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122 reviews

Hits the spot, and gets it done in style! A sexy toy with expertly crafted curves. The rumors are true. Best g-spot toy in my bag, if none have worked for you before this might change your mind about g-spot stimulators.

Pure Wand is a durable toy that guys and girls can both use! There are no batteries to replace, no pores for bacteria to collect in; it's nearly impossible to break it. I'm honestly not sure how I would break this, but I don't want to break it! Orgasms that this gives me are just too amazing, and it can go as long as I can!

It is simply a lovely, high-quality toy that you would find yourself going back to again and again! I am so happy to own this luxurious toy, and it should be a part of your collection if you are a G-spot stimulation lover like I am. Get one!

Overall, the Pure Wand by njoy is an amazing, versatile, and enjoyable toy. There may be a learning curve with this wand, but my orgasms are worth it. With the excellent quality and craftsmanship that njoy put into their products, you can't go wrong with the Pure Wand.

For a Male body person looking to message the fuck out of their own prostate, I don't think you can get much better than this toy. Calling it a toy seems wrong, the Njoy Pure Wand is ART in aesthetics and in engineered design. To date I have used the small end anally and both ends as a body massager while writing this review.

The Pure Wand is great in so many different ways and can be used in a variety of ways. While this wouldn't be the best first toy for someone, even a newer toy user could appreciate it.

The Pure Wand is an excellent addition to a toy box, but if you know you tend to be a squirter it might pay to bring an umbrella the first time you use it.

The Pure Wand is an amazing addition to any toy box and I am thrilled to have been able to add it to mine. The weight is crazy but helps to do a lot of the work for you. The only problem I find is that it can get too heavy sometimes and I end up with sore forearms. I have been able to squirt with it, and hope to learn to control my squirting better with my Pure Wand and other favorite g-spot wand.

If you want to explore intense G-spot or P-spot stimulation and want a toy that will literally last a lifetime then this is a good toy. It is durable, has a lovely mirror finish, and two usable ends. Honestly this is a toy that will either fit your body and you will love it, or it will not fit your body and it will be an expensive paperweight. Personally I think it should fit most users and provide them with ages of enjoyment.

The Pure Wand from Njoy, is maybe the most coveted and highly rated toy in the EF community, so I knew the bar was going to be set high. I'm not sure it is every going to live up to those lofty squirting expectations, but by all other measures this is a fine piece of steel. No toy is perfect for everyone. I can't give it less than 4 stars. I think it is also going to take more time and practice to extract the most pleasure from it.

Are you a squirter or into prostate play? Then you want this in your toy box. There is no way to pussy foot around it, this is an absolute must have if you enjoy prostate or g-spot stimulation. Some women squirt their first time with this beauty pressing against their g-spots, and it has never failed to please me!

The pure wand is a great choice for those looking for a g-spot or p-spot toy and like the firm pressure of steel. It likely won't be a toy that works for everyone, but if you've tried other toys of firm material, this might be a good pick for you.

If you're one to have a finicky g-spot or even have never experienced female ejaculation, this will help you get there. With many different uses and an ergonomic design, this can please many people. It's easy to clean and will last a lifetime. It had me dribbling in half the time it takes my other toys! The Pure Wand is at legendary status for a reason. You can use it for g-spot, p-spot, kegels, a paperweight, a weapon or a massage; you can't go wrong.

I drooled over the Pure Wand for a long time before purchasing. I worried that it wouldn't be worth it. I was wrong. It may not be right for everyone, but it is right for me. If you have been drooling over it the way I did, don't hold back! Get it!

The Pure Wand is a durable, high-quality steel dildo with an end to suit average users or size queens. It works okay on your back if you prop the other end up, but it's not a versatile or convenient toy in my opinion.

I still "njoy" the sensations this toy brings me, and know more about my anatomy than ever before. If you're able to climax from G-spot or P-spot stimulation, this toy will probably be your new best friend. Sadly I wasn't able to testify for that, but I still have a long ways to go with G-spot exploration, too.

I would recommend this toy to anyone who wants to better explore their body. I have tried others but this is a go-to toy that will last.

