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Don't be discouraged by people claiming this is an advanced toy. Everyone is different, so give it a try. If you love your G-spot, or are looking for it, I couldn't recommend this toy more. If you can't find your G-spot with this thing, I seriously wish you luck with other toys. The Pure Wand is solid, easy to clean, and will probably outlast any other toy or traditional appliance in your home. Totally worth the money.
Beautiful, substantial, easy to clean, use warm or cold, quality, G-spot bliss.
Pricey, intimidating at first.
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I LOVE this thing! I really do. The first time I used the Pure Wand, I knew this one was a hit from the center of my heart, and my G-spot.

Eden's shipping is great first of all, and fast. I hardly had any time to anticipate the Njoy Pure Wand before it was at my door. This is my first "non-traditional" sex toy: it's not a vibrator, it's not made out of that weird clear jelly material, and there are certainly no perky blondes with pouty lips on the packaging.

The packaging is great. The black box the Pure Wand comes in is sturdy, and there are little ribbons on both sides that keep the hinged lid from flipping too far back. The pink satin fabric floating around this stunning toy is a great touch, and the Pure Wand was nestled comfortably and securely in a molded depression.

The first thing you notice when you pick it up is the weight. It is substantial, but not as heavy as I expected after reading other reviews. The Njoy website states that the Pure Wand is 1.5lbs. The second thing is the beautiful, blemish free shiny metal finish. It is gorgeous, and it seriously could pass itself off as modern art in its own coffee table stand or in an arrangement of similar objects like an artistic still life.

I am compelled to say, this is probably my holy grail G-spotter, right off the bat. I haven't had that much experience with toys, but Njoy's Pure Wand is something that won't be challenged for a LONG time.

It was intuitive and easy for me to use even though I would consider myself a beginner in the world of toys, especially G spot specific toys. I am not sure why this is "not a beginner toy". For me it did not have a learning curve at all. The Pure Wand's shape just makes it so easy to find your G-spot, and the weight helps keep up the pressure without much effort. Thrusting is possible with this toy on a limited scale. It's more of a rocking in/out motion than straight in/out thrusting, but it is delightful. Pumping up and down, rotating the outer ball in a circle, or wiggling it side to side provide different sensations. I would recommend reading more reviews for more suggestions on technique.

It is silent since there is no vibration, but there were some funny vaginal suction noises when I was using the larger 1.5" end, so be aware of that. The smaller 1" head didn't give me that problem.

Compared to Lelo's Gigi, the Pure Wand takes the cake in my opinion. The Gigi just didn't curve up enough for me and the flat head probably hindered the G-spotting length rather than helped. Plus the Pure Wand doesn't have a battery at all so it's always ready to go and it will never die!

Cleaning is super easy! You can wash it with soap and water, a 10% bleach/water solution, or even boil it (I would let it cool naturally afterward as opposed to cooling it with water). Just don't clean it with anything abrasive. And since it is inactive metal, any kind of lube is compatible with it.

Temperature play is something I had never thought of, but since the metal holds on to changes in temperature, soaking it in ice water, warm water, or putting it in the fridge are all interesting options. The website does not recommend using the freezer, and I wouldn't microwave it because it is metal, and like another reviewer mentioned, it may heat unevenly and cause hot spots.

Self defense is also possible with this 1.5 lb hunk of 316 grade stainless steel, if you happen to feel unsafe in your neighborhood. X-D It wouldn't look too odd out on your nightstand.
When the Pure Wand arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to try it out, but I had to wait a day or two. My cycle was on it's way out, so I didn't feel comfortable using other toys in that condition; but with the Pure Wand being stainless steal, the easy cleanup convinced me to start off the new month right.

I used the Pure Wand with the Lelo Gigi as a clitoral vibrator. Starting with the small end of the Pure Wand alone, with only external stimulation at first, the wand by itself was enough to get me excited. The cold feeling of the metal really added to the entire experience for me.

After a short warm up with the 1" end, I switched to the 1.5" end and wiped the smaller ball with a precautionary towel. It did not take long to do its job, and the combo Gigi and Pure Wand was just lovely. The Pure Wand really does make it easy to find the right spot with hardly any effort or strain on your wrist (for me anyway). Pumping up and down, rotating the outer ball in a circle, or wiggling it side to side were all effective yet very different sensations. I did thrust a bit with this toy, though it was not the traditional straight in/out. It's more of a rocking in/out motion while still feeling like a thrust, but it is delightful.

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