#Roundup - July 10th edition

#Roundup - July 10th edition

Gary Gary
Hello everybody

This past week we’ve had approximately 140 new reviews come in. Not too shabby! Also, off and on today, I was trying to think up a new nickname for the ‘Round-up’. Maybe something that insinuates more action, like ‘wrestle mania’ for example. But so far I got nothing that sounds cool, or has a decent flow. The Friday Night Sex Toy Cage Match, is just too long and clunky. Oh well, I will stop rambling now so that you can take a look at the 5 reviews I picked out for this weeks Review Round-up / Cage Match.

Brandon: “Touch of Glass!” – a review of the Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix. Brandon shares the experience that he and his wife had together with their very first glass toy; a toy that he claims is “Truly Flawless”.

Adriana Ravenlust: “You never forget your first” – a review of the G-spot vibrator by California Exotic. Check out Adriana’s nostalgic review, about the one that started it all.

Lara: “Making Sense of the Hype” – a review of the Steel wand by Njoy. In her review Lara suggests that you “Ask yourself if firm, controlled, g-spot stimulation is something you might enjoy.” Check out her review to find out why!

Liz: ”Sex toy? Art piece? You choose” – a review of Cone vibrator by Twisted Products. I have always thought that toy looked really cool. Read the review to find out what Liz, and her partner’s grandma had to say about it.

Victoria: “Shiny, bumpy, pretty and unique” - a review of the Glass Wand by WHK GmbH. This is a review of the glass wand that I have been getting terrorized with, almost everyday, for well over a week now. Victoria has continuously threatened to use this wand on me, and has even stuck it in my ear and nose while I was working a few times.

Goodnight everyone, I hope that you all have a great weekend!
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Thanks so much for including me. It definitely was nostalgic.
Victoria Victoria
Aw...you picked me! Yes, it's true folks...I have been wielding the wand. But, seriously, how could I not? Did you look at that majestically intimidating hunka metallic glass? Duh - it begs to poke people!!!

PS - nice roundup Yeti-bear
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I keep going back to the christmas tree scepter. It would SO go on my wish list but the tip scares the crap out of me. Damn it.

Good roundup, Gary!
Liz Liz
Thanks for including me! I'm just getting back into the swing of writing reviews after a year away, so it felt good to see my name up there.
Liz Liz
p.s. am I the only one who (a.) totally thinks The Friday Night Sex Toy Cage Match is an awesome title, and (b.) is now sitting here trying to imagine what an actual sex toy cage match would look like?
deceased deceased
Friday Night Sex Toy Cage Match is awesome!!!

"My vibrator can lick your dildo!"
Lara Lara
Thanks for the nod! I had spent years going back and forth on getting the Pure Wand and the review that came out of all of that indecision was a real labor of love.
Sammi Sammi
These are great picks!
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