There is nothing else to say, the Pure Wand is a toy that everyone who enjoys toys should own. It can be used in a variety of ways, and does a fabulous job no matter the task. Add to that the sleek, sexy look and the ergonomic design, and you have a toy that is as beautiful as it is functional. The Pure Wand is iconic for a reason; it deserves to be!

Fabulous toy, absolutely wonderful resource for those exploring female ejaculation. The unique design and beauty are a joy to use and view.

The Njoy Pure Wand was given to me as a gift, and I was shocked by the price when I found out. Now that I know what it can do, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It is one of the highest-quality sex toys I've seen, and it's made to last forever. The design works perfectly for g-spot stimulation and even though I had never been a fan of penetration while masturbating, this toy changed my mind the first time I used it. It's just that great.

This is one of those toys that I hesitated to buy since I had other G-spot toys. This one, though, puts them all to shame!

Are you ready to experience the pure joy of g-spot stimulation? The Pure Wand is a stainless steel C-shaped wand that is perfect for g-spot play. Dual headed, this shape is perfect to use in variety of ways. Use it solo or with a partner, it is even great to add to your BDSM games. No matter what your level of experience, the Pure Wand is sure to take you to new heights.

I'd say the only real downside to this toy is how heavy it is. The weight is really satisfying and feels good in your hands, but it can get tiring really fast, which could cut your play session short. Otherwise, it's beautiful, easy to clean, a nice size and feels amazing. I really recommend people save up to get this amazing toy. It's well worth the price.

While I wasn't able to achieve a completely vaginal orgasm with this toy, it is still well worth every single penny that I paid for it. Thrusting with the Pure Wand produces a very intense sensation and when paired with some clitoral stimulation, it completely blows me away!

This is not something I recommend for the faint of heart. This heavy steel dildo is best suited for someone who's used and thoroughly enjoyed glass dildos with the bulbous tips because that person will be more likely to enjoy this. Pure Wand takes practice, so for someone who's bored with their collection, this will be a fun, new activity. It also makes a great exploration toy with a partner who's gentle and eager to try new sensations on you. Use with caution.

I definitely enjoyed this toy. It's pretty much perfect. It looks tough and sexy and feels just as great. Just a minor issue with the packaging, which really does not effect the toy itself. I would buy it again and I would recommend it to a friend.

Warning: This is heavy. I love the pure wand, it causes orgasms. Have your towel handy to soak up the juices that get flowing. It is hard to describe the sensations that come with the cool metal and weight.

The Pure Wand is a High quality toy with multiple uses for male and female anatomy. It's made of medical grade stainless steel that is very weighty. The curved shaft had the potential to reach G-spot's and P-spot's, but with those balls; you could have pain or pleasure. Overall, this is a really great toy, but it's not the toy for me.

If you are on the search for your g-spot or just want something that will do a better job of finding it, this is the perfect toy. Even though I still haven't reached the finish line with it, I am 100% confident that it will do the job eventually.

The Pure Wand by nJoy is one of those toys that everybody just has to try. Heavy and perfectly curved, the Pure Wand is excellent for G-spot stimulation, but its uses don't stop there. Male or female, vaginal or anal, the Pure Wand its up for anything, it even works well for body massage. Made from medical grade stainless steel the Pure Wand is not only wonderfully designed but it is also non-porous, body safe, and great for temperature play! A fantastic toy that is well worth the investment.

If you want a toy that can give you pleasure and excitement and will last you a lifetime, this is it, the Pure Wand. It is truly magical in its own sense. Don't skip it. Every woman must have.

I couldn't have asked for a better toy. Its versatility is amazing. The cliche that "there really is something for everyone" stands true for this toy. My only advice would be to take your time to familiarize it with your body. Then get it, and enjoy it.

When it comes to the Pure Wand, the magic works its charm. That I think could be true for anyone, from beginners to advanced delight seekers, from shy and discreet surrenderers to outgoing reckless undertakers. For those who like to try different material, solid stainless steel is definitely one you can't pass by!

