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This is not something I recommend for the faint of heart. This heavy steel dildo is best suited for someone who's used and thoroughly enjoyed glass dildos with the bulbous tips because that person will be more likely to enjoy this. Pure Wand takes practice, so for someone who's bored with their collection, this will be a fun, new activity. It also makes a great exploration toy with a partner who's gentle and eager to try new sensations on you. Use with caution.
Simple, easy.
Large end too big for use.
Snags on bone.
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This heavy, curved steel wand is intended for penetration uses, both by a male or female. Pure Wand does not have any motors or buttons, but is a simple dildo meant to stimulate your most precious, often hidden pleasure spots in a way that no other toy could allow. What makes this toy so unique is the weight, which isn't found in other dildos like glass, and the curved design accompanied by a steel ball at either end. The weight and material alone make this toy a most unique experience for any user. The Pure Wand has long been deemed the "best" dildo for g-spot stimulation, and in many women, the Pure Wand is notorious for being the first to provide them with a real orgasm via stimulation to the g-spot. Whether you've never been able to orgasm from g-spot stimulation, or you have, but not all on your own, like me, the Pure Wand is a one-of-a-kind experience.

From my understanding, the Pure Wand can also be used for anal penetration, although I can't say I would really advise doing that since I can see it being risky, but I'm a person who sees anal penetration as risky period. However, if you were planning to use this for that purpose, I gather it's okay to do so in terms of it not getting taken fully in there with no way to remove it. The large ball at the end should prevent that from happening, but I would be extremely careful about putting something so intense in that hole. It's a tad scary just using it vaginally.

As for other uses, the Pure Wand can be used for massaging tense muscles anywhere on the body, and does a very well job for this purpose. And clearly, it does fit into the temperature play category since we know steel retains warm or cold temperatures well, perhaps even better than glass does or that's been my experience, anyway. When I've had the wand inserted for a while and I go to remove it, it feels almost hot against the rest of my skin! Warming or cooling the balls at the end before massaging your muscles with it can be useful.

"Njoy -- Creators of fine instruments of pleasure, ever since 2005."
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

Njoy is crafted from pure of medical grade stainless steel, which is extremely durable, hypo-allergenic, non-porous and rates a 10/10 on EF's safety scale. This pure stainless steel will never corrode or degrade in any way.

As you already know, this toy is hard. It's hard, it's heavy. It's heavy-duty orgasm material, no joke. There is no texture there, just a very smooth, slick surface, which even coming from a texture fanatic, is a good thing because this toy is so intense that texture would be real overkill!

Since it is so slick, little lubrication, if any at all is needed. Since the ball is blunt, I have needed a tiny dribble of lubricant just to prevent tugging while inserting, but other than that, unless you like a super wet surface to begin with, you won't be needing a huge amount of lubricant.

Now in the massage department, you'll likely want to use some massage oil, and you can rest assured, steel is compatible with all lubricants and oils. I have used my Shunga (strawberry & champagne scented!) massage oil to slippery-up before massaging with this. When there's no time for a sticky, greasy body though, the steel slides just fine over your t-shirt and will still provide an awesome massage for tense muscles!
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand, a stainless steel, shiny silver toy with little more decoration than the inconspicious "Njoy" logo engraved on the inner side of the curve is a simple looking toy that isn't for the faint of heart.

Basically, the Pure Wand looks like an enormous barbell with differently shaped balls on either end -- it is a double-ended dildo, meaning you can use both ends, if you can handle them. This sort of resembles the shape of the barbell in a belly button ring. I personally can't handle the larger ball. It's not ginormous, but since it's still large and is blunt rather than being tipped/pointed, I cannot comfortably insert the larger end, so for me, this is a dildo that can be inserted using the small end and the larger end is left with its own purpose: muscle massage!

The shiny steel mirrors your reflection when looking at it, and also holds onto finger prints, which isn't something I'd consider a problem. In a way, I think Pure Wand looks like an over-sized handle for a shower, like those curved handles you see attached inside a shower for support.

Size and Weight

Take note. If 24 OZ sounds light to you, think again. While it's by no means heavy, 24 oz to your vagina is like 10 pounds to your arm. I knew it weighed 24 OZ, but when it arrived the box's weight and feeling the dildo in use still took me by surprise. I'm not complaining here, just assuring you that it is in fact heavy for a dildo. You can see in the photos below that the wand goes a good ways past my wrist, lengthwise. And then you can see its size compared to an average deodorant stick. Pretty impressive!

