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The pure wand is a great choice for those looking for a g-spot or p-spot toy and like the firm pressure of steel. It likely won't be a toy that works for everyone, but if you've tried other toys of firm material, this might be a good pick for you.
Simple shape, easy to take care of, hits (my) g-spot very well
Steel is not for everyone
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The Pure Wand by Njoy is a versatile toy that can be used for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. With two ends it should work size wise for a lot of people and can be a great toy for men or women.

It is a toy that can be used solo, but I find it much more appealing when I use it with a partner to help with using the toy. It is important not to thrust too hard with the toy because the steel can definitely bruise and hurt your insides and so have good communication if you are using this one with your partner.

Material / Texture

The Pure wand is made out of a shiny stainless steel. This is awesome for a number of different reasons. It is great for teasing with temperature play and it holds heat and cold well. Steel is completely sterilizable, which is great if you ever share your toys with others.

Steel is pretty much indestructable, so this will be a toy that will last you a lifetime. It is very firm, so the material may not be for everyone, especially those who prefer something soft.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand has a very beautiful and effective design. It is about the shape of a horseshoe that has been pulled a little bit wider. It is much more curved than most toys I have seen which is great for my body, but might not work for everyone.

The Pure Wand is 8" long. The smaller end is about 1" in diameter, and the larger end is about 1 1/2" in diameter. To me it feels bigger around than other toys of a similar diameter that I have used which I suspect is due to the firm steel. Here is a picture of the Pure Wand next to a video game case to give an idea of its size.

The Pure Wand is quite different looking from most sex toys so it may be discreet enough for some users. I would not consider it travel friendly though especially if you are planning on flying somewhere and need to go through a metal detector. Be sure and keep it in your checked bag if you take it on a trip!


This toy performs great for me. I've never found a toy that hits my g-spot so well, but since we are not all created the same, it might not hit all of the right spots for everyone. The most intense orgasms I have ever had have come from this toy, and that's coming from someone who has tried several dozen toys. However, this is a toy that I can only use occasionally because often it is simply too intense for me. So I am very glad I have it, but it is not one of my "go to" toys that I use on a weekly basis. When I do use it I find it most enjoyable to use a slow rocking motion against my g-spot or some very gently thrusting since anything too rough with it can really hurt a lot.

The toy holds up very well to almost anything though. The steel makes it the sturdiest toy I own and I expect this toy to perform well for me for many years to come.

Care and Maintenance

I typically just wash the Pure Wand with soap and water. Since it is steel it can be cleaned in several other ways as well. You can use toy cleansing wipes, a bleach solution, or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. it should keep its shiny finish even after several washings.

Any type of lube is fine to use with the pure wand and should not damage it in any way.


The Pure Wand comes in a beautiful black box that is probably the nicest packaging I've seen with any toy I've ever seen. It would be perfect for gift giving, and wouldn't need additional wrapping. It is a discreet looking box that won't raise many questions if left out in the open. The inside of the box has a satin covered cutout shape that your Pure Wand sits in.


The Pure wand has given me one of the most unique experiences I've ever had with a toy. It has given me the most intense orgasms I have ever had, but it feels so intense to me that I am almost afraid of using it at times. I usually end up having a strong emotional reaction when using this toy, which I have not experienced with any other toy. I often end up in tears (not in a bad way) after using this toy with my partner, especially when he thrusts with it.

I don't always know what to expect when I use the pure wand with my partner. Some nights it gives me glorious squirting orgasms, but some nights it is too intense to bear and we have to switch to a different toy. It's a toy that we have to be careful with because it can hurt at times, and the steel is not forgiving like other materials are. I believe the combination of the heavy steel and the shape of the toy is what makes this such an intense toy for me. I absolutely love this toy, but it is not one that I can use every night.

My partner absolutely loves using this toy on me, and he says it is quickly becoming one of his favorites. He is someone who gets very turned on by squirting or female ejaculation, and he says he has never seen anyone squirt as much or as quickly as I do while using this toy.
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  • Contributor: gracenote
    Awesome review, this makes me really want to try it! This seems like an all-around favorite for g-spot dildos.
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    Thanks for a great review!
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    Thanks for the review! I can't wait to pick one up for myself.
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    Thanks for the great review and pics. We just got our Pure wand and we're really looking forward to trying it!
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