The Pure Wand is an excellent choice for vaginal or anal play. It is double ended making it very versatile. It may be expensive, but it was totally worth it to me! The Pure Wand has given me an amazing ride so far. It has ruined all other G-spot toys for me. It’s steel, waterproof, and the extreme curve gives excellent stimulation and pressure. If you’ve loved glass dildos, steel is an excellent choice. Choose the Pure Wand next in your G-spot journey! You won’t regret it.

I have an amazing experience every single time I use this toy. It brings me to orgasm every time and sometimes makes me squirt. Many of my orgasms are quite muted, but this toy gives me bigger orgasms than usual. Forgetting about orgasm, the overall stimulation and pleasure you experience while building towards your peak is pretty mindblowing and many are happy with just that.

The weight of the Pure Wand definitely surprised me the first time I pulled it out of its lovely storage case. Add the weight with the cold it can hold onto year around, and it is not that popular with my wife. I hope to eventually achieve some success with it, but for now, it just sits in it storage box.

I love the idea of the Pure Wand. Everything from the top notch quality to the thoughtful design seems right on to me. I am sure that if I wasn't scared to death of the thing it may become my favorite toy. I honestly can't say anything bad about this brute, but because it just doesn't quite work for me I feel I can only give it four stars. A few months from now I will surely come back and let everyone know where I am with this toy, but for now I think I am going to explore softer fare.

You've probably heard it before, the Pure Wand is the toy that all should have in their collection. I'm not going to say that, I suggest to take everything into consideration before buying the Pure Wand. Will the large ends be the right size for you? Will you be able to handle the weight of two pounds for any length of time to play with it? Do you enjoy products that are metal? You are the only person that can determine what is right for you and your body.

An excellent toy for prostate stimulation, the NJoy Pure Wand is substantial, nicely curved, and offers a couple of size choices in a single package.

The perfect tool for exploring your G-spot (or for prostate stimulation). If you're interested in learning how to squirt this toy might just get you there. The weight and material of this toy will provide intense stimulation for the G-spot. A must for any toy lover.

I definitely think this toy is worth the money. I wasn't sure to start with if it was or not, but after getting it in my hands and testing it, it definitely is!

If you're interested in working towards learning to squirt and/or have G-spot orgasms, you NEED this toy, because it is THE implement for those pursuits. It may not be great if you have weak wrists or a very tight vagina, but for most people, the Pure Wand will help locate the G-spot and then stimulate the fuck out of it.

Impressive. Durable. Elegant. Classic. Flawless. Pleasurable. Satisfying. Versatile. Simple. Classic. Sleek. Effective. Blissful. Extraordinary. Magical. The Pure Wand- Buy one today.

This is a great addition to our toy box. I suggest if you are into g-spot pleasure or anal play, you look into getting a pure wand. I believe you will love it as much as we have.

The Pure Wand is everything you could ever look for in a dildo. It is unrelentingly intense, beautifully crafted, and can work as a lethal clobbering weapon too! ( I don't suggest you do that though). It is every bit as wonderful as advertised, and is definitely worth the money. Two thumbs up!

This toy really lives up to its name. It is another one of my favorites and I prefer to use it with a partner. It's so much easier having someone to help... after you've shown them where the perfect spot is, of course.

If you are remotely curious about the Pure Wand: BUY IT! You'll be glad you did. It beats the heck out of glass, both for the sheer weight and its temp-play capabilities-and this is coming from a huge glass fan!

Njoy's Pure Wand is a gorgeous steel dildo, curved just right for intense G and P-spot stimulation. Its weight aids in applying pressure where it is wanted most. Sadly, for those who prefer thrusting, this might wear you out before you even cross the finish line.

If you have never had a G-spot orgasm, buy this toy. If you have had a G-spot orgasm and want to have another one, buy this toy. If you have a vagina or an anus, and want to pleasure it, buy this toy. I cannot stress how important it is for every living, breathing, age-appropriate human being in the known world to own this toy. You can thank me later (and you will. I promise).

This stainless steel toy is a new favorite of mine. It allowed me to finally find my g-spot and have toe-curling orgasms. Your mileage may vary.

