It’s Pure Orgasmic Bliss!

The Pure Wand is beautifully curved to zero in on the G-spot or P-spot, making this a great tool for men and women. Each end has a different size, so you can get the type of stimulation you want. This also works as a massage tool, so be sure to keep it close by because it is very handy.
Steel, Double ended, can be sterilized, luxurious packaging
Weight, Might catch on pubic bone
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Probably one of the most talked about in the sex toy world, the Pure Wand is an amazing pal in the bedroom. The Pure Wand excels at G-spot and P-spot stimulation. It features a luscious curve with different sized heads on either end. This is a heavy tool, but don’t let that scare you. This steel beauty does its job well.

Steel retains temperatures well, so you can warm it up under warm water or place it in a bowl of ice water before inserting it. I don’t recommend putting it in the freezer because steel sticks to wet surfaces when it is chilled enough and you don’t want to tear your sensitive tissues down there. I love holding and fondling it before use, so I just use my body temperature to warm it up.

Material / Texture

This is 1.5 lbs of solid stainless steel. It is almost indestructible and will last you a lifetime. It is completely smooth, requiring only a small amount of lube if any. You can use any lubricant with it. I usually don’t use any lube because it has zero drag, but sometimes when I want an extra slippery experience, I’ll go with a hybrid lube. It becomes very slick once it has lube on it just like glass.

Design / Shape / Size

Once I received this in person, I didn’t expect the ends to be so different in size. The large end isn’t exactly huge, and the small end isn’t exactly tiny, but there is quite a difference.

The Pure Wand is actually 11” long, but since it is curved, it is 7 ½” from tip to tip. The small end has a circumference of about 3 ½” and the larger end is 5” around. The shaft is significantly narrower, so you don’t get that full feeling. The heads also curve in slightly, so you might hit your pubic bone if you pull it out too quickly. This isn’t a good choice for the beginner because of the weight and extreme curve. However, if you are new to steel toys like I am, this is definitely a great option.

If you left this out, I doubt many people will know what it is. It probably looks like some massage tool to the uninitiated, which is fine because you can most certainly use it that way.


I am extremely happy I added this to my collection. It definitely requires some getting used to, especially if this is your first steel toy. It took me a few tries before I could start using this on its own without having to resort to a vibrator to finish off. This is actually the only non-vibrating toy that will work for me.

It is really important to start off slow, so you can get a feel of what the weight is like, and the angle that will work for you. You also don’t want to bruise your cervix, which is always a risk with such a rigid toy.

I don’t have any fancy massage stones, so I was extremely happy when I discovered I could use this to help with muscle tension in my back and shoulders. The weight really helps reach the deeper tissues. Massage oil makes this very slick, so be careful not to drop it.

Personally, I prefer the larger end for tension relief and G-spot stimulation. However, I find that the smaller end also works well for G-spot stimulation because the weight from the larger end pushes the smaller end up towards the G-spot. I like broad stimulation more because I don’t need to thrust as quickly, so that is why I prefer the bigger end.

The curve is great for concentrated stimulation. It doesn’t matter if you have a deeper G-spot, shallow G-spot, or slightly over to the right or left, the Pure Wand will allow you to find it. I don’t have a P-spot, but men have been raving about this too. The weight will probably make your wrists and lower arms ache after a while, so having a partner that is willing to take over the task is always nice.

Care and Maintenance

You can simply wash this with soap and water. For sharing, it is a good idea to sterilize it with a 10 per cent bleach solution, or by boiling it. It really doesn’t require a lot of care because it won’t attract any hair or lint. It won’t tarnish either because it is made of high quality stainless steel.


The packaging is extremely nice, although I wish another type of padding was used instead of Styrofoam. You can take out the padding and just use the box for storage. The box is nice and sturdy, and most people will probably think it’s a jewellery box. If you find that it takes up too much room, you can just store the Pure Wand in a pouch. You also get a little pamphlet that features Njoy’s other products. Now that I know I love steel, this will certainly not be my last Njoy product.
Follow-up commentary
I ended up selling this because I just wasn't using it. I guess steel isn't for me since it's so heavy but it was an overall good experience getting to try this out.
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