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If you want to explore intense G-spot or P-spot stimulation and want a toy that will literally last a lifetime then this is a good toy. It is durable, has a lovely mirror finish, and two usable ends. Honestly this is a toy that will either fit your body and you will love it, or it will not fit your body and it will be an expensive paperweight. Personally I think it should fit most users and provide them with ages of enjoyment.
-Intense Curve
-Aesthetically Pleasing
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The Fun Wand by Njoy is a metal toy. Metal is quite unique and really adds a new dimension to sex toys. It has an unique look to it that I find sexy and exillarating. It lets you cool it down and warm it up to provide interesting sensations no other material can. It is beyond durable and will be in your toy chest until the day you die.

In terms of who this toy is for it seems to be primarily designed for women. It is a G-spot toy, with two ends depending on how large of a toy you want. It has an extremely aggressive curve that really puts pressure and stimulation on the G-spot creating intense pleasure. That being said this toy can also be used by men who want to stimulate their P-spot. (It can also be used by woman anally). This toy is unique because you can thrust with it, but lots of people describe a rocking motion works best. You kind of rock it up and down and the toy glides over your G or P spot back and forth and back and forth. This does make it quite unique.

The toy is long enough you are never going to lose it anally. Especially with the curve I do not think you could physically lose their in your rectum. It is made out of metal which is hard and unforgiving, so be careful. You could damage the tissue of your anus, bruise your cervix, or bruise the vaginal opening. It just requires a bit more patience, and if using it with partner more communication to make sure you are not hitting anything you are not supposed to.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

This toy is made out of stainless steel. It is finished to have a mirror finish. I think the finish makes it very aesthetically appealing. I would consider this toy odorless and tasteless. I mean it smells a bit like metal and tastes a bit like metal, but both are very neutral. The plug is very smooth without any seams. The toy typically feel cool to the touch, but warms up quickly. Because this toy is made out of metal so it is very hard. I do think this makes it more for intermediate to advanced users. The rectum has delicate tissue and the cervix can be bruised by hard materials.

Metal rates a 10/10 on EF's safety scale and for good reason it is non-porous, pthalate free, latex free. Because stainless steel is completely non-porous it will not harbor any bacteria. Stainless steel actually has some anti-bacterial properties. In case anyone is curious about the science behind this the metal disrupts bacterial membrane causing them to rupture and die. Stainless steel definitely is not going to kill all the bacteria and you need to wash it, but this is part of the reason stainless steel is used in restaurants and medical instruments.

This toy is very durable and will outlive you honestly. It is hard, it is well crafted, it is durable. Unless you drop this into an industrial grade oven you are not going to damage it. You actually need to be more careful about damaging your possessions. If you drop this on a tile floor the tile is more likely to crack. The only way you can actually damage your toy is to use something abrasive when cleaning it. This will wreck the mirror finish, so just use a normal cloth.

This toy has no real texture to it. The entire thing is very smooth. It does have bulbous heads at both sides of the toy, but that is not really texture.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand has a fairly simple, but extremely effective design. It is basically a "U". There are two sides to the toy, each one with a different diameter, but an identical curve. Here is a photo of what the toy looks like:

The toy has more curve to it then any other dildo or butt plug or prostate massager or vibrator I have ever seen. The curve on the toy is designed for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Although it looks almost inhuman it actually fits and stimulates those areas really well. I was a bit scared when I bought it that this toy would not work for me and might be hard to insert and perhaps not work well for me. But both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the design and shape of the toy.

The toy has two sizes which is very nice. The first head (the small ball) has a diameter of around 1 inch, while the larger head has a diameter of around 1.5 inches. The toy is 8 inches in length (not including the curve). I think this toy is good for any female, because the smaller ball should be insertable for any female and the larger ball provides size for the women that want it. In terms of anal use this might not work for everyone. A 1 inch head is relatively easy to insert, but I would not suggest it as the first anal toy you ever get. I would practice with something else. And the 1.5 inch head that gets to be big enough that some users would never be able to comfortably use it. I would think 75% of anal users could use the 1.5 inch head, but 25% would find it too big. That is just a guess though.