I've played with this toy in many different scenarios and it is ultimately my go-to toy for g-spot play. The intensity of feeling filled along with intense g-spot stimulation really turn me on and make orgasms so much more intense. It's great solo or with a partner, and I can't wait to milk my first prostate with it.

I am honestly so thrilled with my purchase of the Pure Wand! I've never used any toy that stimulates my g-spot so intensely, and my boyfriend even has success using it on me! The heavy stainless steel is absolutely gorgeous and seriously turns me on. With a design that is great for beginners or advanced users, I would definitely recommend the Pure Wand to everyone!

The heavy and ergonomically designed Njoy Pure Wand is like nothing else I have ever owned, I am speechless of the extreme sensation created by this wand during couples play.

This has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. My G-spot thanks me every time I use it. The orgasms are fucking INTENSE to say the least, it's a gorgeous toy and its beautiful packaging is the icing on the cake.

The Pure Wand is beautifully curved to zero in on the G-spot or P-spot, making this a great tool for men and women. Each end has a different size, so you can get the type of stimulation you want. This also works as a massage tool, so be sure to keep it close by because it is very handy.

In a perfect world, every toy chest would include this legendary tool. It's not an all-purpose dildo, but for precise G-spotting and P-spotting, you'd be hard pressed to find something better. It's a common staple in female ejaculation workshops for a reason. Plus, surgical stainless steel is sexy as hell, and a great long-term investment.

The Pure Wand by Njoy is an innovative g-spot and p-spot toy that easily hits all the right spots with its rounded ends. Whether you're looking to use it with a partner or by yourself you won't be disappointed with its performance. In my opinion the investment is well worth it and I couldn't be happier with this toy.

This is the best G spot toy in existence and one of the few absolutely perfect sex toys on earth, IMHO. The Stainless Steel Pure Wand is a beautiful, highly functional and versatile toy. If you want to find your G Spot or want to learn to squirt, this will get you there. If you're already addicted to G spot orgasms, this will make you come again and again. This is a toy I recommend to everyone, as it's great for P-spot stimulation as well!

The Pure Wand is a phenomenal toy that should be in everyone's collection. It should work for just about anyone, as it has two heads that provide both pinpoint and broad stimulation. Although it didn't quite meet my hopes of making me squirt for the first time, it's still exceptional and is becoming one of my favorites.

If you want a mind blowing orgasm with a toy that will last for years, definitely buy this toy. It can also be used on your partner. Perfect for sensory play also.

If you love G-spot stimulation, you must own this toy. I have yet to find an Njoy toy that isn't wonderful, and the Pure Wand has kept my faith in the company in tact. It's just the right size and shape for just about anyone.

Njoy toys are just a pleasure to own and use and the Pure is just that. Try this toy on your man. It will drive him to a new place and he'll be yours forever.

The Pure Wand was worth the investment because I can use it for sensory play and penetrative play. I plan to explore more with g-spot and clitoral orgasms together if I can manage it. I haven't used this with a violet wand, but because it's stainless steel, it would be conductive and in the hands of someone with expertise, it could be fun to experiment with it and a violet wand on the skin to see how it directs and changes the energy.

The Pure Wand surprised me with its weight and surprised me again with the quality of orgasms it wrings out of me. I haven't achieved a squirting experience yet, but have heartily enjoyed trying!

The Njoy Pure Wand has a reputation that precedes it, and I feel like it has lived up to (and fully exceeded) my expectations with its ingenious design and exceptional material. While it has a learning curve and a higher price tag, I feel it is worth the investment of both time and money.

I am kicking myself for waiting to long to splurge on a Pure Wand. My g spot and I didn't know what we were missing...or how much extra laundry I would end up doing. This is an amazing toy that gives me multiple g spot orgasms, and makes me an exceptionally happy (if damp) girl! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes g spot play!

If g-spot stimulation is what you're looking for, the Pure Wand delivers in spades. One of those rare toys that everyone should have.

I am happy to proclaim from the mountains that I have finally found a G spot toy that works for me! The round ends and curve are the perfect design to stimulate the G spot and I truly can't imagine that there is someone this won't work for. I have NEVER had a G spot toy work, so if it worked for me it will likely work for anyone. The only downside is that it weighs a ton and can start to hurt your hand after a while but the pain is worth the pleasure experienced. Everyone should have this.

