#Roundup - February 03rd edition

#Roundup - February 03rd edition

Jul!a Jul!a
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #130!

On the Calendar for the next week:

Tuesday, February 7th: Holiday Party Planning 7pm-8pm EST
Tuesday, February 7th: Eden Flicks 8pm-9pm EST
Thursday, February 9th: Valentine's Day Party 7pm-9pm EST


Monday, February 13th: Eden Flicks 7pm-8pm EST
Wednesday, February 15h: Naked Reader Book Club 8pm-10pm EST
Thursday, February 16th: Community Planning Meeting 7pm-8pm EST

Over on the Eden Cafe this week, we're giving you a second chance to win Leaf stuff! First place gets to choose one Leaf vibe out of the Life, Fresh, Vitality, Bloom, Spirit, or Touch! Second place gets a $50 gift card, and third place wins a $25 gift card!

- Want to know more about the Leaf vibes? Make sure to check out Kayla's spotlight on it!

- Don't forget to check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz thread to see what's new!

- Our beloved Kristi has announced that she will no longer be with us. Read more and wish her well here.

- Have you seen our Community Awards winners???

- This week we had 658 reviews submitted. Great looking numbers guys! Think we can maybe break 700 next week?

Name that Toy
Post your guess on this Roundup thread. All correct guesses will go into a weekly drawing. 
One winner will be chosen randomly and announced on next weeks Roundup. Winner gets a $25.00 GiftCard

NicNat won the Name that Toy contest last week! The correct answer is the Pocket Queen!

This week's reviews have been brought to you by Stormy`!

(How would you like to pick the reviews for the Weekly Review Roundup? You get a nifty $25.00 GiftCard. Send me an email at Sam@EdenFantasys.com – subject line “Hosting the Roundup”.)

And now on to this week's picks!

The e shock comes when you feel how good it works! It's been awhile since we've had a review from ToyTimeTim but it looks like he's found a new toy to hold his attention---the Janus Anti-shock. If you're looking for an anal plug and prostate massager, look no further because this is a 2-in-1 deal. It's available in three different sizes: Novice, Intermediate and Expert and as you may have already guessed, Tim chose the Expert for his review. Sounds like he's pretty satisfied with it, too!

Monbien-aimé Colette Indiglo steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park with this awesome review on the Cal Exotics Colette. Not only does she have a great picture comparing its size and design to multiple silicone products, but she also breaks down the vibrations/patterns with individual vroom and bee ratings. Definitely a must-read if you're interested in this premium line of toys.

PSA - If you like to do it in the shower....BUY THIS! Well the title pretty much says it all, but Lucky21 goes a step farther by giving us a video of the product. I can see this product having a few different uses while in the shower. Thankfully, this shower handle/grip isn't one of those products that looks out of place, so you can leave it up when you have company.

Intense Sam was so excited to get this toy. She initially received a defective product and has since learned that it may have been because the toy sold out almostimmediately upon its release, nation-wide. Tends to happen when you have an AVN award winning toy up for grabs. Her replacement proved to be a gem and while she believes it's very effective at strengthing the muscles, she's not sure she can use it daily. Read her review to find out why.

Little Pink Pleaser llellsee does a fantastic job of showcasing this cute strap on dildo from Pipedream. Toy cleaner, lube, a silicone mask and a dildo all in one box. She's quite pleased with the overall quality of the materials and it looks smashing in her harness! If you're interested in pegging, this is a review you don't want to miss.
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Kindred Kindred
I can not believe how many reviews are publishing weekly now! Great week everyone!
Sammi Sammi
Amazing number of reviews - congratulations, everyone!
Curiouscat Curiouscat
My guess is the Je Joue FiFi in purple!
True Pleasures True Pleasures
My guess is a black LELO Bob pleasure object – prostate massager.
SMichelle SMichelle
Name that toy...hmmm...
I, too, am going to guess that it's Lelo's Bob Pleasure Object in Blue.
OroNomi OroNomi
Great review by Tim on the Zini Janus. The hubby has one as well (he even wrote a review on it) and it really is a pretty impressive little toy. The more he uses it, the more he seems to like it. I'm definitely going to get him another one soon...

As for the mystery item I would say the Lelo Bob Pleasure Object -Blue- (which my husband also has and enjoys quite a bit).
faust faust
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object in Blue colour, I think
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Great job everyone.
Ryuson Ryuson
I think that I'll have to trust the other posters and say that it's the Lelo Bob!
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object for sure

Grats Nicnat on winning last weeks name that toy!
Subbi Subbi
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object
Nazaress Nazaress
I agree it's the Lelo Bob Pleasure Object in blue.
CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
Yep, definitely LELO Bob. The fragment of imprinted text and of the ring confirm it.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
658! WOW! Amazing

Ill have to go with the majority and say Lelo Bob
namelesschaos namelesschaos
God job everyone

I'm going to say it is the Lelo bob.
Great job everyone! I think it's the Lelo Bob too.
Beck Beck
Another great week! YAY Congrats to this weeks picks.

I will also go with Lelo Bob.
A.Mari A.Mari
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object
wetone123 wetone123
Great roundup! Congratulations to all! I'd have to say Lelo Bob Pleasure Object as well.
eeep eeep
Congrats this weeks picks. I'm going to guess the toy is Lelo's Bob Pleasure Object in blue.
freshbananas freshbananas
I am going to have to agree with the crowd Lelo's Bob Pleasure Object in Blue
dank865 dank865
great round up
Brusselsbrat Brusselsbrat
Can't Wait Till Monday
wrmbreze wrmbreze
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object
Antipova Antipova
Well I'm gonna buck trend and say it's the Tano in black.
fieddlerswife fieddlerswife
good luck Lelo bob!
Gary A. Gary A.
I am going to go with Lelo Bob Pleasure Object also. It just seems to fit.
Mr. E Mr. E
I'll go with the crowd and say it's the Lelo Bob.
Tagmstr Tagmstr
Lelo Bob Pleasure Object in Blue
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