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Touted by reviewers as a revolutionary toy since its 2005 debut, there is certainly lots to love about Njoy's Pure Wand. It delivers on its promise to provide firm, controlled g- or p-spot stimulation. Is that always a good thing, though? This is a very good toy that does exactly what it claims to, but I wouldn't call it the Holy Grail of dildos.
Design takes much of the work of G-spot stimulation out of the picture.
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Although I'm sure there are all sorts of things that one can do with it, there are two primary uses for Njoy's Pure Wand: 1) g-/p-spot stimulation, and 2) developing/enhancing female ejaculation.

To quote the Pure Wand's manufacturers: "The njoy Pure Wand provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot - G or P - or wherever feels so good. The Pure Wand is crafted with perfect curvature, and ample reach, so you can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with firm, controlled massage."

Njoy's description shows a complete absence of hyperbole that's rare in the sex industry. Their description is entirely accurate. The Pure Wand genuinely does provide that firm, controlled, g-spot stimulation. But is that what you want?

Think about the question. Ask yourself if firm, controlled g-spot stimulation is something you might enjoy. Personally, it didn't occur to me that there might be a range of responses to that. My first reaction to the thought of g-spot stimulation was along the lines of, "Well, duh! Of course intense g-spot stimulation is something to lust after"! Having tried it, I now realize that it creates a very specific set of sensations that some enjoy and others might not.

Are you interested in female ejaculation (aka squirting)? In sexual education communities, the Pure Wand is considered the non plus ultra in dildos designed for this purpose. Some women ejaculate regularly as a part of their orgasm. Some women ejaculate with g-spot stimulation from this or other dildos. Some women don't ejaculate at all. Think about where you are on this spectrum and where you would like to be. As others have testified, the Pure Wand has helped some women experience ejaculation. As I can attest, the Pure Wand - in and of itself - does not guarantee ejaculation.

Material / Texture

The Pure Wand is made from solid, surgical grade stainless steel. It is non-porous and will not rust, corrode, or tarnish. Although the steel is hard and durable, it can be dented or scratched if dropped with enough force or at an unlucky angle.

The stainless steel holds temperature very well. You can raise or lower the dildo's temperature by placing it under warm/cold running water, in the refrigerator, in a bowl of warm water, etc. Use common sense and be sure to test the temperature out on your inner arm before placing it on or around your genitalia.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand's design is what sets it apart from all other g-spot dildos currently on the market.

Most dildos are shaped like a penis. Whether they be ridged or smooth, curved or not, they all share that fundamental, upright phallic form. There's a shaft and a head at the end of the shaft. G-spot dildos are distinct in that their heads might be larger/flatter/pointier or the shafts might be curved slightly.

In practice, this means that using a dildo for g-spot stimulation involves poking it at your g-spot at an angle. The problem with this is that it so often works against our bodies rather than with them. It can be difficult to get a good hold on the dildo. The stabbing motion that's required for g-spot stimulation is ineffective and tiring on the arm. It can cause undue pressure on the vaginal entrance because of all the unnecessary rubbing and angling.

The Pure Wand does away with all of that. Instead of a phallus with a ball on the end, the Pure Wand is shaped like the letter C with two balls on each end. There are no hard edges. The shapes are entirely fluid and that makes a world of difference.

When you insert the Pure Wand and hold the external end, the inserted end automatically fits on your g-spot. There's no room for error. Regardless of how you are lying/sitting/standing, if you have the external end facing forward, the end of the Pure Wand rests on your g-spot.

The positioning of the head combined with the weight of the steel means that each motion is magnified. It's basic physics. The slightest exertion of force on one end of the dildo is magnified on the end that's placed against your g-spot.

You can move the Pure Wand gently or firmly, fast or slow. Because your arm is most likely resting on your body, there's little muscle fatigue. There's also little need for broad, grand movements.

