#Roundup - February 19th edition

#Roundup - February 19th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #32!

I hope you are all having a great week! Here in Philly the snow has finally let up a bit, and we are finally getting back to life as normal. Victoria and I made into the office this week, and she bought all the new JimmyJane massagers, which is awesome! Unfortunately we have not yet had the time to test them out.

As I mentioned last week that we planned to go see the Wolfman on Valentines Day, but the un-plowed streets here in Philly kind of ruined that plan. We are gonna try again this Sunday, (which is our 1 year wedding anniversary).

There is still time left to for you to enter the newest contest over at Eden Café. Go take a look, you can win some cool JimmyJane products such as the afterglow candle, a contour M, a set of contour Q massage stones, and an iconic bullet.

The greatest programmers in the galaxy have been at it again! System Update #194 went live earlier today and includes a number of fixes, updates, and even a few new features. Awesome as usual, go take a look at the post to find out for yourself!

Well, it looks I have some bad news for you folks. We’ve only had 195 reviews submitted this past week. I know, ONLY 195 reviews. Our 200 streak has come to an end after 7 weeks of . This week one year ago we had 136 reviews submitted. That’s 2/3’s of what we are doing now. You guys are still doing a great job! Although, it is a shame to see Better start getting ready for next week

Ok… and now on to the sex toys. Here are this week’s 5…

Megs – “Longer isn't always better” - a review of the Squirmy Rooter Royal dildo by Doc Johnson. Welcome to the community Megs! Megs sure chose an interesting toy for her first review. Here we have a pretty large dildo that actually has a crank handle on the bottom of it, (ie the rooter reference). But I don’t want to give to much away before you get a chance to read the review.

Lara – “Messages that make me Purr” - a review of the Contour Q massager by JimmyJane. Now this is quite the interesting little massager set that Lara has reviewed for us all. I cannot wait until Victoria and I get to test out the set she bought the other day when we were in the office. So I think that after reading Lara’s review, you will all want to go out and order a set!

AKAme – “A Pleasurable State of Darkness” - a review of the Zebra Love Mask by Pipedream. Here we have a Zebra Mask. So what else do you need to know? According to AKAme’s review it is soft, comfortable, and inexpensive. She gave it 5 stars, and no cons. So go take a look at the review for this magical mask!

Sarahbear – “101 reasons to get this game!” - a review of the 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex adult game by Kheper Games. Who doesn’t love games? Who doesn’t love sex? I know, it sounds like the perfect combination doesn’t it? Sarahbears’s review definitely makes this sound like a fun and romantic adventure. Go take a look for yourself!

Shay – “A Hit at Parties!” - a review of the Bondage Chair & Restraints by Pipedream. Here we have an offsite review of a quite interesting piece of inflatable bondage furniture. This chair looks really really cool, just to use as furniture. I am now considering buying one to put in my office. Shay says that it takes forever to inflate by mouth. I still have the little pump (that can’t cost more then $10-$15 if you saw it for sale) that came with the inflatable Tera Patrick doll, that should work to inflate. You can also use a shopvac and some regular vacuums to inflate this kind of stuff as long as you purchase the right attachments.

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!
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Jul!a Jul!a
Thank you for the list

Glad to hear the snow is letting up a bit, and enjoy your anniversary
Sammi Sammi
Great picks this week! And Happy early Anniversary !
Victoria Victoria
Great Roundup as always - and thanks Sammi and Julia - we're having a nice dinner out tomorrow too, at one of our favorite places, this crazy Brazilian Steakhouse, Chima, where they serve 15 kinds of meat on swords...sweeeeeet!!!

Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Awesome roundup! Congrats everyone! Happy Anniversary, 15 kinds of meat on swords does sound pretty spectacular
...... ......
Congratulations everyone! Great reviews!

Happy Anniversary Gary and Victoria!!!
Lustful Dreams Lustful Dreams
Happy Anniversary! I loved reading all those great reviews.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Happy Anniversary! jason & i just had one too .
red delicious red delicious
Congrats to all and Happy Anniversary!!!
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