The toy has a great aesthetic. It just looks neat. The mirror finish really tops off the toy. It looks classy, unique, and is just a nice piece to add to your collection of toys. It definitely does not look like a penis or anything. Honestly this toy does not look like anything to me. If I saw it without knowing what it was I would likely have no idea what it is used for. In that regard I think it is slightly discreet. It could easily pass for a muscle massager, or some fad weight, or something else your creative mind can think of.

Here are multiple njoy toys. I find it nice to compare all of them, because I often had to decide which stainless steel toy I wanted. From the left pfun plug, fun wand, pure wand, large plug, 2.0 plug:
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


This toy performed very well. There are lots of parts about it that make it a great toy.

The first part we enjoyed is the warming and cooling of the toy. I have played with cooled and warmed glass, but metal feels different than glass. It has a cool new sensation that I personally found quite pleasant. My girlfriend prefers room temperature, but I sometimes like a bit of temperature on my toys.

The real great part of this toy though is its design. The curve on this toy really puts pressure and stimulation on your prostate or G-spot. It just creates a sensation and pleasure and feeling that very other toys do. I do not know what more to say other than this is a really good toy that provides a lot of fun.

The curve on this toy is quite large and I think you have to take a bit of a gamble with this toy. I think some men and women just because of their natural curve will not enjoy this toy. It seems to be pretty anatomy specific. But we personally enjoyed it.

The other thing is this toy does take a bit of time to use. Since it is so curved it curves up and kind of sits under the pubic bone. So you have to gently work it in, and gently work it out. Because if you thrust hard in or out you kind of snag on your pubic bone. Most of the time when we use this toy its a rocking motion and not much of a thrusting motion so we never really had an issue with this. But it is just something to keep in mind.

The toy is very heavy when you pick it up. It it metal and is heavy, when I bought some toys from njoy I thought the weight would really change the experience, but I have found it really does not. It feels a bit different, but the weight does not make their toys hard to use. They are all well balanced and actually similar to silicone toys in my opinion.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

So njoy has the following to say about cleaning their toys,

"All njoy toys are crafted from pure hypoallergenic, medical grade stainless steel which will never corrode or degrade in any way. About the only thin you can do to damage yoyur shiny new njoy toy is to clean it with an abrasive cleaner or pad, so please don't. For everyday cleaning, soap and water are best, followed by a drying and polishing with a soft cloth. For a more thorough cleaning - before sharing with a partner, or changing from anal to vaginal play - you can sterilize your njoy toy in boiling water or by submersing in a mild 10% bleach solution, being sure to rinse well after. njoy toys are compatible with all sensual lubricants. Since they're silky smooth and non-porous you will find a little lube goes a long way"

I think their advice is spot on. You could also throw this toy in the dishwasher if you wanted and it would sterilize it as well. I personally use soap and water every time I use this toy.

Stainless steel is very easy to clean. There are no big nooks or crannies on this toy, so it takes less than a minute to clean.

Stainless steel will not rust. So you do not need to worry about your toy corroding. You are also never going to to break this toy. You could throw it against a wall and I think the toy is going to beat the wall. It is very durable and does not require much effort to maintain. Just clean it after every use.

Stainless steel is compatible with all lubricant types. Silicone, oil, and water are all good to use with this toy. I personally prefer silicone lubricants because they are smooth and last a long time, but you could use any.

I store this toy in the original box it came with. It is a bit large and clunky, but I do not find it too large. It would also be easy to just throw this toy in your toy drawer.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


All of the njoy toys come in simple boxes. On the outside they have a white sleeve. When you remove the white sleeve you are left with a black box that just has "njoy" on it. When you open up the box your stainless steel toy will be sitting on a silky bed.

The box is made out of cardboard, but it is quite durable and thick. You could store the toy in the box. It will take up a decent amount of room. You can also just store the toy in a ziploc back.

There is a small instruction book. It is the same for all njoy toys and just shows their product line and explains some basics about metal toys. Overall I found it to be adequate, because their toys are very simple to use.

The box is very discreet, because there is nothing that screams sex toy other than the brand if someone is familiar with it. I would definitely give this toy in its original box as a gift.

White Sleeve:

Black Box Inside The Sleeve:

Black Box Opened:
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
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