Note: Apirka kindly pointed out to me that this does not weigh 3 pounds like EF's product page states. Here I was labeling this a 3 pounder in my review until she pointed it out and I came back to fix it. So be warned! It's not actually 3 pounds!

Like I said, there's a smaller ball on one end and a larger ball at the other end. The smaller ball measures 1" wide and the larger, 1 1/2". While I personally experience discomfort upon trying to insert the larger ball (blunt plus that 1 1/2" width makes it tough) I don't think everyone will experience the same. At the least though, you'll have the smaller end to use. For someone who likes to feel "full," the larger end will probably be a blessing. If you're able to insert the Teneo Uno kegel ball without discomfort, then you'll have little trouble inserting the larger ball on Pure Wand. Also note the "shaft," which is the steel bar part, on the larger ball end the shaft is a bit wider than the skinnier ball's end, but the middle of the wand evens out and is the same width.

Those of you who like me, enjoy a lengthy toy will be pleased to learn that Pure Wand has an insertable length of 7", although the entire length is 8".

Circumference: 5"
Diameter: 1 1/2" (the largest ball.)

As for discretion, this actually is pretty discreet for a dildo! Unless a person has seen this toy before, it's likely they may overlook it without the thought of sex toys coming to mind, or at the least, you could fool them into believing it's only a back massager. During our Thanksgiving party last Sunday, I was showing my two sisters my entire toy collection and when I pulled the Pure Wand out, they didn't believe me when I told them it was a dildo. So some people actually wouldn't know. However, it's not a toy I think I'd ever bring on a trip with me. It's heavy, it's rather on the big side and just not friendly enough for travelling in my opinion. If you must travel with it though, it could be tucked away in a suitcase under clothing, but I'm not sure that this would pass through alarms unnoticed! It's probably best to leave this guy at home where he's safe. If that wouldn't stop you though, you could tuck it in a large-ish purse as well. It's going to weigh your luggage down more though. This brings me to the issue of a pouch. Pure Wand comes with nothing of the sort and I find that disappointing considering it's a steel toy and an expensive one at that. Maybe most people wouldn't find a pouch necessary, but I often like to store my toys out of their bulky boxes and in a purse or hanging on my bed post, and without a pouch this doesn't work, and the wand would get scratches.


Let me just say now, out of all the toys available to be given as a gift to your significant other, the Pure Wand would be the most gift-worthy one in my opinion, and of course, assuming the person would enjoy this as a gift.

What I'm finding so fun about Pure Wand is the learning. Although I own and regularly use glass dildos of various shapes and textures, you can't quite know the feeling of using steel until you actually use it. It's not "hard" to use, necessarily. But it's one that takes using and practice exploring with before you figure out what pace/angles work best for you and which don't. If you're lucky enough to have an eager-to-explore, and gentle partner, the Pure Wand can be a totally fresh new world of exploration for the both of you. This is what my partner and I have experienced, and being that he's often more gentle on me than I am, I was able to lay back and let him do the exploring and working with different angles. It's fun to let him work it a while, and then work it myself.

Instead of straight in and out thrusting, you can go at different angles, making each thrust different. I've had the chance to use Pure Wand so many times, yet I'm still sort of figuring out my pace and what feels best with this toy. I like this new experience. It's a nice change from your typical dildo.

The drastic curve in the Pure Wand means you're going to be hitting the anterior wall of your vagina when used with the curve facing upward (toward the ceiling if you're lying on your back.) This means the wand totally bypasses your cervix unless you put a significant amount of pressure (downward) and that isn't pleasant to me because it feels like it's stretching my vagina uncomfortably so. However, this is not a complaint because the Pure Wand is absolutely designed for G-spot (in women, P-spot in men) stimulation, not like your traditional styles that are likely to hit the cervix.

Who Is This Best For?

