waiting to be adopted by a loving, caring, and sexually adventurous person just like you! We still have a bunch of stuff going into the system, as well as receiving new packages from new companies, so keep your eyes peeled.

It looks like this week we’ve had about 156 new reviews submitted. WOW! I know it’s a lot of hard work testing out all those toys, and having all those orgasms just for the sake of reporting and research. You should all give yourselves a round of applause! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here are this weeks 5…

VieuxCarre: “One Hopping Orgasm After Another” – a review of the Pleasure Bunny Bullet by WHK GmbH. First off I would like to welcome VieuxCarre to the community, as this is her very first review. Here, she tells us all about a bullet that she has been using for over three years now, and how it is still going strong! That is some endorsement!

Sinclair Sexsmith: “Close, but not quite perfect.” – a review of the Commando double strap harness by Aslan Leather. This review blew my mind. Can you imagine putting in 100 hours of wear on a strap-on, in a “few weeks”. That is just awesome! So… go check out the review.

Red Roulette: "Squeezed in, buttoned up" – a review of the Brocade Corset by Coquette. Unfortunately Red Roulette and his wife ordered a size too small, but with a few adjustments they made the best of it, and ended up with something that they still consider a “quality product with rigid, yet pretty construction”. Check out the review to hear more.

Brandon: “The Ring from Heaven!” – a review of the Omega Cock ring by Gear essentials. According to Brandon, this is ‘the ring from heaven’. Now who doesn’t want one of those? Seriously? I know that I want one! I wake up everyday thinking to myself “I need to find a cock ring, that will truly make me feel like a king while wearing it’. Ok, so I stole that last line from Brandon’s review. But this ring does sound awesome. So now you must go read his review, and find out why you can no longer live without one of these rings from heaven.

purple foxlgove: “Big, Soft, & Pink” – a review of the Candy Stick traditional vibrator by Papaya Toys. I picked this review for a couple reasons.

First and foremost, purple foxglove wrote a great review! But my second reason for selecting this one… When we got the sponsored items from Papaya Toys in for review, there were 3 different vibrators and only one of each to give out for sponsored review assignments. Everyone seemed extremely interested in these products, and since only three of you could receive them, I thought that the rest of you would be very interested in reading about the experience purple foxglove had with the Candy Stick. (I must admit, even I thought they were really cool looking.)

Goodnight everyone, and have a well lubed weekend!
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Victoria Victoria
Great roundup, Gary!!! Thanks for all the info and links! These were all really good; I love that you picked well-balanced reviews - some that did not rate the product 5 stars but talked in detail about why. Very cool.
Purple Foxglove Purple Foxglove
Ohgoodness thank you ^-^ This made my day a thousand times better, lol
Gary Gary
Originally posted by Purple Foxglove
Ohgoodness thank you ^-^ This made my day a thousand times better, lol
No... thank you
VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
Oh my goodness! I didn't realize I was in the roundup last week! I am honored to have been chosen for this round up! Wow. Thanks a bunch! I'm glad that I could contribute and hope to do more in the future
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
I loved Sinclair Sexmith's harness review!
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