If you've wondered why the Pure Wand is so legendary, it's because it's be best thing to ever happen to many P- and G-spots. This toy may look intimidating, but it's actually pretty charming. The gorgeous look and amazing function make this worth double the price no matter what anatomy you're packing. My G-spot and orgasms have reached an entirely new level of pleasure that nothing else can compare to!

This toy is amazing and totally worth the money. It's unerringly accurate and is perfect for both broad and pinpoint g spot stimulation. This is the one g spot dildo that you can not live without!

How can one go past such a shiny toy that has the ability to please a range of pleasure seekers due to the two different sized ends! Whether your area of choice is the g-spot or the prostate, the Pure Wand is ready and willing with its smooth rigidness! And if it doesn't seem to work for you, the weight would make it a great weapon.

I sadly can't recommend this toy to others at this current time as I myself have had no real joy come out of using it despite its high tag making it a rarely used item in my toy box for now at least.

If you've never experienced g-spot stimulation or female ejaculation, or if you love it and want a high impact toy that you'll never need to replace, look to the Njoy Pure Wand.

The Pure Wand is an amazing piece of stainless steel by Njoy. It is designed with intense pleasure in mind and will go directly to your favorite spots, in my case the g-spot, although it could also work for the p-spot. It offers two sized ends that offer something for users of various levels and desires. I highly recommend this one for everyone!

The Pure Wand is a toy that's been up there on my wish list for several months. I'd read the hype and had the fantasies. When I finally received this beauty, it did not disappoint! It surprised as well as charmed me, and has already produced a large handful of delightful orgasms. This is really a finely crafted tool, and I'll treasure it for a long time to come!

Njoy's Pure Wand is one toy you'd almost rather let speak for itself - just photograph it lying across expensive fabrics surrounded by warm, soft lights and allow the Wand to weave its magic. Unfortunately, this slightly strange looking solid steel vaginal and anal probe does require a little explanation, even if its fantastic G/P spotting ability has the tendency to tongue-tie its users. Another attempt to speak about the unspeakable awesomeness of the Pure Wand: let the games begin!

The Pure Wand delivers all that it promises; it is easy to clean and care for, it glides in and out smoothly and comfortably, it hits all the right spots, and, for me, is really flawless. All of the aesthetic aspects of the Wand are also functional, and it's really an all-around amazing toy!

The Pure Wand is like a heat seeking missile that heats up on contact. It seeks out your g-spot, stimulates beyond comprehension, heats up, and leaves you limp like an over-cooked noodle. Be prepared to crave this baby.

Most dildos come and go, but the NJoy Pure Wand will be one of those toys I reach for again and again. It's beautiful, will last forever and has opened a new door of pure delight for me and my partner.

This is a toy that is best used for solo play due to the hardness of Stainless Steel. The Pure Wand is crafted to be a G or P-spot magnet and will home in on your spots of pleasure with ease. Plus with some simple care it will last forever and could come in handy when the undead come calling at your door.

The Pure Wand will reward its owner with intensely satisfying experiences, but it has a learning curve, so buyers should be prepared to do their homework, and try multiple methods before discovering the combination that works best. Every person's body is different.

I absolutely love this toy. I'm asking my partner to purchase other Njoy steel toys for me for Christmas. The Pure Wand is fun both solo and with a partner. It cleans up great and storage is a snap. You really should not pass up purchasing one of these babies. They will last a lifetime.

The pure wand is incredible if you are looking to find and stimulate the hell out of your g-spot! No bells or whistles, just pure steel.

The Njoy Pure Wand is satisfaction waiting to happen. The Pure Wand is elegant in it's construction and strength. The simplistic design of the Pure Wand is capable of achieving amazing orgasms. The Pure Wand can be used for both anal or vaginal stimulation with excellent results. This beauty is surprising and definitely a keeper!

This toy is worth the investment and trying out. It is sleek, sexy, and sure to drive you and your partner wild. I truly believe I have only begun to scratch the surface of where the Pure Wand can take me! Put in the time with this new toy; you and your beloved g-spot will not be disappointed.