The differing size of the two bulbous ends provides a very good range. I would consider myself a size queen and felt that the larger of the two bulbs was absolutely perfect. The smaller end provides more focused stimulation that I can easily envision someone who prefers smaller toys having a much better time with.


With most sex toys, the question of performance is relatively straightforward. Does the toy do what it claims to do? How well does it vibrate? Does the material hold up to normal use? A certain benchmark is set mentally and the degree to which the toy reaches that level determines its performance.

Not so with the Pure Wand. The Pure Wand does exactly what it says it will do. It provides intense, firm g-spot stimulation.

Because that concern with basic functionality is essentially taken care of, performance then becomes an issue of whether or not that intense, firm g-spot stimulation is something to be sought after in its own right.

The jury is still out for me on that. More on why in the experience section.

Care and Maintenance

In terms of care and maintenance, it doesn't come any easier than this. The Pure Wand can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner. Follow this with drying and polishing with a soft cloth.

If you are switching from anal to vaginal play or are sharing it between partners, you may like to be more thorough with your cleaning. In that case, you can sterilize the Pure Wand in boiling water or by submersing it in a 10% bleach solution and then rinsing.

The only way you can damage your Pure Wand during cleaning is by using an abrasive cleaner or pad on it. Please don't.

The key point to storage should be to protect the Pure Wand from any accidental dings or scratches so do plan accordingly. Store the Pure Wand in the box it came in or a soft cushioned container. You certainly can just throw it in a random box with the rest of your sex toys, but in that case you run the risk of nicking the Pure Wand or having the Pure Wand damage your other toys. Exercise some common sense when storing your toy and you'll have a dildo that will last you a lifetime.

The Pure Wand is compatible with all lubricants.


Njoy's packaging is uniform across its entire product line. The Pure Wand comes in an understated rectangular box with a Styrofoam insert lined in pink satin. The styrofoam has a cutout for the dildo itself.

Storage in the box is easy and convenient, but be sure the toy is completely clean before putting it away. The box's pink satin lining cannot be removed.

Personal comments

I get the sense that I'm working with a learning curve when it comes to the Pure Wand. There's an enormous amount of potential to explore here, but the first couple of attempts have been with mixed results. I'm hopeful that this is something I'll grow to know and enjoy. It's not immediate though.

It's rare for me to give a toy the full five stars, but I'm doing it in this case despite my ambivalence. It's very well made and is an excellent tool for exploring your sexuality. It didn't present me with a miraculous, revelatory experience. What the Pure Wand did do, though, is offer me a springboard for further exploration. In a world where so many toys are so mind-bogglingly banal, I'm viewing this sort of challenge s a good thing.


When I first inserted the Pure Wand, the immediacy with which it went to my g-spot shocked me. There was nothing for me to figure out or navigate, so I was instead able to concentrate fully on the sensations.

I began with far too much enthusiasm and used more force than was necessary against my g-spot. That had interesting results. I became wetter than I ever had before while masturbating, but that wasn't accompanied by a corresponding increase in pleasure. After a bit of play, I got the sensation that many women speak about - the sense that I needed to pee. I relaxed and went with it, but soon found that I had become over stimulated. There was so much pressure that I couldn't climax! Who'd have thought?

After multiple uses, I have not squirted with the Pure Wand. Neither have I had an orgasm from the Pure Wand alone. I've combined the Pure Wand with my Hitachi Magic Wand and have had a few orgasms that way, but they were very difficult to achieve and didn't differ in any meaningful way from any orgasm I've had by combining the Hitachi with another dildo.

I think what has really impacted my enjoyment of the Pure Wand is the fact that only the g-spot is being stimulated. The Pure Wand is a g-spot toy, but it's **only** a g-spot toy. I had no sense of being filled and I very much missed the stimulation that comes from my vaginal entrance being rubbed the right way. I now realize that I really do need that sort of stimulation to achieve a pleasurable orgasm. That's not to say that the Pure Wand is bad or deficient. It's just very specific. My body likes generalists.

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