I honestly would not have been good with this toy as a beginner. It's not something I'd recommend to most first-time toy users for many reasons. When I was a beginner, I think I may would've found this to be too intense and I just don't think I would've been able to appreciate the new sensations it brings without knowing the sensations from other toys first, if that makes any sense? A beginner may prefer something more simple, less curved and less rigid and heavy! It is very intimidating to most people who are new to toys. Hell, I was intimidated! I'm going to have to say I recommend a beginner try out hard plastic first, perhaps hard plastic/firm silicone with a g-spot curve, such as Isis Silicone Didlo, and then upgrade to a glass toy shaped somewhat like the Pure Wand. Isis silicone, but the double ended, g-spot curves would allow the user to get a good feel of what this actual shape feels like for them. As for glass, which I also recommended trying before going for the Pure Wand, I'd recommend trying something like the Sunrise's Frosted Head (photo of this glass toy & Isis are below) since glass is about the closest thing to steel you'll find, and also the Sunrise dildo has similarly shaped ends.

In my own opinion, this is a toy you want to go slow with, take your time with and spend a lot of time playing in different positions, angles and paces with. It's going to deliver in different ways per different angle and such, so that makes it very worth while and fun, but also makes it seem hassle-ish for someone who's new. I was a little too eager for a toy you spend a lot of time on when I was new to toys. Maybe you're different though, and if so, then by no means am I saying you aren't allowed to use this. If you're heart is set on this toy and you are intrigued by it, go for it! If it turns out you aren't ready for it, that's all fine and dandy because it'll last forever so if you do end up in that situation, simply put it aside, move on to trying other toys and eventually come back to this one. You'll likely be able to enjoy it eventually.

Now, since the Pure Wand is truly famous for its seemingly supernatural ability to provide g-spot stimulation, and is known as the wand that actually has given women who thought the g-spot orgasm to be impossible an actual g-spot orgasm, I have to say if you're dead set on finding your g-spot or have had trouble achieving a g-spot orgasm, disregard any intimidation now and just try this. It's so likely that this dildo will achieve the g-spot stimulation you're looking for that you'd want to just give it a go.

There's been this ongoing joke for a while now about people saying they could use their Pure Wand as a defense weapon, if it ever came down to being in such a situation. When I first held this toy, I told my partner "holy damnit. I so know why everyone says they could use this as a weapon!" I told him that I'd no longer be creeping up out of the bed with my tiny X-acto knife just to get to the kitchen to grab a real, large knife when I get scared! Ha. Ha. It's true though! And it's also true that just that morning, before my Pure Wand arrived, I'd gotten scared while sleeping and hearing noises and I actually really did grab my tiny X-acto knife and crept into the kitchen to grab a huge knife! Then I laid it beside me so I could sleep peacefully for the rest of the morning. No longer will I have to do that. Pure Wand has me covered and everyone who's made that joke, they wasn't shitting.

Is It Tiring To Thrust With?

Not like I thought it'd be, actually. When I first held this 3 pounder, I thought I'd need to start lifting weights before I'd be able to really go at it with the Pure Wand, but I've yet to have a hand cramp or get really tired from thrusting with it. This is because the wand is so long that I don't have to twist my arm up in an awkward position, but the heavyness can be felt after a minute. If it ever did become tiring though, a willing partner is always a plus!

P.S. The photo below shows the way I hold (easiest way for me) the wand in order to reach and massage my own neck or back. I use the large ball to massage and I hold it by the small end. Forgive my scary thumb nail -- too much cleaning work today caused part of the polish to remove and left a very icky thumbnail. Just over look it, okay?
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

In the included brochure, you'll find a short description titled "Care and feeding of Njoy toys"

All Njoy toys are crafted from pure, hypo-allergenic, medical grade stainless steel, which will never corrode or degrade in any way. About the only thing you can do to damage your shiny new Njoy toy is to clean it with an abrasive cleanser or pad, so please don't!

For everyday cleaning, soap and water is best, followed by drying and polishing with a soft cloth -- this is per the manual's instructions, but I personally ain't going to all that trouble to polish it. It's not like I'm displaying it in my china cabinet. By the way, I do not have a china cabinet.

For a more thorough cleaning -- before sharing with a partner or changing from anal to vaginal play -- you can sterilize it in boiling water or by submerging in mild 10% bleach solution, being sure to rinse well after.

Njoy toys are compatible with all lubricants. Since they're silky smooth and non porous, you'll find that a little lubricant goes a long way.