So is the Pure Wand worth everything you've heard about it? Yes, yes and yes! I know I'm just adding to the already enthusiastic chorus of Njoy lovers, but this thing really is pretty great. It's a high end dildo that really feels like something special. It's the one I always reach for when I'm in the mood to take my time and really enjoy myself.

I haven't met an Njoy toy that wasn't worth the money I paid for it yet, and the Pure Wand is no exception. It is absolutely gorgeous eye candy, and is wonderful for G-spot stimulation. It is also easy to keep clean and I love that it can be sterilized for sharing with my partner. While the shape and hardness of the Pure Wand take some getting used to, I absolutely love this toy.

Elegantly packaged, beautifully designed, and a pleasure to use, the Pure Wand is truly a luxury sex toy well worth its price. The curved shaped is ideal for G-spot stimulation, and I love the perfectly smooth surface and heavy, solid feel.

The Pure Wand is an amazing toy. It's a pound and a half of hard steel that curves around your body wonderfully. Although, It may take some time to prefect your technique.

This item is a little pricey, but it's certainly worth every dollar you'll spend on it. The shape and design makes me experience powerful, squirting orgasms (something no other toy or person makes me do). May be a little heavy, but a nice luxurious item that feels darn good.

Overall, this is an incredible toy. It provides amazing prostate or g-spot stimulation and lets you or a partner provide an intense pleasure. The curve is incredible for hitting the right spot every time and the two different sized balls means that you can choose how adventurous you want to be but knowing that with either one you won't have trouble finding those pleasure spots. Cleanup is a breeze.

To be be able to really love the Pure Wand - you need to hold it. The weight, the curve, the beauty. This is a gorgeous, sleek, sexy toy that can be sterilized! Plus- no batteries.

The Pure Wand does everything it says it'll do, and probably more. It's a great G-spotter, it slides fantastically in the ass, and it's gorgeous piece of work, built to last. Despite all that, I'm just completely underwhelmed by it. It's best for jerking off, but for me its weight and shape make it more trouble than it's worth when I can do just as well using only my hands.

If what you want is to learn to squirt, this is the only toy I can recommend. It works every single time!

The stainless steel Pure Wand has a very unique curved design that will find and hit your g-spot almost like magic. The material is easily cleaned and can be used with any lubricant. Weighing in at 3 pounds, you will feel your orgasm down to your toes.

The Pure Wand is a delightful double ended toy. Made of stainless steel, it’s weighty without being too heavy. The different sized ends let you choose the size you need for stimulation whether vaginally or anally. This toy is best used for gentle thrusting, and it’s also fun for temperature play.

The pure joy is a little pricey, but totally worth it since you should have it a lifetime. Even better, it hits my g-spot better than anything I have tried before with little effort.

Are you considering buying this toy? Spend the extra few bucks, it is well worth it. There is no toy that compares out there. It is AMAZING on the G/P Spots... This is perhaps the BEST sex toy ever made.

The Pure Wand is a curved, stainless steel toy that is excellent for G-spotting and p-spotting. It's shape and weight make it a little awkward to use. It's a hefty investment, so you'll need to make sure you're up for the learning curve and are willing to take the time to figure it out. Probably not a good choice for beginners due to the hardness of the material.

The Pure wand is a toy that will last for years to come. Those years will leave you in absolute pleasure - it hits your g-spot and p-spot perfectly. Even owning this toy will make you feel like a queen/king.

I couldn't be a more enthusiastic fan of this toy. Many women have covered how great this is for them. I wanted to make sure men were aware of its joys as well. The Pure Wand is a must have.

The pure wand has been touted as the ultimate G-spot toy, and I couldn't agree more. It was the first sex toy I ever bought, and it will be with me forever. Great for G-spot and P-spot play, curvy, lovely, and totally orgasm-inducing. This toy is great for those who want to locate their G-spot for the first time, or discerning connoisseurs of squirting. I recommend this to any man, woman, or anyone in-between who can scrounge the money to buy this.