Black box comes with white cardboard slide-on cover can be disposed of. Black storage box is sturdy, feels like something between a really thick cardboard and wood. The entire packaging is very discreet, the only thing found on the white slip cover that comes on it says "Pure/fun" in small lettering and under that it says "Njoy" on the bottom left corner, and on the side of the cover is a sticker that has a pink little Pure Wand and says Njoy Pure Wand. If you wanted to keep the slip cover for gifting or whatever, that little sticker can be removed.

The actual storage box is done the same way, but it's black and has the Njoy logo in silver, but has no other text or anything on it. The inside of the box has a chunk of styrofoam covered in pretty pink satin-looking material. The styrofoam has a cut-out in the perfect shape of the wand so that it sits down in there without rattling around. The inner box's trim around the edge is velvety covered cardboard.

When you take off the slip cover, you'll find the Pure Wand and a little manual inside the storage box.

While packaging of a toy is not so important to me, I do expect an expensive toy to come in classy packaging and I really appreciate discretion and no trashy images/text. This means Njoy is perfectly suitable for gifting, and would actually make a beautiful gift to someone who Njoys this type of toy (couldn't resist, sorry.)

The brochure included also has no trashy text or images of nude people. It's a little white paper with pink lettering telling you about the toy as well as displaying all the other Njoy items available. Only one short paragraph actually mentions the Pure Wand. The rest of the brochure describes and shows the other steel toys from Njoy's line.

The Pure Wand's description says "Pure Wand Superior G-spot or P-spot stimulator. The Njoy Pure Wand provides a direct connection to your favorite spot -- G-spot P-spot, or whatever feels so good. The Pure Wand is crafted with perfect curvature and ample reach so you can lay back, relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with firm controlled massage.

- 24 ounces of pure medical grade stainless steel.
- 1 1/2" balls for versatile play possibilities.
- 10" along the curve for ample reach to "hit the spot."

Since this wand does not have a motor and is pretty basic -- you insert and do as you please -- no real instructions would be needed.

Personal comments

Ah. My lovely experience with the Pure Wand. What a beautiful day for me.

I'm not going to say I was chauffeured away on a puffy cloud and taken straight to heaven as soon as this entered my vagina. I'm sorry, but that just isn't true. It was more along the lines of a challenge, a very fun challenge no less.

I've taken a slow pace with toys. I started out with my very first toy being a traditional (crappy), plastic vibrator, which did not please my outsides or insides. Each time I used it internally, it caused me a great deal of pain. Not pain as in it was too girthy, but just pain. It hurt me and I didn't know why, but I still spent a whole year trying to make friends with this toy, which by this time was beginning to lose it's color. And then I tossed it and upgraded to a rubber toy that was bendable and had a g-spot tip. Yes, it took me a year to "upgrade" to rubber and a g-spot accommodater! Not a very different experience though. I still experienced that same pain, and the flexibility meant the g-spot tip only bypassed my g-spot. Yet again, I didn't "upgrade" for another year!

And my next toy was a clitoral one, but then my next was another g-spot toy, which was jelly this time. You see what I mean? I really meant it when I said I go at a slow pace.

Eventually though, I worked my way up to trying glass and strangely enough, it hit the right spots. But not until now, a whole year after my first glass toy am I trying steel.

Unlike any of my other toy experiences, this steel wand has taken some getting used to. Some trial and error, to be honest. I know most girls say it was love at first sight, but it wasn't for me. It wasn't hate or dislike, but a challenge that I was happy and eager to take on, and it's been fun!

Upon first inserting the Pure Wand I was gentle. I tried subtle thrusting. I tried different angles and I tried just working the small ball up and down against my g-spot by sort of going in an up & down motion with the shaft/larger end. I was getting a feel of how it all felt to me, and then let my partner take over. He would thrust, go at a different angle and then rock up and down. I was scrunching my nose, tilting my head to the side and then shifting my body to find what I liked. This actually went on for most of the evening when I first got my Pure Wand.

It took a good while of "practising" until I was able to orgasm, by my partner working the toy, not myself. We kept running into the problem of the ball "catching" on my pubic bone anytime we'd do the rocking up and down motion, making the ball press up against my g-spot, and often the thrusting with the ball too close to my entrance caused this catching as well. I never knew just how uncomfortable this could feel. I've had glass toys bump against my bone there, but I was getting tense after it kept happening. Like I said, trial and error. Maybe it's just me, but I personally think this is a toy that takes some time and care, which is all fine by me because I really enjoy the extra time we're taking to explore. It's actually kind of an intimate experience, but perhaps I'm just a weirdo.

And when I finally did orgasm from the Pure Wand, yes it was fantastic! But I still am playing around each time I use it. It's a toy that kind of requires being extra focused on yourself and giving yourself a little more attention than you might normally. But this has also been part of the fun for me. The newness, the slow easy going of my partner learning which ways to use it on me and the foreplay added along with using the wand -- this is all giving us both a lot of fun! That is why I mentioned this toy as a wonderful exploration tool for partners who've basically achieved it all.

Something funny I noticed when using the Pure Wand is that my cooter makes noise! It's annoying, but when my partner does the rocking motion really quickly with my lying on my back, I start hearing these air noises. Not a "queef," but it sounds like swooshing, airy swooshes! I haven't heard of this happening to others, so I thought I'd mention that. It seems like the fast motion of the ball going up and down is causing the anterior and posterior wall to open and close a bit and cause this noise! How weird!


Different Ways To Use The Wand

You already know you can use this for vaginal, anal or muscle (massage) stimulation. However, I'll share a little on what ways I used it and which I found more pleasurable.

Of course you have the rocking up and down motion, which works by inserting one end and performing a sort of pumping motion with the external end. This is easy and does apply a lot of g-spot pressure, but that's also the motion that kept bumping my bone.

Thrusting. This is what finally brought me to orgasm with the Pure Wand, thrusting. Using the Pure Wand strictly solo does get me closer to orgasming all by myself than any other toy, but I've yet to actually bring myself to have as major of an orgasm as my partner has caused by using the wand on me! I tend to slow my pace too quickly. But when he was using the wand just thrusting in and out, that's how I was able to orgasm. Everyone will be different though.

Use the wand as a tease by popping the ball in and out quickly, without thrusting deeply. This is an interesting feeling, and combined with oral sex, I really enjoyed it. I actually was able to have an even more intense O while gently thrusting with the Pure Wand and my partner performing oral at the same time. You just have to be careful not too get too carried away and pop your partner in the chin with it! Another time, my partner's ability to multi-task only during sexual activities came in handy. Oral sex with him holding the external part of the wand and gently pressing it upward on my g-spot was incredibly pleasurable.

Using the wand from behind is one of my favorite positions to use it. I can't quite get that position down pat using it solo, but it's long enough that it can be acheived! If you happen to find other types of penetration from behind to be immensely pleasurable, like me, using the Pure Wand in this position would surely be an awesome experience for you as well. I like when my partner presses the wand in from behind me, while I'm either standing up and slightly bent at the torso, or from behind with me on my knees. This must be the best angle to reach my g-spot because it never fails me, and so far, this seems to bring me the most intense sensation from Pure Wand.

Kegelling with the wand can also be a way to warm up. I've inserted the wand and let the external part drop on the bed and then used my muscles to squeeze around the ball. It slightly jerks the wand inward when I kegel, and releases when I do. You can also use the wand this way during oral sex for added sensation.

I've heard people say they get great results from sitting and rocking back and forth on top of the wand. I for one found that to be unpleasurable & uncomfortable on my insides. It added too much pressure by forcing the wand too far inside.

Last week I was having cramps, and the wand was not a good choice. The slightest thrusting caused pain in my lower abdomen and at times, I felt pain in my lower left side with each inward thrust. I had to stop completely and take it up on a better day. I've also found glass to be uncomfortable on crampy days, so that's important to take note of. The Pure Wand is a beauty on days when I'm not sensitive down there, but on days that I am, it's very unpleasant.

Now I'll wrap it up. Sorry to go on guys, but I like to really include how things work for me. So let's sum this baby up. I love the Pure Wand. It's taken me time to get the right "fit" for me, as in get the right angle, pace down pat. It's been something my partner and I have had to do some exploring and learning with and that continues to be fun for the both of us. I've found several positions that provide amazing sensations for me, and in the meantime I'll be working on giving my own self a g-spot orgasm with the Pure Wand. If I ever make it, I'll let you guys know. If not, my partner will continue to be my personal volunteer!
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