The Pure Wand has generated a lot of hype over the last year or two. And in my opinion, it is deserved! A well designed dildo suitable for beginners and advanced users, the Pure Wand will find most g and p spots with ease. I give this toy my highest recommendation.

One is hard pressed to find a negative review of the Pure Wand amongst the countless positive ones posted thus far. However, in my girlfriend and I's situation, the Pure Wand did not stand up to the hype. It did an OK job of stimulating her G-Spot after we learned how to use it, but not after some painful trial and error. Luckily, when used with a vibrator it did give her some unique sensations that pulled it from being a total bust, but as a whole, the Pure Wand seems unworthy of the high cost.

The Pure Wand has quickly become my most used toy and is a part of every masturbation session. It's exceedingly wonderful in quality and design and deserves a place at the top of everyone's sex toy drawer.

The way the Pure Wand slides around pubic bone will make it a perfect fit for most women (and probably most men). It's no wonder it seems to work miracles for some women and it definitely exudes quality. I wouldn't be too hasty to empty your wallet if your G-spot is shallow, however.

The Njoy Pure Wand is a gorgeous, luxurious, multi-purpose wand that excels at both g-spot and p-spot stimulation. Cool, gleaming stainless steel is sterilizable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Perfection in a satin lined box.

A work of art that deserves to be in every woman's collection. The king in g-spot stimulation, with consistent g-spot orgasms.

Touted by reviewers as a revolutionary toy since its 2005 debut, there is certainly lots to love about Njoy's Pure Wand. It delivers on its promise to provide firm, controlled g- or p-spot stimulation. Is that always a good thing, though? This is a very good toy that does exactly what it claims to, but I wouldn't call it the Holy Grail of dildos.

This is a beautiful pleasure object that delivers incredible orgasms. After giving your partner such an incredible orgasm, you'll feel a closeness that can only come from the complete trust that is necessary to experience such a high level of satisfaction.

The shiny, smooth surface feels incredible against the skin. The dramatic arc of it is incredibly erotic. When it's between your legs, the sensations are so powerful your neighbors may complain!

This luxurious toy is not for beginners, but with practice it's possible to achieve a g-spot orgasm with it. It's deliciously heavy and made of a high quality material, but is more difficult to use than other g-spot toys.

Don't be discouraged by people claiming this is an advanced toy. Everyone is different, so give it a try. If you love your G-spot, or are looking for it, I couldn't recommend this toy more. If you can't find your G-spot with this thing, I seriously wish you luck with other toys. The Pure Wand is solid, easy to clean, and will probably outlast any other toy or traditional appliance in your home. Totally worth the money.

The Njoy Pure Wand is truly a toy to trump all other toys. It can be shared, holds temperature well, and stimulates both the g-spot and the prostate flawlessly. It is my favorite toy, hands down.

Overall the Pure Wand has been a great addition to our collection. It is made of the best materials and is designed to hit the right spots at the right time!

This dildo is gorgeous and effective. The idea of using a stainless steel toy might be intimidating, but the results are definitely worth it. Go for it.

A different kind of toy that offers pure pleasure. Stainless steel toys provide great sensations from the weight and texture. So versitile and satisfying both vaginally and anally.

I had never wanted to write a review that simply said, "I agree with everyone else!", but it seemed impossible to do in this case. I'm wowed by the Pure Wand, although I do not use it daily. It's astonishing. It provides a simple, elegant, intense solution to the delightful problem of your orgasm. It is nearly overkill. It's worth everyone's poetry, and at least twice mine.

A simple design but amazingly versatile. Do you want it big? small? warm? cold? vaginally or anally? Take your pick.

The Pure Wand is an excellent example of why stainless steel toys have become so popular. It is excellent for g-spot stimulation, and has large and small heads to satisfy any user.

I loved the NJOY Pure Wand. The balance of it makes it so easy to use in so many different ways, and it is so incredibly sexual. I want more of the NJOY line.

This sex toy is amazing. Ah-may-zing. My favorite thing to do is use the Pure Wand inside (either me or my partner) and the Hitachi Magic Wand on the clit for some AWESOME stimulation. They're both good. Very very very good.

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